Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

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Marsa Baghush North Coast Village represents a unique coastal project offering a luxurious range of chalets and villas suitable for the needs of families seeking enjoyable times amidst the stunning nature. The project is distinguished by its clear turquoise waters and soft sands providing a unique experience ensuring peace of mind and happiness for residents.

The village’s location has been carefully chosen in one of the prime areas on North Coast making access to key areas in the coast and elsewhere easy as Mazhar Real Estate Development Company leveraging its extensive expertise has worked to diversify the unit spaces to meet residents’ needs while ensuring their peace of mind.

Payment and installment programs have been provided to allow customers to easily acquire their units granting them sufficient time for payment as the company offers a wide range of service facilities and recreational amenities that ensure residents a comfortable and enjoyable experience in Marsa Baghush North Coast Village.

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The Location of Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Marsa Baghush North Coast Village enjoys a prime location, situated at kilometer 230 from Sidi Heneish on Alexandria Desert Road making it very close to key tourist attractions and vibrant areas in the region. Among its prominent locations:

  1. Its proximity to Alexandria Desert Road and New Fouka Road facilitates easy access from various cities and major areas.
  2. Its closeness to Ras El Hekma area a famous tourist destination hosting many luxurious resorts.
  3. Ease of access from El Dabaa Road a major route in the area.
  4. Its proximity to the New Alamein City which is a distinguished destination for tourism and investment.
  5. Its proximity to Marina Matrouh and Alexandria providing opportunities to enjoy tourist areas and services in these famous coastal cities.
  6. Its proximity to Marassi and Hacienda resorts providing access to entertainment and service facilities in these luxurious resorts.
  7. Its proximity to Zawya Village a famous tourist destination offering many entertainment and relaxation options.

These nearby locations make Marsa Baghush North Coast Village an ideal destination for holidays or real estate investment in North Coast region.

The design and space of Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Marsa Baghush North Coast Village has been meticulously designed to provide a unique and distinctive residential experience that combines luxury with breathtaking nature as the total area of the village spans 76 acres, with 13% allocated to buildings allowing for ample spaces for landscapes and service facilities.

The project offers a diverse range of units including chalets, villas, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone units providing customers with a variety of options to meet their residential needs and preferences as the village has been designed with the latest global architectural concepts to embody elegance and luxury with a focus on harmony between buildings, green spaces, and the sea creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for residents.

Green spaces and abundant natural landscapes are an essential part of the village’s design constituting a large proportion of the project at 87% giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the charming nature fresh air, and recreational facilities in a serene and comfortable atmosphere.

Units space in Marsa Baghush Village

Units in Marsa Baghush North Coast Village have been designed with various sizes to meet different customer needs. Here are the details of the unit sizes for each type:

  • Studios: Studio units start from 75 square meters suitable for individuals or couples looking for a small and comfortable unit on North Coast.
  • Chalets: Chalet sizes in the village start from 120 square meters providing a comfortable space for enjoying coastal living with family or friends.
  • Townhouse Villas: The spaces of townhouse villas in Marsa Baghush Village start from 276 square meters offering a spacious area for comfort and privacy for residents.
  • Twin House Villas: The spaces of twin house villas in the project range around 250 square meters providing a medium-sized space suitable for small families.
  • Independent Villas: Independent villa sizes start from 300 square meters offering a large space for residents to enjoy privacy and comfort in a luxurious residential environment on North Coast.

Services of Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Marsa Baghush Village offers a wide range of recreational and essential services to ensure the comfort and happiness of its residents. Here’s an overview of the key services in the village:

  • Swimming Pools: The village provides multiple swimming pools ensuring an enjoyable experience for all residents.
  • Green Spaces: The project offers large landscaped areas and beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Sports Facilities: Multiple sports courts are available for various sports activities.
  • Running and Cycling Tracks: The project provides dedicated tracks for outdoor sports and activities.
  • Health Clubs: Health clubs offer spa and jacuzzi services for residents’ relaxation and comfort.
  • Kids’ Area: The dedicated children’s play area includes many fun games and activities.
  • Electronic Gates: Electronic gates facilitate efficient and secure entry and exit for residents.
  • Parking Spaces: Parking spaces are available for the convenience of parking vehicles.
  • Security and Guarding: The security and guarding team works around the clock to secure the village.
  • Surveillance Systems: Modern surveillance systems are available to increase security and monitoring in the village.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Maintenance and cleaning services are regularly provided to keep the project in the best condition.

