Own a unit in Tycoon Tower in the New Capital, Africa’s tallest hotel 

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Own a unit in Africa’s tallest tower, Tycoon Tower, in the administrative capital, in the middle of the administrative capital, international hotel services, 360 ° view of the administrative capital, 233 meters 2, and it is predicted to be one of the greatest malls in the administrative capital and one of the best towers in the New Capital 

Tycoon Tower, the New Capital’s information 

  • Nile Real Estate Development is the owner company. 
  • Downtown is the location of the Tycoon Tower 
  • The built-up area of the project is 296 thousand square meters 
  • Canadian Office for Engineering Consultations is in charge of project design 
  • Tycoon Tower design: It consists of 56 floors, with a height of 233 square meters 
  • Apartments and penthouses are the most common types of units 
  • Space units: start at 31 square meters 
  • System of finishing: fully finished 
  • Prices per unit: the average price is 9,900,000 EGP 
  • Installment plans: 10% down payment, monthly installments for up to 8 years 
  • Cash discounts: from 5% to 12% 
  • Number of sales: 00201104894802 

Where can I find Tycoon Tower, the New Capital? 

In the New Capital, Tycoon Tower, is located in the Downtown area and offers a 360-degree view of the New Capital. The project interface is located on: 

  • North Axis of Bin Zayed 
  • The Green River has a width of 200m2 
  • The administrative capital is close to the central business district, or CBD 

It is also close to the following places:  

  • government district  
  • Diamond Hotel 
  •  Egypt mosque 

The New Capital’s Tycoon Tower services 

  • Egypt’s largest garage, with a capacity of 5,000 vehicles 
  • Display street frontage with three entrances 
  • restaurants 
  • Spa and fitness center 
  • Hotel services that are integrated 

Tycoon Tower the New Capital’s Design and Area 

International design with 56 floors, 296 thousand square meters of building area, and a height of 233 square meters, divided as follows: 

Service positions 

  • Restaurant on the third floor 
  • The fourth floor is dedicated to services 
  • Gym and spa on the 5th and 6th floors 
  • HOTEL LOPPY, 7th and 8th floors 

launch positions 

  • Hotel rooms operated and fully rented by the company from the 16th to the 24th floors 
  • The 16th, 17th, and 18th floors: a system in which 25% of the hotel rooms are owned 
  • The 19th, 20th, and 21st floors: a system in which 50% of the hotel rooms are owned 
  • The 22nd, 23rd, and 24th floors are 100% full ownership of the hotel room 

Roles of end users 

  • Studio rooms on the 39th and 40th floors 
  • Floors 41 and 42 have only one room 
  • Two rooms on the 43rd and 44th floors 
  • Taycoon penthouse is located on floors 45 and 46 

Click here to learn more about the units in Tycoon Tower, the new capital 

Tycoon Tower’s pricing and installation systems in the New Capital 

The Prices 

launch positions 

  • The 16th, 17th, and 18th floors are 25% owned. Prices begin at 2,475,000 pounds 
  • The 19th, 20th, and 21st floors are 50% owned, with prices starting at 4,950,000 pounds 
  • The 22nd, 23rd, and 24th floors are all 100% full ownership. Prices begin at 9,900,000 EGP 

Roles of end users 

  • The 39th and 40th floors have studio rooms with prices starting at 9,900,000 pounds 
  • Floors 41 and 42: one room, starting at 19,800,000 pounds 
  • The 43rd and 44th floors: two rooms, starting at 29,700,000 pounds 
  • Floors 45 and 46: Tycoon Penthouse, starting at 125,000,000 EGP 

System of installments: 

  • 10% down payment and 6 years of installments 
  • 15% down payment and 7-year installments 
  • 20% down payment and 8-year installments 

Discount in cash: 

  • 40% cash discount during the first week of stay 
  • 12% off the first week’s rent 
  • 9% installment discount for the second week 
  • 5% third-week discount installment 

Nile Real Estate Development Company offers a special service that allows expatriates to easily contract and obtain a unit within the Tycoon Tower project in the capital without having to travel, by following the steps below: 

  • As a reservation for the unit, a bank transfer is made to the company’s account 
  • As a contract payment, a bank transfer is made to the company’s account 
  • The contract for the unit is sent by the company via a correspondent company such as Aramex 
  • After signing the contracts, they are returned to the Egyptian company using the same method 
  • The contract has been approved and Aramex has delivered it to the customer  
  • All payments must be made through bank transfers 
  • No checks are written until the remaining balance is received 

Important note: the price per square meter in Tycoon Tower, the New Capital, is constantly changing, so you can check the current unit prices by clicking here 

The video of Tycoon tower New Capital  

Details about Nile Real Estate Development Company  

  • Established in 2002, a leading Egyptian real estate development company 
  • It has nearly 100 projects in New Cairo, with 35 already completed 
  • It is regarded as one of Egypt’s best real estate firms 

The most significant precedent of the Nile Real Estate Development Company’s work 

31 North Tower, the New Capital 

  • Nile Company for Real Estate Development and Investment is the owner company 
  • KAD Company and CFM Company are in charge of management and operations 
  • SSE Company is the engineering consultant 
  • Location of the project: downtown 
  • The project space: 18,000 square meters  
  • Tower Height: It stands approximately 131 meters tall 
  • The tower design: is designed with a ground floor and 31 upper floors 
  • Type of units: Commercial-administrative-medical-hotel units 
  • Space units start at 31 square meters. 
  • The price per meter starts at 43,000 pounds 
  • Maintenance deposit: 10% of the unit price 
  • Installments period: up to 7 years 
  • Number of sales: 00201104894802 

Click here to view the most recent prices and available units at 31 North Tower in the New Capital 

Nile Business City, the New Capital  

  • The owner company: Nile Real Estate Development Company 
  • Management and Operation Company: CFM Company 
  • Engineering consultant: Eng. Asaad Salameh  
  • Location of the project: downtown 
  • The project area is 32.82 square meters 
  • Design concept: a tower with a ground floor and 50 upper floors 
  • The tower’s height is approximately 233 metres (756 feet) 
  • Type of units: commercial, administrative, hotel units 
  • Space Units: spaces start at 33 square meters 
  • The price per meter starts at 44,500 pounds 
  • Methods of installment: installment period of up to ten years 
  • Cash discount: 27%  
  • Sales number: 00201104894802 

Click here to view the most recent prices and available units in Nile Business City, the New Capital 

The most important projects near Tycoon Tower, the New Capital 

Levels Business Tower, the New Capital  

  • Real estate developer: Urbnlanes Developments  
  • Architectural consultant: Hafez consultant  
  • Structural Consultant: Eng. Mohamed Joudeh  
  • Mall Location: Levels Mall is located in the New Capital, near the Green River Walk 
  • Project area: The project was carried out over an area of 18,000 square meters 
  • Mall Design: The mall is made up of 41 malls 
  • Units Space: the units start at 40 square meters 
  • Units type: it varies among commercial units, administrative units, and hotel apartments 
  • Prices: the units’ prices start from 1,520,000 EGP 
  • Installments systems: down payment starting from 10% and up to 40% over repayment periods of up to 10 years 
  • Administrative down payment: 33,000 Egyptian pounds 
  • Commercial down payment: 160,000 Egyptian pounds 
  • Delivery date: Levels Business Tower New Capital within 2026  
  • Sales number: 00201104894802 

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