Sheikh Zayed City is a divided city, which means that services are distributed in a fair way between the different neighborhoods. The streets and facilities were planned in the city plan before it was built. Accordingly, the differences between the neighborhoods are firstly from the economic level of the neighborhood, which is classified according to the percentage of building area and green spaces for each individual. .

And we will find that neighborhoods such as the First Neighborhood, the Third Neighborhood, the Thirteenth Neighborhood, and the Eleventh Neighborhood were designed with the largest possible number of housing units in a manner that does not contradict the healthy proportions of housing, which are geometrically correct, and included in the economic level.

While the neighborhoods such as the Fourth Neighborhood, the Seventh Neighborhood, and part of the Second Neighborhood are of an above-average level, and the Eighth Neighborhood represents the luxurious level and is distinguished as a neighborhood for families who live in villas and palaces built in it. Despite this, we find that the most famous neighborhood of Sheikh Zayed is the Fourth Neighborhood, as it includes various residential units such as apartments, houses, and villas, in addition to the most luxurious residential complexes such as Zayed 2000 Compound.

The best Sheikh Zayed compounds

The city offers many distinct compounds and units, of which we will try to collect the best in the next few paragraphs:

Beverly Hills Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Location: Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound, the best compound in Sheikh Zayed, located near the 16th district of Sheikh Zayed, and Casa Compound

Services and Features: It has a gym, nurseries, gym, spa, restaurants and cafes, and international schools.

Prices: the average price per meter for apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds starts from 12,220 EGP, and the average price per meter for villas starts from 14,000 EGP.

Capstone Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Location: Capstone Sheikh Zayed, the best compound in Sheikh Zayed, is located at the second entrance to Sheikh Zayed City, next to the second Islamic complex, next to Al Ahly Club.

Services: club house – spa – gym – barbecue area – waterfalls – and a running track.

Prices: the price per meter in Capstone Sheikh Zayed Compound, the best compound in Sheikh Zayed City, is 21,818 Egyptian pounds.

Compound Beta Gardens Sheikh Zayed

Location: Real estate projects have been established in Sheikh Zayed on an area of 20 acres, and it is located near El Remaya Square, and near Juhayna Square.

Services: Solar energy is used in the compound, and it contains an artificial lake, supermarket, restaurants, and shops.

Prices: the average price of apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds starts from 890,000 pounds, and the customer pays 10% of the unit value, and the rest is in installments over 7 years.

Regency Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Regency Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Services: nursery, swimming pools, gym, sports club

Prices: the average price per square meter for an apartment in the most expensive compound in Sheikh Zayed is 9 thousand pounds, and the average price per square meter for a villa is 11 thousand pounds.

Rabwa Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Location: It is located 800 meters from Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road near 6th of October City.

Services: schools, cafes, restaurants, security and guarding services, shops.

Prices: the average price per meter for villas in Sheikh Zayed compounds starts from 8,500 pounds per meter.

Montania New Zayed compound

Location: on Dahshur Road in New Zayed.

Services: guarding, security, cameras, free internet services, electronic gates, swimming pools.

Prices: Villa prices in Sheikh Zayed, Montania Compound, start from 3,400,000 pounds, with a 10% down payment, and an installment period of up to 8 years.

CASA El Sheikh Zayed Compound

Location: West of Greater Cairo, near the Allegria Compound, near Hyper One and the 26th of July Corridor.

Services: Therapeutic hospitals. international schools. public parks. commercial markets.

Prices: The prices of the apartments in Casa Sheikh Zayed range between 1,785,000 and 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds, with a 25% down payment and the rest of the amount in installments up to 30 months.

Silva New Zayed compound

Location: It is located in the green belt in the new Zayed area.

Services: a mosque, artificial lakes, green spaces, surveillance cameras, security, and guarding.

Prices: unit prices start from 3,965,000 Egyptian pounds, with a down payment for reservations starting from 10%, and a payment period of up to 8 years.

Cairo Gate Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Location: It is located near the 6th of October City overlooking the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

Services: huge commercial area, large shopping mall, swimming pools, international schools, medical centers.

Prices: The prices of apartments in Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed range between 3,200,000 and 5,100,000 pounds

Zed Towers Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Location: It is located near Al-Rabwa Compound and Hyper One.

Services: restaurants and cafes, shops, huge commercial area, gym and spa.

Prices: the prices of apartments in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed City start from 2,040,000 and reach 11,240,000 pounds.

Allara New Zayed compound

Location: The project is located at Zayed 5 entrance, in front of Gate No. 1.

Services: mosque, security system, electronic gates, green spaces, gyms.

Prices: the prices of villas in the compound start from 2,395,000 EGP.

Zayed Dunes Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Location: This project is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City

Services: guarding and security services, surveillance cameras, barbecue area, children’s entertainment area.

Prices: the prices of residential apartments in Zayed Dunes Compound, Sheikh Zayed, start from 2,000,000 EGP up to 2,900,000 EGP.