Summer Ras ElHekma Village

Summer Ras ElHekma Village

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Summer Ras ElHekma Village launched in collaboration between Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company and Moon View represents a distinctive and exciting project in Ras El Hikma area of North Coast in Egypt as it is expected to be one of the most important projects in the region due to the increasing demand for real estate in Ras El Hikma.

Summer Ras ElHekma Village offers a variety of luxurious chalets and villas that meet customers’ needs in terms of luxury and leisure and the village’s location has been carefully chosen in a vibrant and strategic area on North Coast making it close to the region’s main tourist attractions.

Summer Ras ElHekma Village is characterized by luxurious architectural designs with a European style, executed by the best engineers and architects ensuring quality and elegance in design and thanks to the experience of Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company diverse spaces have been provided to suit customers’ needs whether chalets or villas, ensuring comfort and full enjoyment for residents.

Flexible payment options are available to suit customers’ needs and circumstances starting from a low booking deposit and installment facilities over several years without interest making the purchasing process easy and cost-effective as the village includes a wide range of service and recreational facilities that enhance the well-being and happiness of its residents making it an ideal destination for luxurious living and enjoying the most beautiful moments on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The location of Summer Ras ElHekma Village

Summer Ras ElHekma Villagein North Coast enjoys a prime location and easy accessibility from several important areas in the region. Here is some information about the village’s location:

  • The village is located near El Dabaa Road, making it easily accessible for residents via this main road.
  • The project is also close to Alexandria Desert Road facilitating access for those coming from Alexandria and surrounding areas to reach the village.
  • The village is a short distance from Al Alamein Airport making it convenient for residents coming from various cities.
  • Summer Ras ElHekma Village can be easily accessed from the Hacienda Bay area enhancing accessibility from this famous tourist area.
  • The village is at a reasonable distance from Marina Matrouh allowing residents and visitors to easily reach it from this coastal city.

In summary the location of Summer Village in North Coast makes it an ideal destination for living or enjoying vacations as it allows residents and visitors easy access from various cities and neighboring areas.

The design and space of Summer Village

The area of Summer Ras ElHekma Village reflects modern thinking in real estate project design where a large proportion of the total area is allocated to green spaces and landscaping creating a renewable and attractive natural environment for residents and visitors as the total area of Summer Village is 864 acres.

The village’s design aims to achieve balance and harmony between buildings and the surrounding landscapes with an emphasis on providing direct sea views for all residential units allowing residents the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and breathtaking views.

The residential units in the village vary between studios, chalets, and villas allowing customers to choose the unit that suits their needs and budgets as the design and area of Summer Village embody a comprehensive vision of modern, comfortable, and balanced living while providing the best services and facilities for residents and visitors.

Units space in Summer Ras ElHekma Village

Summer Village boasts a wide variety of residential unit spaces as Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company has ensured optimal utilization of the project’s total area to meet the diverse needs of different customers as the selection of spaces was based on the preferences and needs of customers whether they were looking for smaller units like studios or larger ones like chalets and villas.

Thanks to this diversity in spaces customers can choose the unit that perfectly suits their needs and budgets ensuring comfort and luxury during their stay in the village as the spaces were carefully chosen to align with the nature of each residential unit whether they are sea-view chalets or luxurious villas with private gardens.

Services of Summer Village

Summer North Coast Village offers numerous services and facilities that contribute to enhancing the quality of life for residents and increasing the enjoyment of their stay in the project. Here are the main services available in the village:

  1. Swimming pools: Multiple swimming pools are available in the village to provide enjoyment and comfort for residents and tourists.
  2. Green spaces and gardens: The village includes beautiful green spaces and gardens that create a comfortable and refreshing environment for residents.
  3. Commercial area: There is a commercial area in the village with shops to meet the residents’ shopping and daily needs.
  4. Restaurants and cafes: A variety of restaurants and cafes are available in the village to offer different types of food and beverages.
  5. Sports facilities and clubs: The village has sports facilities such as courts and clubs that provide opportunities for various sports activities.
  6. Clubhouse: A clubhouse is available in the village providing entertainment and social facilities for residents to enjoy their time.
  7. Health and entertainment facilities: The village includes health facilities such as spas, saunas, and jacuzzis to provide relaxation and comfort for residents.
  8. Security and surveillance: Security personnel are available in the village around the clock to ensure the safety and security of residents and properties.
  9. Maintenance and cleanliness services: Maintenance and cleanliness services are available at all times to maintain the project’s cleanliness and beauty.

