Marina 8 North Coast Village

Marina 8 North Coast Village

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Marina 8 North Coast Village is one of the luxurious residential projects developed by The Saudi-Egyptian Company for Real Estate Development as it is located in New Alamein area on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt also New Alamein is considered an advanced investment and tourist area that has witnessed significant development in recent years making it a preferred destination for many tourists and investors.

Marina 8 North Coast Village is characterized by its exceptional location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea offering residents and visitors breathtaking views of the sea and a serene and refreshing atmosphere as the village includes a diverse range of luxurious residential units including apartments, villas, and twin houses catering to the needs of different clients and providing them with a distinguished residential experience.

In addition Marina 8 North Coast Village offers many upscale facilities and services for its residents such as swimming pools, health clubs, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores as well as dedicated areas for entertainment and recreation for the whole family.

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The location of Marina 8 North Coast Village

Marina 8 North Coast Village

Marina 8 North Coast Village is located in a prime location on the coastal road enjoying proximity to vibrant areas and strategic locations in New Alamein and North Coast as the village’s location is characterized by easy accessibility from Alexandria and neighboring areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to its strategic location:

  • Marina 8 Village provides easy access to vital areas and essential services.
  • In addition to the highways connecting it to other areas within and outside New Alamein.
  • It is also conveniently close to Alamein Airport, providing convenient access for travelers.
  • Marina 8 North Coast is adjacent to other important projects such as L’hivir New Alamein Village and Nord New Alamein enhancing its value and ensuring the availability of exceptional services and facilities nearby.

The project’s location combines tranquility and comfort for spending summer holidays with easy access to all necessary services and facilities for a comfortable and distinguished life.

The design of Marina 8 North Coast Village

Marina 8 North Coast Village

The design of Marina 8 North Coast Village combines modernity and simplicity, giving it a unique character that blends well with its surrounding natural environment as the chalets, apartments, and villas in the project are carefully designed to meet the needs and preferences of residents in a contemporary and comfortable style.

The design is characterized by attention to simple details and a focus on practical functions and spacious areas, creating a comfortable and elegant environment simultaneously. Additionally, the units feature diverse and varied designs to accommodate different needs and tastes.

The extensive green spaces and attractive lagoons add natural beauty to the project enhancing its attractiveness and creating a serene and refreshing environment for residents also the distribution of green spaces and recreational facilities within the project provides opportunities for entertainment and relaxation in a tranquil atmosphere amidst natural beauty.

The space of Marina 8 North Coast Village

The space in Marina 8 North Coast Village reflects a focus on providing an integrated residential community that caters to the needs of different residents as the available unit sizes vary allowing residents to choose the unit that perfectly meets their aspirations and requirements.

  • Chalets and Apartments: The space of chalets and apartments in Marina 8 Village range from 105 square meters to larger areas providing diverse options for families and individuals.
  • Townhouses: Townhouses in Marina 8 feature sizes starting from 267 square meters offering spacious living and entertainment areas for large families.
  • Twin Houses: Twin house spaces in Marina 8 North Coast Village offer opportunities for luxurious living with areas starting from 319 square meters along with privacy and comfort.
  • Stand-alone Villas: Stand-alone villas in Marina 8 Village boast sizes of up to 345 square meters with magnificent sea views making them an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and privacy.
  • Independent Villas: Independent villas in Marina 8 North Coast Village feature sizes starting from 416 square meters providing residents with spacious areas to enjoy luxurious and comfortable living on the shores of North Coast.

