Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound

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Leaves New Zayed Compound is a new residential project announced by Al-Attal Holding Company in the city of New Zayed, near vital areas in the 6th of October City. This project aims to provide a distinctive and upscale residential environment for residents, offering a variety of services and amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Leaves New Zayed Compound project includes a wide range of diverse housing units in terms of sizes, allowing residents to choose based on their needs. The project offers a convenient payment system, allowing the installment of the unit’s value over various terms.

In addition to the residential units, the project also provides recreational facilities and other services such as shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and sports clubs, contributing to improving the quality of life and meeting the needs of the residents.

Thanks to its unique location, residents can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes, making it a peaceful and comfortable place away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Investors can take advantage of this opportunity to invest in a unique and distinctive property in one of the best locations in the 6th of October City.

The location of Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound is strategically located in the 6th of October City, making it an attractive location for both investors and residents. The compound is only 300 meters away from the 26th of July Axis, which is considered the most important axis in the 6th of October City, connecting various areas of the city. This makes it easy for residents to access different destinations within the city.

The project is also close to many important major roads, such as the Ring Road and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, facilitating transportation to many other areas in Cairo.

Here are some nearby places to Leaves New Zayed Compound:

  1. Monorail Station in October: The compound is located near the Monorail station in October, making it easy to use public transportation and access neighboring areas.
  2. Dahshour Link: Leaves New Zayed Compound is close to the Dahshour Link, facilitating transportation and connectivity.
  3. Universities: The compound provides easy access to some of the city’s most important universities, such as Cairo University and Nile University, enhancing its value for students and parents.
  4. Media Production City: The proximity of the compound to the Media Production City is an additional advantage for professionals working in the media and production industry.
  5. International Hospitals: Leaves New Zayed Compound is located near several international hospitals, ensuring convenient access to healthcare services.
  6. Nearby Residential Compounds: The location is characterized by the presence of the best residential compounds in October, such as O West and Mountain View October, enhancing its status as a distinguished residential destination.

The carefully planned location of Leaves New Zayed Compound provides easy access and convenience for residents, making it an ideal choice for those looking to invest or reside in the 6th of October area.

The space and design of Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound
  1. Location and Division: Leaves New Zayed Compound covers an area of 36 acres and is divided into two main projects: Leaves West 6th of October for residential units (28 acres) and the hotel units (8 acres). The remaining space is allocated for project facilities, including the private mall for Leaves West by Alattal Group.
  2. Modern Building Design: The project consists of 30 modern and contemporary buildings, offering a variety of residential units ranging from 80 square meters to 320 square meters. The design aims to provide a comfortable and luxurious living environment for residents and visitors.
  3. Amenities and Services: In addition to residential units, the project includes a range of modern facilities and services such as swimming pools, health clubs, sports courts, green spaces, and a variety of other services to ensure the comfort and needs of project residents.
  4. Architectural Design: Leaves New Zayed Compound was designed by Engineer Raafat Fahmy, one of Egypt’s leading architects, known for his successful projects across the country. The design focuses on providing a refined and diverse architectural style that meets the needs of all customers.
  5. Excellent Location: The project’s excellent location allows easy access to neighboring areas such as 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Dokki, and Downtown Cairo, making it an ideal choice for living and investing in the Greater Cairo area.

Services of Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound

The list of services and facilities offered by Leaves New Zayed Compound by Alattal:

  1. Green Spaces and Artificial Lakes: Beautiful natural landscapes with green areas and artificial lakes enhance the overall environment.
  2. Modern Surveillance System: 24/7 CCTV cameras provide safety and peace of mind to residents.
  3. Large 24/7 Convenience Store: Offers a wide range of food and grocery items for residents’ convenience.
  4. Multiple Swimming Pools: Various-sized swimming pools for leisure and recreation.
  5. Backup Power Generation System: Ensures continuous electricity supply in case of outages.
  6. Fire Protection System: Equipped with smoke detectors for safety.
  7. Fitness Gym: Well-equipped with professional training equipment.
  8. Modern Technological Gates: Enhance security and access control.
  9. Multi-Sports Club: Features multiple sports courts for residents.
  10. Covered Parking Spaces: Protects vehicles from weather conditions.
  11. Security and Guard Services: Trained security teams ensure safety.
  12. Regular Maintenance Services: Maintains the quality of facilities.
  13. BBQ Area: Scenic outdoor area for barbecues and gatherings.
  14. Regular Cleaning Team: Keeps the place clean and tidy.
  15. Solar Power System: Promotes electricity conservation.
  16. Health Club: Includes sauna and Jacuzzi facilities.
  17. Running, Walking, and Biking Paths: Outdoor sports activities.
  18. Children’s Entertainment Area: Fun activities for kids.
  19. Shopping Mall: Houses various international brands for shopping and entertainment.

Prices and payment systems of Leaves New Zayed Compound

The prices:

Starting from 3,829,920 Egyptian Pounds, you can acquire a residential unit in Leaves New Zayed Compound project, featuring two bedrooms with an area of 110 square meters and a garden of 15 square meters.

Payment Plans:

  1. A down payment starting from 10% of the property’s value, with the remaining amount payable over 8 years in equal monthly installments.
  2. Alternatively, a down payment of 15% is accepted, and the remaining amount can be paid over 9 years in equal monthly installments.

The compound also offers a maintenance service fee of 8%, covering the maintenance of buildings, common facilities, gardens, pools, and fountains.

The real estate developer

Al Alattal Holding Company for Real Estate Development is considered one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market. The company has a long history in the real estate development field since its establishment in 1948 and is known for its innovation and continuous evolution in its projects. The company adopts diverse goals and strategies in its projects, giving it a prominent position in the Egyptian real estate market. Its residential units are highly regarded among both local and foreign investors, a testament to the quality and attractiveness of its projects.

Previous Projects by Al Alattal Holding Company for Real Estate Development:

  1. Park Lane Compound New Capital.
  2. Bay Side Village Ras Sedr.
  3. Al Alattal New Zayed Compound.

The real estate develope

Al Alattal Holding Company

Project’s location

New Zayed

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