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Since Nile Business City, the new capital, has the second-highest peak in Egypt and the third-highest skyscraper in Africa, The Nile Real Estate Development Company has developed a project that rivals the iconic metal tower. This has drawn attention from everybody, especially for aspirational investors and business owners 

Location of Nile Business City 

The project is located in plot MU-32 in the Downtown district, close to the following: 

  • The Green River can be seen clearly from where it is located 
  • Also, it looks over Central Park 
  • It is close to both the government district and the financial and business center 
  • Around the Mohammed bin Zayed axis and the central axis 

Also, it has views of the New Capital’s three main corners and is close to the most significant locations and districts 

Nile Business City New Capital’s design and area 

The design 

The Nile Company has shown us this magnificent structure that meets the standards for international skyscrapers with the help of a large group of real estate giants, including engineering design experts and consultants. But most importantly is the general design of the units and floors of the tower, which can be summed up as follows: 

  • 5 floors and 117,000 sqm make up the underground garage 
  • The tower has 50 floors above the base level 

The area 

To develop its most recent projects in the New Capital, the owner company set aside a total space of 32.82 square meters and a building area of 296,000 square meters. The first phase of the project saw the arrival of the administrative units, with spaces starting at 33 square meters 

Characteristics of Nile Business City new capital 

  • It is Africa’s biggest and largest urban area 
  • The highest skyscraper in Egypt that is privately owned 
  • the famous tower’s successor as Egypt’s tallest tower peak 
  • Africa’s third-tallest skyscraper 
  • Its area is equivalent to 86% of Burj Khalifa’s area. 
  • Its building area is more than the iconic tower’s construction ratio. 
  • a comprehensive initiative that strives to satisfy all requirements 
  • The New Capital’s most popular selling area is Downtown, which is at an ideal location 
  • The land’s usage is mixed, thus it can be used for projects involving a variety of activities 
  • Every unit has a three-corner panoramic view 
  • In relation to the quantity of services offered, the developer offers relatively affordable costs 
  • a fantastic investment chance with the highest rates of return 
  • It has the largest facade on the axis between Zayed and the Green River, measuring 200 square meters wide 

The services of Nile Business City  

  • Central air-conditioning  
  • Mosque 
  • services for cleaning and sterilization 
  • both escalators and elevators 
  • Periodic maintenance work  
  • Various cafes and restaurants  
  • reception desk  
  • a fast internet connection 
  • rooms for conferences and meetings 
  • digital portals 
  • Security and guard services 
  • fitness center 
  • Extinguishing and alarm systems  
  • gym and spa 
  • Cultural club  
  • Entertainment area for the kids 
  • Landscapes and green spaces 
  • Outdoor areas 

Prices and installments systems of Nile Business City 

Only the first phase offers administrative units, with prices per meter beginning at 44,500 Egyptian pounds. These are the payment methods accepted by the owning company: 

  • 10% down payment and up to 6 years of installments 
  • 15% down payment and up to 7 years of installments 
  • 20% down payment and up to 8 years of installments 
  • 25% down payment with nine years of installments 
  • 10 years installments with a 30% down payment 

The expected reservation deposit is as follows: 

  • for a bank transfer of 30,000 EGP 
  • 40,000 pounds payable instantly or by check 

Important information: Before requesting a purchase, be sure of your unit price by checking here. Nile Business City, the New Capital price’s per square meter is always changing 

The firm that owns Nile Business City and its predecessor companies 

This matter had a beneficial effect on customers through the 100 or more projects that Nile Real Estate Development Company displayed throughout its presence in the market. Nile Company uses an analytical strategy in the Egyptian real estate sector, therefore this matter had a positive influence on customers 

The company was founded in 2002 and is part of the Nile and Al-Ahram Group. It has been distinguished by its good choice of partnerships with other institutions, whether through fruitful collaboration with management and operation companies or consultants and architectural design experts, the most important of whom is Eng. Asaad Salama, who has a long list of previous works, including the following: 

  • Savory Sharm El Sheikh Hotel 
  • Dusit Abu Dhabi project 
  • Sigmak Tower in Dubai 
  • Jawhara Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 
  • Kings Tower in Riyadh 
  • Tamac Tower in Riyadh 

The most significant precedent of the Nile Company’s work 

  • Several projects in the Fifth Settlement 
  • 31 North Tower, the new capital   

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Please click here to get your investment unit inside Nile Business City Mall and to see the latest project offers 

The most asked questions about Nile Business City 

Who is the real estate owner of the project? 

  • Nile Real Estate Development Company 

What is the location of the project? 

  • In the Downtown area 

What is the sales number for booking in the units? 

  • 00201104894802 
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