Services of Marina 8 Village

Marina 8 Village offers a diverse range of services and facilities that ensure a distinctive and comfortable living experience for residents. Some of the outstanding services include:

  • Yacht Marina: The resort provides a yacht marina equipped with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate yachts and provide services for their owners.
  • Swimming Pools: Multiple swimming pools of various sizes and lengths are available in the resort offering residents the opportunity to enjoy relaxation and leisure in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • International Hotels: The resort features two international hotels that offer high-quality services to residents and visitors ensuring a distinctive and comfortable accommodation experience.
  • Beach Entertainment Facilities: The resort offers a variety of beach entertainment facilities such as food carts and outdoor sports lounges ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable time for residents.
  • Shopping Center and Supermarket: The resort provides a commercial mall and supermarket containing a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes making it easy for residents to access all their needs.
  • Health and Sports Clubs: The resort includes a health club equipped with the latest facilities and equipment for sports and relaxation including a spa, jacuzzi, and gym.
  • Work Area with Internet: The designated work area within the resort provides high-speed internet and advanced infrastructure making it easy for residents to efficiently conduct their work.
  • Advanced Surveillance System: The resort features an advanced surveillance system that includes surveillance cameras throughout the area enhancing the level of security and comfort for residents.

With these outstanding services and facilities Marina 8 North Coast Village offers a luxurious and integrated residential experience that exceeds residents’ expectations making it an ideal destination for those seeking comfort and luxury on the shores of North Coast.

Prices of Marina 8 North Coast Village

Marina 8 Village offers you a unique opportunity to live in a magnificent entity that fulfills all your dreams in one of the most beautiful cities in the region as the charm of New Alamein does not stop at the beauty and splendor of its beaches or its proximity to Cairo and Alexandria but also features a historical touch that gives it a unique charm.

  • Chalets with an area of 140 square meters prices start from 7,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouses with an area of 267 square meters prices start from 16,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin Houses with an area of 319 square meters prices range from 19,500,000 to 25,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Stand-alone villas with an area of 345 square meters prices range from 24,800,000 to 35,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Stand-alone villas with a direct sea view with an area of 416 square meters prices range from 41,000,000 to 48,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Marina 8 North Coast Village

The payment systems in Marina 8 Village are characterized by competitive prices and great flexibility as Marina Alamein has introduced a reservation and installment system considered among the best in North Coast projects, where:

  • Reservation systems in Village Marina 8 North Coast start from 10% as a down payment.
  • With an installment period extending up to 7 years.
  • Maintenance fees are paid at a rate of 8%.
  • Furthermore, units in Marina 8 Village are delivered within a period ranging from 3 to 4 years in semi-finished condition.

Features of investing in Marina 8 Village

Investing in Marina 8 Village offers many advantages for investors, including:

  • Prime Location: Marina 8 North Coast Village is located in New Alamein area of North Coast strategically positioned between Alexandria and Cairo.
  • Modern Design: The project features a modern design that combines luxury and elegance making it a focal point for investors and prospective property buyers.
  • Integrated Facilities and Services: The project offers a variety of facilities and services such as yacht marina, swimming pools, world-class hotels, shopping mall, and health club attracting both investors and tenants alike.
  • Competitive Prices: Marina 8 North Coast Village units have competitive prices compared to other North Coast projects appealing to investors seeking profitable investment opportunities.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Marina 8 North Coast Village offers flexible payment plans tailored to investors’ needs making investment in the project more attractive.
  • Promising Future: New Alamein area is expected to experience significant growth in the future making investment in Marina 8 Village a favorable option for obtaining profitable future financial returns.

About the real estate developer

Marina 8 North Coast Village

The Egyptian Saudi Development Company (SED) was established as one of the leading companies in the construction and real estate sectors. Since its inception SED has achieved significant success in the Egyptian market, rapidly becoming one of the prominent companies in this important field.

The company is characterized by its strict adherence to delivering real estate units on time without any delays in addition to providing finishing services at the highest quality levels and luxurious designs for its projects as SED also pays great attention to selecting the best materials in construction processes and providing all essential services for property owners.

SED has managed to acquire a large share of customers and investors who trust in the seriousness and credibility of the company considering it one of the safest and most reliable companies for investment and contracting.

The esteemed company’s journey in the real estate investment field began in 1975 specializing in the implementation of major tourism and residential real estate projects. Since then it has continued to deliver its distinguished and innovative projects earning it a prestigious position in the real estate sector.

Previous projects of the company include:

  • Lake Dream Compound Project 6th of October City.
  • Secon Nile Towers in Maadi.
  • Hilton Hotel New Damietta.
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