When you want to invest to save your money, you should go to hotel real estate, because it is an advanced sector that increases its prices over time and targets many investors.

Hotels provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their real estate portfolios and achieve potential returns, but they must have deep knowledge of the real estate market and familiarize themselves with reliable sources of information. Through this article, we will try to shed light on the idea of investing in hotels, and support you in making the right decisions

How to buy an apartment in New Capital?

It is easy to own a hotel apartment in New Capital, as there are many options for different prices and spaces, in addition to payment systems that make purchase available to everyone without the burden of financial problems, as your needs can be met without difficulties. There are also a number of hotel units available for purchase.

New Capital consists of several different districts, the most famous of which is the R7 district, due to its proximity to diplomatic facilities and all the services required for investment. New Capital also plays a vital role in revitalizing the real estate sector in Egypt in a comprehensive manner

What is the price per square meter in New Capital?

You can now get the best residential apartments with imaginary spaces and prices in New Capital, where most real estate companies have implemented various residential units, including hotel rooms for sale, to meet the different needs of investors, whether the number of family members or their level of financial income

It has contributed to increasing hotel investment opportunities by reducing prices, and therefore you will not need to know the price per square meter in apartments for sale in New Capital. As these companies mainly aim to fulfill the investor’s desires and meet his needs over the longest possible period, prices are the last thing they care about.

Therefore, you will not find it difficult to find hotel rooms at reasonable prices. Companies specialized in providing these services guarantee you flexible payment options and the best prices:

  • The price of apartments in New Capital starts from 3,556,390 EGP

Why to buy in New Capital?

Why should I buy in New Capital and why am I interested in investing in this region? These are among the questions on the mind of every individual who thinks of investing his money in New Capital. There may be many reasons for choosing this area for investment, and among these reasons:

  • All real estate companies located in New Capital are subject to the supervision of the New Capital for Urban Development Company, which leads to an organized investment in the required direction
  • The presence of various means of transportation contributes to linking New Capital with many cities, whether near or far from it.
  • Many basic services are available in New Capital, including private universities, international schools, nurseries, hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories. These services are implemented and provided at the highest level of quality.
  • In New Capital, many entertainment services are available that provide elements of luxury and comfort as well.
  • The thing is, there is an international airport that receives investors from all over the world.
  • The presence of the presidency, ministries and government agencies within the capital facilitates the conduct of government transactions easily and proficiently.
  • In New Capital, there are various projects that offer housing units of different sizes and spaces that suit all individuals

Hotel investment in New Capital

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in hotel apartments in New Capital. First of all, the residential real estate market in New Capital does not require the payment of any capital gains or income tax, which makes it an attractive option for investors looking for a high-yielding investment.

The amenities in the hotel apartments in New Capital include luxurious hotels and convenient amenities for use. Some of the largest hotels in the city invest with trusted real estate developers, such as Nile Real Estate Development Company, which offers hotel apartments with unique features and services. Its type is varied, and among them is The Grand Tower.

If you are interested in buying a hotel investment property (apartments) in New Capital, long-term investments provide great investment opportunities. The return on investment is 11% annually by Nile Real Estate Development Company

The volume of investment in New Capital

Eng. Khaled Abbas, Deputy Minister of Housing and CEO of New Capital Company in Egypt, stated that the volume of investments in New Capital projects currently exceeds one trillion pounds.

Abbas stated during an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya TV that he is working on establishing several subsidiaries and converting New Capital Company into a holding company.

The CEO of New Capital Company revealed that the offering process on the stock exchange will be held for subsidiaries after the termination of their incorporation, and not for the holding company.

New Capital is preparing to receive the first cohort of Egyptian government employees, and this is evident in an Arabic video that reviews the efforts to prepare and prepare for this expected event. In this context, focus has been placed on providing all means of services and comfort for employees, with the aim of ensuring an optimal reception that establishes the success of starting their work in a solid manner.

We are currently working on preparing a new model for land offerings in New Capital, and we will rely on partnership in executing large projects. We also evaluate and study previous proposals and negotiate with developers to compress implementation periods

New Capital is one of several mega projects launched by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi since 2014, as part of broader efforts to revitalize the economy.

New Capital represents the project, which consists of three phases, and is located east of Cairo. This project aims to transform 700 square kilometers of desert – an area roughly the space of Singapore – into a modern city for government buildings, embassies, and major corporations in Egypt. In addition, the city will house the tallest tower in Africa

The features of New Capital

New Capital is one of the most recent investment projects in Egypt, and this project is concerned with real estate development. The state was keen to include in the project all the services needed by the residents of the capital, which include commercial centers and distinct residential units. This city also receives several branches of Egyptian and European universities. In this article we will review some details. With regard to New Capital and its most important features, a detailed map of the most important landmarks of the city is available

