The New Capital of Egypt, located 45 kilometers east of Cairo, is one of the major government projects of great importance. This capital consists of many residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas, each of which has its own characteristics.

The total area of the New Capital is about 170,000 acres, equivalent to approximately 714 km2, and it was divided into several different neighborhoods between residential and governmental ones

The New Capital is one of the largest government projects in Egypt, and includes many vital neighborhoods that provide an ideal environment for living and working. Below we review the most important districts of the New Capital:

The most important districts of the New Capital

1- Government District

The government district in the New Capital

The government district is one of the most important districts in the New Capital, as it includes many governmental and administrative buildings, and is characterized by its modern and sophisticated design. The area of the government district is approximately 1133 acres.

The government district is characterized by its modern and attractive design, as the buildings are designed using the latest technology and thermal and sound insulation materials, which helps reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of life in the area. The district includes many government and administrative buildings, such as:

  • Ministry of Finance.
  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Ministry of the Interior.
  • Egyptian Parliament.
  • The Supreme Council for Culture and Museums.

The Government district provides easy access to government and administrative services, making it an ideal location for government employees and auditors. The area also provides a variety of public facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and shops, which add to the area’s attractiveness.

The government district in the New Capital is one of the main neighborhoods that attract government and private investments, and provides great opportunities for work and investment. The Egyptian government is constantly working on developing the government district, improving its infrastructure, and providing more services and facilities for residents and employees in the area.

The government district area in the New Capital is characterized by many vital and important projects, which provide a lively and comfortable environment for living and working. Among the most important government district projects in the New Capital:

1- The Egyptian Parliament Building: The Egyptian Parliament Building in the government district in the New Administrative Capital houses more than 600 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The building is the newest and largest parliament building in the world, and includes a group of vital and recreational facilities.

2- The International Conference Center: The International Conference Center in the government district in the New Administrative Capital is one of the largest conference centers in the world, and includes more than 20 meeting and conference halls.

2- Business district

Business district New Capital

The area of the financial and business district is 195 acres, and it is part of the government district and has been allocated for businessmen and is characterized by luxury. The most important characteristic of the financial and business district is the presence of many facilities, the most important of which are:

  • central bank
  • stock market.
  • International and local banks
  • Giant skyscrapers and towers

3- Al Sefarat Districts

The Diplomatic District includes many foreign embassies, and is characterized by its unique and distinctive design, in addition to the presence of many luxury hotels and commercial centers. It is also called the Diplomatic Quarter, and its area is more than 1,500 acres.

The Diplomatic District will include private buildings for the residence of the ambassador, as well as buildings for housing members of the diplomatic mission.

The most important residential districts in the New Capital

The residential districts in the New Capital are characterized by their modern and modern design, which is in line with the latest international standards in the field of architecture and design. Among the most important residential districts in the New Capital:

Residential district R3

The residential district R3 New Capital

Or as it is called “Capital Residence”, the residential neighborhood R3 is considered one of the most important residential neighborhoods in the Administrative Capital because it is the first residential neighborhood that was implemented by the Urban Communities Authority. 8 neighborhoods consisting of more than 25,000 housing units, varying between:

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Pent Houses
  • Town Houses
  • Duplexes
  • Town Houses

Within the neighborhood, all important services are available: educational, recreational, sports, commercial and administrative malls, and medical clinics, as well as parks and green areas that provide a comfortable and healthy environment for living.

The Egyptian government seeks to develop the residential neighborhood R3 in the New Capital, and to provide more vital services and facilities for the residents in the area, in order to provide a lively and comfortable environment for living in the city.

Residential district R5

It is called the “New Garden City” because it is similar in design to the Garden City neighborhood, with an area of 1,000 acres that mimics the design of the old Khedive Cairo, and the residential neighborhood R5 includes a group of various residential units, ranging from small apartments to luxury villas, in addition to 11 Mixed Use residential towers, the construction rate in the R5 is about 25%

Residential district R7

The residential district, R7 New Capital

The fame of the residential district R7 lies in the fact that it is a source of attraction for investors, as many compounds have been established, so it was called the “Golden Square”. The area of the neighborhood in the first offering is about 2500 acres, and the second offering is 1143, This area is huge in dividing the districts in the capital, and thus the R7 district was designed by investors and real estate developers, which number approximately 30 companies, and among the most prominent compounds in the R7:

  • Atika New Capital Compound
  • Oia New Capital Compound
  • Vinci New Capital Compound
  • Vinci New Capital Compound
  • The average price per square meter in the R7 is about 11,000 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Residential district R8

The area of the district is 2,500 acres, and it also includes high-end compounds, average housing, and hotels, in addition to green spaces and gardens, educational, medical, entertainment services, mosques, churches, and others. Among the most important compounds in the residential district R8:

  • Compound Menorca r8 New Capital

What are the best districts in the New Capital?

For investment, the financial and business district, and the most famous residential districts are R3/ R7

What is the area of the New capital?

The total area is 170 thousand acres