With these diverse and comprehensive services residents can enjoy a comfortable and distinctive experience within Marsa Baghush North Coast Village.

Features of investing in Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Investing in Marsa Baghush Village offers many features that make it an attractive opportunity for investors and among the most prominent of these features are:

  • Strategic Location: Marsa Baghush Village is located in the Egyptian North Coast a famous tourist area that attracts tourists and investors alike due to its natural beauty and turquoise waters.
  • Infrastructure Development: North Coast witnesses significant infrastructure development enhancing the investment value in the area and ensuring ease of access to the village.
  • Integrated Project: Marsa Baghush Village offers a diverse range of residential, recreational, and service units making it an ideal destination for real estate investment and distinctive living.
  • Comprehensive Services: Comprehensive services in the village ensure comfort and convenience for residents and visitors including swimming pools, parks, restaurants and cafes, sports facilities, and health clubs.
  • Tourism Investment Opportunities: Investors can benefit from the growing demand for residential units and tourist resorts in the area whether for annual leasing or tourism marketing.
  • Freehold Ownership Possibility: Egyptian law allows freehold ownership for foreigners in properties in Egypt attracting foreign investors to invest in real estate projects on North Coast.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Developing companies offer flexible payment plans tailored to investors’ needs making investing in Marsa Baghush Village convenient and flexible.

In summary investing in Marsa Baghush North Coast Village is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the real estate market growth on North Coast and enjoy lucrative financial returns and luxurious living in a distinctive coastal environment.

Prices of Marsa Baghush North Coast Village

Here is a list of prices for units in Marsa Baghush Village provided by Mazhar Real Estate Company:

  • Studios: Prices start from 1,270,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Chalets: Prices start from 2,440,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse Villas: Prices start from 7,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin House Villas: Prices start from 9,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent Villas (Stand-Alone): Prices start from 25,00,000 Egyptian pounds.

These reasonable and attractive prices make it easier for customers to acquire the units they desire and are compatible with the level of features offered by the village and this makes investing in Marsa Baghush North Coast Village an appealing opportunity for many investors and individuals interested in living in a distinctive coastal environment.

Payment systems in Marsa Baghush Village

Here is the flexible and convenient payment system offered by Mazhar Real Estate Company for Marsa Baghush North Coast Village:

  1. Down Payment: Booking a unit begins with a down payment of 10% of the unit’s value.
  2. Installment Plan: The remaining amount can be paid over 8 years without interest allowing customers to conveniently spread their payments.
  3. Final Payment: The final installment is paid upon completion of the specified installment period making the buyer the full owner of the unit without any delays or complications.

This system provides flexibility and ease in the purchasing process for customers making it easier for them to acquire a unit in Marsa Baghush North Coast Village without significant financial burdens.

About the real estate developer

The company responsible for implementing the Marsa Baghush North Coast Village project is Shihab Mazhar Real Estate Development Company as it began its journey in the real estate world in 1978 where it established itself as a pioneer in the Egyptian market. During this period the company has executed numerous distinguished projects that have garnered customers’ admiration and earned their trust.

The company always seeks to achieve the highest international standards in real estate development to ensure the execution of projects in the best possible manner also thanks to its commitment to quality and excellence Shihab Mazhar has become one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt.

As a reputable company with extensive experience Shihab Mazhar ensures the delivery of distinctive and innovative real estate projects that meet customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Previous projects by the company include:

  • Development of Sidi Heneish Village in North Coast.
  • Undertaking some development works in Tahrir Square.
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