Silver Sands North Coast 

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The Silver Sands project 

  • Regarding the project: The resort, which is renowned for its wonderful environment and quiet and is one of the newest and most beautiful resorts on the North Coast, offers all the basic and recreational amenities required for the resort’s residents 
  • North Coast Silver Sands Location: Kilo 222 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, right in the center of the North Coast 
  • Project Space: A sizable 485 acres area has been set aside 
  • Types of units: Among chalets, twin residences, and stand-alone villas, it varies 
  • Space for Units: begins at 155 square meters 
  • Prices for units: begin at 6,500,000 EGP 
  • Systems based on installments: 5% down payment with the balance due in installments over a maximum of 8 years 

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Want to have a memorable summer vacation? Then “Silver Sands” North Coast is the ideal option for you 

One of the opulent and affluent resorts with a lovely and delightful view of the ocean is Silver Sands North Coast Resort. The Company responsible for carrying out this project, Ora Real Estate Development Company, focused on developing distinctive and opulent designs as well as plenty of green areas and other amenities so that resort guests may feel more at ease and calm 

It also worked on constructing the various units within the project, all of which look out onto the distinctive seashore, so that visitors can take in the breathtaking scenery created by the combination of the project’s surrounding greenery, bright yellow sands, and clear blue waters, which together create a divinely beautiful image 

As a result, the Silver Sands Village, with its endearing qualities, scenic setting, and high-end services, is the spot that draws you there without your knowledge. Now that you have complete privacy and can enjoy a relaxing summer ambiance away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll feel as though you’re all by yourself in the arms of nature, admiring its beauty 

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The outstanding location of Silver Sands 

This unique resort, which is a high-end location throbbing with all the ideas and components of luxury and grandeur, enjoys a crucial strategic location on the North Coast. It is simple and convenient to access this project because it was built close to numerous locations and major routes. The following places are nearby: 

  • It is separated by 202 km from Borg El Arab Airport and about 370 km from Cairo 
  • Silver Sands is located at Kilo 222, Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Road, between Almaza Bay and Sidi Hanish 
  • It is also about 138 km away from the city of El Alamein 
  • In addition to its proximity to several other tourist villages, including La Vista Village, Gaya Al Sahel, Jefaira Village, Fouka Bay, Mountain View Resort, Marina El Alamein and Marassi North Coast 
  • It is also close to the new Fouka Road 

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You will enjoy several advantages at the Silver Sands North Coast Resort and understand what it means to live in luxury 

One of the nicest settlements on the North Coast, Silver Sands is known for its enjoyment, luxury, and magnificence. Its eminent name suggests a beauty worth exploring. It is a stunning location in every way, appearing to be a small sanctuary with a direct ocean view 

In order for all residents to fully appreciate this lovely location, the project has numerous unique features and facilities that cater to their needs. We shall list these aspects in the order that they are described below: 

  • One of the most exquisite artistic impressions can be found in the Silver Sands village thanks to Ora Company, which offers a unique perspective that combines the magnificent blue sea with lovely green landscapes that harmoniously complement the smooth beach sand 
  • The project was constructed in the shape of lovely natural terraces that face the sea from numerous directions so that visitors might experience a singular view of the Mediterranean with its stunning blue seas 
  • The developer of the village was keen to provide beautiful crystal lakes with a variety of spaces overlooking all units of the location because recreation and having fun are not complete without the presence of various water bodies that give an atmosphere of calm and mental clarity. This provides the residents with a lot of comfort and luxury 
  • A swimming pool has been designated for ladies so they can have the necessary privacy. There is also a set of swimming pools of all sizes that are appropriate for people of different ages 
  • The availability of top-notch dining establishments serving the tastiest Egyptian and foreign cuisine prepared by the most talented professional chefs, as well as cafés offering a variety of beverages with great service, allows you to enjoy your meal in a relaxing environment 
  • Within Silver Sands Village, a large area has been set aside for hosting barbecues and other special occasions like birthdays 
  • A large tourist promenade is paved and furnished with numerous inviting chairs so visitors can take in the wonderful ambiance between the sea and the splendor of nature 
  • The Silver Sands Resort is home to a 5-star international hotel that offers guests exceptional hotel service, and its rooms are furnished in lovely hotel style 

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The unique services and basic amenities at the North Coast Silver Sands Resort 

