Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village

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Naia Bay North Coast Village is a distinctive project situated in the heart of North Coast of Egypt, and it is being developed by Jumeirah Real Estate. This project offers unique designs and stands as an exceptional tourist resort. You’ll find excellence and uniqueness in this resort through the services and facilities provided by the company, making you not want anything else. Reserve your spot now and enjoy luxurious designs and innovative units that directly overlook the sea.

Naia Bay North Coast Village stands out with its unique location in the heart of this enchanting area. The village is known for its stunning contemporary designs that inspire creativity and beauty. The resort units have been executed with the highest levels of design and finishing, following the latest global standards in architecture and construction.

The location of Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village

The location of Naia Bay North Coast Village has been carefully chosen by Jumeirah Real Estate, the project developer, to be one of the best locations in the heart of the North Coast.

Naia Bay North Coast Village boasts a strategic location in Ras El Hekma Bay area, specifically at kilometer 212 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road. This unique geographical location provides proximity to various roads, arteries, services, advantages, and facilities in North Coast.

Nearby Places to Naia Bay North Coast Village:

Naia Bay North Coast Village enjoys a prime location that makes it very close to numerous main roads and arteries, facilitating easy access and positioning it as a central hub for mobility. Below are key points about the exceptional location of Naia Bay North Coast Village:

  • The village is located near the New Fouka Road, North Coast International Road, and Dabaa Axis, making it easy to access the village and providing convenient transportation options.
  • Naia Bay North Coast Village is situated near Borg El Arab Airport and Alamein Airport, enhancing ease of access and providing comfort for travelers.
  • The village is just a 45-minute drive away from New Alamein City, making it a central location to enjoy the facilities and services offered by the city.
  • It takes only about 30 minutes to reach Sidi Abdel Rahman, offering the opportunity to spend enjoyable time on the stunning North Coast.
  • The journey from the village to Alexandria takes only two hours, granting residents the possibility to enjoy more facilities and events in the city.
  • The village is 1 km away from the Fouka Road exit and 3 km from the electric train station, facilitating transportation and access to public services.
  • Naia Bay North Coast Village is located near several upscale villages and resorts such as Mountain View, Marina, and Hacienda projects, adding additional value to the area and allowing for the enjoyment of these luxurious facilities.

The design and space of Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village

Jumeirah for Real Estate Investment and Development company established Naia Bay North Coast Village on a vast area of 112 acres. The company was keen to allocate a significant portion of the total area to green facilities, artificial lakes, swimming pools, gardens, and services. The company collaborated with the American international company Crystal Lagoons to create a massive artificial lake within the resort.

Naia Bay North Coast Village stands out with its strategic location, where all units enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea beach. The resort stretches along a beachfront of 300 meters. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the beach, as well as the relaxing atmosphere in this charming environment.

Units in Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village

Jumeirah company offers a diverse range of holiday units to choose from in Naia Bay North Coast Village, with a total of 736 units distributed throughout the village. The units include:

  • 12 buildings for chalets, each building consisting of a ground floor and 3 repeated floors.
  • 91% of the total units are villas, including townhouses, detached villas, and penthouses.

All units in Naia Bay North Coast Village are designed in a modern Greek style, with a focus on providing tranquility and serenity in all parts of the village. The project is named Naia after the musical instrument “Nay,” which plays calm and soothing music.

  • Ninety percent (90%) of the units have a private beach and private garden, providing residents with more privacy.
  • Units of different sizes are available in the village, with chalet areas starting from 65 square meters. Villas are also available with areas up to 520 square meters.

Services of Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village offers a wide range of services to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of its residents. Here are some of the highlighted services:

  1. A private beach where residents can enjoy the sun, sand, and clear waters without needing to travel to public beaches.
  2. Entertainment areas for children to play safely and have fun.
  3. The health club includes facilities such as jacuzzis, saunas, and massages, allowing residents to relax and indulge in massage and body care sessions.
  4. A variety of local and international restaurants and cafes, offering residents delicious meals and diverse culinary experiences.
  5. A large commercial mall with shops offering various goods and products, providing residents with a convenient shopping experience for their daily needs.
  6. Housekeeping service to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the residential units.
  7. The social club includes a restaurant and coffee shop, providing residents with a place to gather, socialize, and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.
  8. 24/7 security and guarding services to ensure the safety of residents and protect the area.
  9. Dedicated walking, jogging, and cycling paths for residents to engage in physical activities and enjoy outdoor air.
  10. Green spaces, gardens, and artificial lakes enhance the natural beauty of the area, providing peaceful and comfortable places for relaxation and strolls.

Prices of Naia Bay North Coast Village

Naia Bay North Coast Village
  • The starting price per square meter within the village is 22,307 Egyptian Pounds for chalets and 25,833 Egyptian Pounds for villas.
  • Chalets: Prices start from 2,565,305 Egyptian Pounds and go up to 4.2 million Egyptian Pounds, with an area of 115 square meters.
  • Studios: Prices start from 1,449,955 Egyptian Pounds for the first and second floors, with an area of 65 square meters.
  • Villas: Prices start from 10 million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Twin Houses: Prices start from 15.8 million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Stand Alone Villas: Prices start from 25 million Egyptian Pounds.

All units are delivered with modern and high-quality finishes and decorations, and each unit features a private garden.

Payment systems of Naia Bay North Coast Village

  1. You can pay 10% of the total unit price as a down payment and settle the remaining amount through equal installments over a period of 6 years.
  2. You can pay 15% as a down payment, with an additional 5% to be paid after 3 months from the contract date. The remaining unit price can be paid through equal installments over a period of 7 years, interest-free.
  3. Jumeirah for Investment and Real Estate Development Company will deliver all chalets and villas within a maximum of 3 years from the contract date.

These plans are designed to facilitate the purchasing process and cater to the buyers’ needs, allowing for flexible and suitable installment distributions over time.

The real estate developer

Jumeirah for Real Estate Investments, the owner of Naia Bay project, has announced the launch of Jumeirah Bay project in Ras El Hikma, spanning over 6 million square meters with investments reaching 15 billion Egyptian pounds. The project is a collaboration between Jumeirah for Real Estate Investments and Sakan for Development and Tourism.

The company aims to stimulate tourism investment in Egypt and enhance the thriving real estate sector. Ras El Hikma is considered an attractive area for investors and developers looking to contribute to the advancement of the Egyptian economy. Naia Bay project reflects these previous successes and offers a distinctive landmark that appeals to those seeking uniqueness and distinction. Jumeirah Egypt also announced the launch of Naia Bay project in collaboration with the United Nations Sustainability Fund.

Projects by Jumeirah for Real Estate Investments

  • Naia West Zayed Compound.
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