  • Cairo and provide a new environment for government institutions and private companies to develop their business. New Capital includes various government buildings, as well as a group of commercial and entertainment facilities, in addition to a large hospital, which is one of the most important hospitals in the country. The opening of New Capital is an important step in regulating movement between governorates for those wishing to better facilitate their work, given that this city is located in a strategic location in the center of his country, Egypt
  • The city of Cairo today accommodates much more than its infinite capacity, and the problem of overcrowding in it has become a major concern for everyone, given that the city receives a huge number of visitors daily.
  • There is a large number of expatriates for several reasons, whether administrative or commercial, and this number could not be determined precisely.
  • New Capital was established as an integrated project with services, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi himself was keen to prepare it with the highest specific standards, to meet the increase in the population in Egypt, which is expected in 2050 to increase from 18 to 40 million people.
  • New Capital is one of the projects that stimulate the increase in the volume of investment in the Egyptian real estate market, as these projects will enable investors from all over the world to invest their money easily by establishing large residential and service projects that the residents of the region need, in order to enhance the prosperity of Egypt’s economy.
  • You will be able to obtain information about the most important services provided to the residents of New Capital, using its detailed map, which contains its most prominent features. In addition to the construction of a new railway, the city has the largest mosque in Egypt and Africa, which is the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, in addition to the largest church in the Middle East, which is the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • The largest central park was established on a huge area of more than 1,000 acres, with a length of 10 km, to become the largest park in the Middle East. In this context, the engineers in charge of drawing and designing the buildings of New Capital were inspired by the idea of adding a long river, which embodies the beauty of the Nile, with a length of up to 35 kilometers and capable of connecting the parts of the city. Residential districts and universities built in New Capital are intertwined with each other

The disadvantages of New Capital

The disadvantages of New Capital may be one of the most sought-after issues by customers, whether they are seeking to invest or live in it. There is no doubt that many people look forward to the advantages and disadvantages of any investment before making their decision in the same matter, as good planning guarantees great success in their next project.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you the most prominent defects of New Capital, but let us know all the information about New Capital and its most important projects, in addition to its advantages.

  • A strategic and distinguished location was chosen to establish New Capital, the latest and largest investment project in Egypt, as its location came on the borders of Badr City between Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road. New Capital is also close to the most important modern cities such as New Cairo and Mostakbal City
  • A huge area has been allocated for New Capital, with an area of 168 acres, and its area is equivalent to the size of the city of Singapore. New Capital has benefited from this huge area by including a large number of projects in all different fields.

Since the Egyptian government’s decision to implement New Capital, it has provided all the necessary services and infrastructure that make it an integrated city. Where the latest technologies and modern and advanced technological methods were used to avoid the defects of New Capital.

The defects of New Capital were considered a point of difference between the citizens, as some of them considered them to be major negatives and others did not notice their existence compared to the large number of features and entertainment services available in New Capital. These negatives also appeared in these pictures:

  • Some people criticized the prices of commercial units in the capital, describing them as exaggerated.
  • The prices of residential projects in New Capital have reached very high levels and are disproportionate to all segments of society. However, all the residential complexes in this city include features and services that guarantee a luxurious life for the residents with the utmost luxury and comfort.
  • The lack of a transportation network that facilitates transportation to the destination of New Capital is still an obstacle for some businessmen. However, the government of Egypt is currently implementing an advanced transportation network that is hoped to maintain high levels of operation in the city. This project will include, among others, a monorail line and another line linking from Deyerb Negm to New Capital.
  • Some residents of New Capital fear the crowding of citizens there, including the transfer of government agencies and various ministries, which, according to them, is a double-edged sword

The future of investment in New Capital 2023

All over the world, real estate investment is one of the most important areas for investment at all, as many investors seek to enter the real estate world, due to the high real estate prices in various countries of the world. Especially in Egypt, the new administrative capital constitutes a major area for investment in New Capital and commercial destinations.

Some investors have expressed their concern about the future of investment in New Capital, due to the spread of some gossip and rumors about the weakness of the real estate investment process in this area. However, it must be emphasized that all these allegations are unfounded, as the basic situation indicates a great success for investments in the financial market in this region

  • Investing in a city like New Capital is the future, especially with the splendid future of investing in this capital due to the presence of a group of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East. It includes many distinct investment projects that vary between residential projects, compounds, and other projects. Commercial centers, administrative office projects, medical projects and other types of projects.
  • The real estate sector in Egypt in general and in New Capital in particular is promising. Therefore, we encourage everyone who wants to get an ideal investment deal to buy or build a property in this area. You will certainly be pleased to benefit from your experience in this exciting field. New Capital is currently among the very safe real estate areas around the world

The best investment at the moment in Egypt

Due to the rapid and increasing expansion of the city, New Capital, experts also suggest that the sectors that will have the best future in hotel investment include the health, education and entertainment sectors, in addition to sectors related to technology and innovation, which indicates the importance of providing investment opportunities in those sectors. A great deal of focus is placed on real estate in the new capital.

You can invest in various real estate projects in the capital now, as commercial projects are known for their presence in strategic areas within residential areas that include a huge group of residential projects, and therefore commercial projects meet the needs of larger groups of the capital’s residents

A comparison between the best hotels in New Capital
We will present to you all the details of the hotel projects in New Capital:

A detailed comparison between Tycoon Tower New Capital, and Oaks Tower New Capital

Tycoon Tower New Capital and Oaks Tower New Capital

  • The developer: Nile Real Estate Development Company, Margins Real Estate Development

  • The price of hotel apartments: prices start from 2,475,000 million pounds, at a price of 2,773,438 million Egyptian pounds
  • The down payment: is 10% down payment, and the rest of the unit is paid in installments over 6 years. 10% down payment and the rest over 12 years

  • Features: The project is characterized by a wonderful location in the Down Town area. Oaks project is also distinguished in the Down Town area

  • Finishing: Fully finished with adaptations Fully finished with ACs

questions you need you know about

What ranges the prices of investment units in the Capital?

The price of apartments in New Capital starts from 3,556,390 EGP.

What are the most investment areas in the capital?

Down Town area