Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement

Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement

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Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement constitutes a distinguished real estate investment, as it is characterized by luxury and elegance. It also provides many integrated services and facilities, which places it as one of the leading residential communities launched by Urban Lines Real Estate Development and Investment Company in Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries.

The owner company of Yellow Compound in New Cairo was keen to provide it in the best attractive and quiet districts in New Cairo, and it was precisely located in the heart of Fifth Settlement area surrounding many important vital institutions and facilities.

Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement is characterized by its wide area, which was used to meet the wide variety of housing units in terms of its types and multiple spaces, which provide many options that meet the desires and needs of customers, in addition to offering a competitive price package and several price facilities that made the investors’ demand for buying it increase dramatically.

Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement location

Yellow Compound is located in Fifth Settlement and enjoys a strategic location, as it is one of the most important areas that enjoy investment in New Cairo. This area provides many services and facilities in addition to the available smart payment systems. The location occupies a special place, as it is distinguished by its vital location in Fifth Settlement area, as it directly overlooks the old Suez Road, and this makes it close to different areas with new cities and main roads, which makes it easy for you to reach your destination quickly.

Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement is also located close to all basic services in New Cairo, including important educational services such as the American University and several international schools for all ages, in addition to its proximity to all vital axes, including:

  • Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement is located near the Ring Road.
  • Al Rehab City and Madinaty are only 5 minutes away.
  • It is a 10-minute drive between it and Cairo International Airport.
  • You can reach the American University within fifteen minutes.
  • Yellow Compound is located in Fifth Settlement near the New Capital
  • th It is close to the family garden and North 90th Street
  • You can easily reach the Creek Town and Orla Residence compounds in Fifth Settlement area in a short time.

Design and space of Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement

All apartments in the Yellow Urban Lines Compound have beautiful European designs that combine modernity and elegance, with exquisite interior designs that soothe the eyes and nerves. The owner company has also provided a large area for green spaces that permeate the residential units and services to provide a private space for relaxation and entertainment.

Urban Lines Real Estate Company provided an elegant exterior and interior design for all units, with a unique modern character. The project also included a lot of modern smart systems that make the lives of the residents of Yellow Residence New Cairo easy

Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement has a large area of about 24 acres, as this space has been divided very carefully so that green spaces and artificial lakes occupy a large part of the total area, to reflect the beauty and luxury of the exterior decorations of residential buildings and service facilities that offer everything you want and more.

The smallest part of the space is allocated to the various residential homes of different types and spaces, in order to make it easier for you to choose the right home for your dreams easily. The units varied, whether they were apartments or duplex units, with spaces starting from 110 square meters.

Services and facilities of Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement

  • There is an integrated security team tasked with protecting the owners and stopping thefts, and there are also high-quality surveillance cameras that are distributed properly within Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • Large multi-car garages are used to prevent traffic jams.
  • All apartments have smart and modern systems, in addition to fire and emergency systems
  • Sports clubs and playgrounds offer a wide range of sports activities aimed at improving health and mood for different ages.
  • A health social club is a place that includes all the devices that will help you relax and enjoy your time in a unique and comfortable way.
  • The commercial area includes all the famous international brands, which guarantees you an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the best international and local food with the best level of service.
  • The vast green spaces and the wonderful landscapes of the landscape provide an ideal view that encourages relaxation and calming the soul.
  • In Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement, there are medical centers and facilities that include the latest medical devices to preserve the safety of citizens, as well as integrated pharmacies.
  • Gym includes a wide range of sports equipment and specialized trainers that help you maintain your health.

The owner company of Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement

Urban lines Development and Real Estate Investment Company presented its new project, Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement, as an addition to its great success in the widespread real estate business, due to the many various advantages it offers, in order to become attractive to various investors.

The European Real Estate Company is associated with an important and illustrious position in the real estate market in the State of Egypt and the Arabian Gulf region, as it was established in 1994 and achieved many successes within the framework of its highly successful residential and commercial projects.

The company’s previous real estate projects

  • East Lane project Fifth Settlement.
  • Grand Park Tower project.
  • Salmiya Resort.
  • Levels Business Tower New Capital
  • AUM University in Kuwait
  • Many projects have been implemented in areas such as Maadi and Sheraton.
  • Mohammed Al Rashideen Compound in Kuwait.

Payment systems and prices for Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement

The owner company of the Yellow Residence New Cairo project reported many attractive prices that suit all customer segments, and indicated that these prices constitute valuable investment opportunities that give you a great profit return if your goal is to invest.

If you want to live in a luxurious residential unit, Yellow Residence Fifth Settlement is one of the best residential compounds in which you can live and experience a distinguished life, and prices vary according to the type and space of the unit in addition to the modern facilities available within it.

Distinctive benefits were provided that are not limited to what was mentioned, as flexible payment options were provided to suit different segments of society, including customers and investors. The customer can pay a reservation amount equivalent to 10% of the value of his unit, and then the remaining amount, to be paid during the remaining period for 7 consecutive years without bearing any interest on it

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