Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound

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Nyoum 6th October Compound is a fantastic residential project located in 6th of October City and developed by Arab Developers Holding. This compound boasts several amazing features, starting from the vast green spaces, gardens, and recreational parks, all the way to the charming natural landscapes that surround the entire project.

The real estate developer is keen on providing units at affordable prices for all customers, in addition to giving them significant priority when it comes to payment options. They can benefit from extended payment periods and low down payments. Now, let’s explore the details of this wonderful project.

The location of Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound

In the heart of 6th of October City, Nyoum 6th October Compound proudly stands on the Central Ring Road, surrounded by the spirit of activity and movement.

The compound’s prime location offers proximity to various essential facilities, including:

  1. Near Nile University and 6th of October University, providing easy access for students and researchers.
  2. Close to 6th of October Club, Hossary Mosque, and the Distinctive District, where residents can enjoy recreational and cultural activities.
  3. Just a few steps away from El Beshayer District, near West Somid, Engineer’s Oasis, and Tayiba Gardens, allowing quick access to commercial centers and vital amenities.
  4. Approximately 15 minutes from Juhayna Square, where residents can enjoy shopping, fine dining, and upscale cafes.
  5. About 20 minutes from the New Sphinx Airport, facilitating travel for both travelers and tourists.

Thanks to its exceptional location, Nyoum 6th October Compound provides proximity to essential services and facilities for its residents, offering easy access to key destinations in the city.

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The space of Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound, the comprehensive and integrated project, spans approximately 330 acres. The project features designs inspired by the city of Rome, Italy, and encompasses a diverse range of residential, commercial, and recreational units.

Nyoum 6th October Compound has been divided into several phases, here are details of some of them:

  1. Boulevard Phase: It includes residential apartments with sizes ranging from 93 square meters to 106 square meters, featuring diverse and attractive designs.
  2. Rome Phase: This phase comprises residential apartments with sizes ranging from 45 square meters to 95 square meters, catering to the needs of different customers.
  3. Stanley Phase: Here, you can find residential apartments starting from 118 square meters and going up to 242 square meters. Twin houses with an area of 185 square meters and independent villas starting from 196 square meters are also available.

Nyoum 6th October Compound also includes green areas, natural landscapes, and water features that span over an area of 8,200 square meters. Additionally, the Fontana building houses residential units, administrative offices, and commercial units. The project also features the Stanly Zone, which extends over an area of 15,000 square meters and contains various types of buildings and a dancing fountain.

With a wide range of residential options, Nyoum 6th October Compound offers diverse spaces that cater to the needs and preferences of different customers.

Services of Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound offers a wide range of services to meet the residents’ needs and ensure their comfort and enjoyment of the residential community. Here are some of the services available in the compound:

  1. Stunning Dancing Fountain: A beautiful and charming water fountain design that enhances the project’s beauty.
  2. Cinema: The compound features a cinema that provides an opportunity to watch favorite movies and plays.
  3. International Hospital: The compound includes an international hospital that offers high-quality medical services equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and a specialized medical team.
  4. Beautiful Gardens and Scenic Views: Enjoy the beautiful gardens and breathtaking natural landscapes surrounding the compound, providing a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Clubhouse: The compound has a clubhouse where residents can spend enjoyable time with family and friends, enjoying various recreational activities and facilities.
  6. Equestrian Club: The compound includes an equestrian club where residents can learn horse riding and practice equestrian sports.
  7. International Schools: There are three international schools in the compound that offer high-quality education with American, British, and German curricula.
  8. Medical Center: Equipped with the latest technology, the compound’s medical center provides various medical services to residents.
  9. Sports Club: The compound features a sports club that offers a variety of sports fields for engaging in different athletic activities.
  10. Shopping Centers: Several shopping centers are available within the compound to meet residents’ daily shopping needs.
  11. Hypermarket: A large hypermarket is available in the compound to provide various goods and products.
  12. 24/7 Security: The compound offers 24-hour security and advanced surveillance systems that cover all areas of the compound.
  13. Sports Facilities: Many sports fields are available for practicing various sports.
  14. Dedicated Biking Paths: Bike lanes, running tracks, and walking paths encourage physical activity and vitality.
  15. Social Club: A spacious social club has been implemented, allowing residents to meet, interact, and enjoy social events.

Prices and payment systems of Nyoum 6th October Compound

Nyoum 6th October Compound

The developer of Nyoum 6th October Compound has provided competitive prices for the units, with prices starting at just 2,500,000 Egyptian pounds for units with an area of 130 square meters. Prices increase proportionally with the increase in unit sizes and variety.

The real estate developer is keen to offer suitable payment options for all customers and investors. Among the available payment options:

  1. A 10% down payment upon contract signing, with the remaining amount to be paid in equal installments over 8 years with no interest.

These flexible payment and installment systems reflect the developer’s commitment to meeting the needs and requirements of customers, providing an opportunity for everyone to benefit from investing in Nyoum 6th October Compound.

About the real estate developer

Nyoum 6th October Compound

Arab Developers Holding, the real estate developer of the Nyoum 6th October Compound project, is a pioneer in the real estate development industry in Egypt. The company was founded in 2005 and has since been committed to meeting the needs and requirements of customers and investors from around the world. The company has executed several prominent real estate projects in various countries. Here are some of those projects:

  1. NYOUM Pyramids Compound.
  2. NYOUM Asyut Compound.
  3. NYOUM October Compound.
  4. NYOUM Cairo Compound.
  5. NYOUM Cairo Residence.
  6. NYOUM Future City.
  7. Park Mall New Cairo.
  8. NYOUM Medical Hub.
  9. NYOUM Business Gate.

These projects showcase the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality real estate developments in different locations.

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