Thanks to these integrated services and diverse facilities Summer Ras ElHekma Village provides an ideal environment for living and enjoying the most beautiful moments in North Coast.

Features of investing in Summer Ras ElHekma Village

Investing in Summer Village in North Coast offers several advantages that make it an enticing opportunity for investors. Here are some of these features:

  • Strategic location: Summer Ras ElHekma Village is located in Ras El Hikma area of North Coast, which is witnessing significant attention from investors and tourists increasing its attractiveness as a future investment destination.
  • Integrated facilities and services: The village offers a range of diverse facilities and services such as swimming pools, green spaces, restaurants, cafes, and sports facilities attracting both investors and residents alike.
  • Modern and attractive designs: The project boasts modern and attractive architectural designs that meet the needs of investors and attract many potential clients.
  • Tourism investment potential: The units in the village can be used as either permanent residential units or tourist rental units, offering multiple investment opportunities in the village.
  • Flexible payment programs: The developer offers flexible payment programs that suit the needs of investors making investing in the village easier and more budget-friendly.
  • Increase in property value over time: Due to the high demand for properties in Ras El Hikma area it is expected that property values in the village will increase over time making it a lucrative investment opportunity.

Based on these features investing in Summer Village is considered an exciting opportunity for success and good financial returns.

Prices of Summer Village

The prices of units in Summer North Coast Village vary depending on the type of unit its size, and include other factors such as its location within the project and the features available in the unit. Here are some examples of expected prices:

  • Chalets: The prices of chalets in Summer Village may range across a variety of price categories as they could start from lower levels to medium levels and up to luxurious levels depending on the unit’s space and location.
  • Villas: Villas may exhibit more diverse pricing based on their space design, and facilities as prices of villas in Summer Village may span across different price categories to meet the requirements and preferences of customers.
  • Payment programs: Flexible payment programs are offered to suit the needs of customers making it easier for them to purchase units and pay their value over comfortable periods of time.

Payment systems of Summer Ras ElHekma Village

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company offers flexible payment systems in Summer North Coast Village enabling customers to acquire real estate units in an easy and convenient manner. These systems include:

  • Low initial down payment: Customers can make a low initial deposit to reserve the real estate unit easing the financial burden at the beginning of the purchasing process.
  • Installment over several years: Customers can opt to pay for the unit over a long period of time that suits their financial capabilities without interest making it easier for them to bear the costs over the long term.
  • Diverse programs: Multiple payment programs are available to suit various needs and financial circumstances of customers allowing them to choose the most suitable program for them.
  • Cash payment: Customers who prefer cash payment can receive special discounts when paying the full value of the unit at the time of purchase.

Thanks to these flexible payment systems customers can acquire real estate units in Summer North Coast Village in a comfortable and easy manner without bearing a significant financial burden as this facilitates the investment process and increases the chances of obtaining profitable investment returns.

About the real estate developer

Summer Ras ElHekma Village

The company was established in the Egyptian real estate market in 1994 and since then it has been involved in implementing a variety of real estate projects in Egypt as the company has distinguished itself by diversifying its projects between residential, commercial, and coastal projects making it very popular among customers.

The company prioritizes the quality of construction and adheres to the highest international standards in construction processes enhancing its position as one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.

The company has a rich portfolio of successful projects over the years, reflecting the trust that customers have in it as the projects executed by the company are known for their high quality innovative designs, and distinctive services provided to its clients.

Previous projects by the company include:

  • Grand Residence Compound New Cairo.
  • Katameya Hills Compound New Cairo.
  • Odyssey Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound.
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