Since the beginning of the construction of this enormous architectural icon, the Aura company responsible for carrying it out has worked hard to provide a significant number of basic and recreational facilities and services, making the residents of the Silver Sands Global Village enjoy every minute. We’ll list a few of these services below: 

  • establishing an integrated commercial area with a large mall, shops, and shopping places to have a distinctive shopping experience since it has brands from across the world and brands that can meet all of your family’s needs 
  • offering a unique aqua park with enjoyable water games to spend quality time with your family because it is appropriate for all ages 
  • The developer of the Silver Sands North Coast project developed an integrated club house with a spa and jacuzzi at the most advanced and contemporary level, providing all the different recreational activities, to add even more luxury 
  • A huge gym with cutting-edge tools and equipment to practice your preferred sport continually, as well as always-on trainers 
  • an integrated sports complex with a number of large play areas devoted to various sports 
  • the availability of pharmacies and medical offices with the best equipment possible to serve visitors all day long 
  • The company in charge of the project constructed a large, integrated garage with all feasible insurance to protect the residents’ property to lessen overpopulation and overcrowding 
  • High-quality security and surveillance equipment is present throughout the village, allowing you to feel safe and secure 
  • A fully equipped integrated mosque that is routinely sanitized and disinfected has been made available 

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Unit varieties and sizes along the North Coast of the silver sands 

In order to allow each person to select the unique unit for him in terms of price, space, and design, the Silver Sands Resort was developed on a sizable area of 485 acres and extends about 1000 meters along the Mediterranean Sea. The space was divided into “chalets, twin houses, and standalone villas,” as the company was keen to diversify the designs with the implementation of a wonderful and attractive design for all units in the resort 

Due to the wide range of client wants and desires, it is crucial and necessary for there to be variation in the types of units and their space within the project. In the interest of the developer firm, this variation has been worked on, and the following categories can be mentioned: 

  • Excellent ground-floor chalets with three sizable rooms start at 155 square meters 
  • 4 room chalets with a big roof that start at 200 square meters 
  • In Silver Sands, there is also a twin house with four rooms and 280 square meters of space 
  • The size of the villas in the first row, or those that are immediately on the water, ranges from 312 square meters to 391 square meters, and they have between 4 and 5 rooms 
  • A 360 square meter villa with a large garden has been constructed for added luxury so that you may take in the beautiful scenery 

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At Silver Sands Resort, you may find affordable prices and unique Installments methods 

Book your unit in the tourist village of Silver Sands North Coast right away to take advantage of all the luxury, services, and prices that are unmatched in that area and to help you live in a sophisticated level with payment facilities for your preferred residential units of various sizes within the resort. These prices are as follows: 

  • Prices for villas begin at 6.5 million Egyptian pounds 
  • The cost of the twin homes begins at 9.5 million Egyptian pounds 
  • The price of standalone villas ranges from 15 million to 60 million Egyptian pounds 

Systems for installments: 

  • You can make a 5% down payment and the remaining balance over the course of five years 
  • 10% down payment and the remaining balance paid over the course of six years 
  • A 15% down payment of the unit’s worth and up to seven years of installment payments are other options 
  • Along with the option of making a 20% down payment and paying the remaining balance over eight years 
  • In order to alleviate the customers of the burdens of equipment and finishes, the units are delivered with a full finishing system 

Contact us right away to receive the best offers to purchase your individual unit within the boundaries of this global project and take advantage of all these features, services, and more that are available within this international resort, which replicates the world’s most populous locations in terms of exquisite design and fully functional infrastructure 

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Ora International Development and Real Estate Development Company 

In Egypt and around the world, Ora Company is regarded as one of the biggest real estate building firms. This substantial building boasts an impressive track record in industry. They have completed a number of different projects that have a sumptuous European feel and are developed in accordance with the most recent international standards to cater to the unique tastes of consumers. Here are a few of these engineering projects: 

  • Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers 
  • Zed East Compound, New Cairo 
  • Nile City project 
  • Aura North Coast Resort 
  • Pyramids Hills Compound, 6th of October 
  • Silver Sands Compound in Grenada, Caribbean Islands 
  • Ayia Napa Marina project in Cyprus 

Where is Silver Sands located? 

  • At kilometre 222 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, in the center of the North Coast 

Who is the project’s developer firm? 

  • Ora International Development and Real Estate Development Company 

How many apartments in the project are up for sale? 

  • 20 units 

What installation systems are included in the project? 

  • A down payment starts from 5% and the rest is paid in installments over a period of up to 8 years 
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