Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound

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Genista New Zayed Compound is a real estate development project by Al-Amaken Real Estate Company. This compound is located in the Green Belt area of New Sheikh Zayed City and is considered one of the prominent projects that quickly made an impact in the real estate market as soon as it was announced. Genista New Zayed Compound represents a significant addition to the New Sheikh Zayed City area and is one of the projects by Al-Amaken in that region.

The compound enjoys a distinct strategic location, as it is situated near many important sites and neighborhoods in New Sheikh Zayed City. The project is designed on a large area, with a significant portion dedicated to green areas and public facilities. It provides a conducive environment for relaxation and leisure, in addition to offering places for sports and recreational activities.

Genista New Zayed Compound includes a variety of residential units that cater to the needs of different individuals, whether they are singles, couples, or large families. These units are characterized by modern designs and the provision of comfort and luxury for its residents. The compound already offers an exciting opportunity for living and investment in New Sheikh Zayed City area.

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The location of Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound boasts a strategic location in the city of 6th of October in western Cairo. This city is one of the leading cities in western Cairo and offers a distinctive natural environment along with essential amenities. The compound offers diverse residential units and features extensive green areas and public facilities.

The project is situated near major roads and active areas in the Third Giza Governorate, making it easily accessible via routes such as the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, the Central Axis, Dahshur Junction, and more. It is also conveniently close to major shopping centers in Cairo, such as Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, the Wahat Road, and the 26th of July Axis.

Landmarks near Genista New Zayed Compound

  • Downtown Cairo
  • Maadi Ring Road
  • it’s only a few minutes away from Sphinx Airport and Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

The space of Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound stands out with its excellent location on a limited area of only 5 acres, contributing to providing a tranquil and serene residential environment. Additionally, the low building density, which does not exceed 15%, ensures the availability of spacious green areas and a beautiful environment.

A variety of residential units are available in Genista New Zayed Compound, catering to different buyer needs. This includes:

  1. Townhouses: The townhouse units start from 220 square meters. These units offer well-organized and family-friendly homes with beautiful living and recreational spaces.
  2. Twin Houses: Twin house units start from 290 square meters, providing larger spaces for large families or those who desire extra space for privacy and comfort.
  3. Independent Villas: You can choose from independent villas starting from 290 square meters, offering maximum privacy and luxury.

Genista New Zayed Compound offers diversity and quality in its residential units, serving as an excellent example of modern real estate planning that maximizes the use of limited available space and provides a distinctive living environment for residents.

The design of Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound is located in a carefully designated area for residential villas, characterized by vast green spaces and magnificent artificial lakes covering 85% of the total area. This project is an ideal place to live and enjoy nature and tranquility.

The residential units in Genista New Zayed Compound are designed in a modern and European style, including various spaces and designs to meet different needs. The villas are known for their privacy and spaciousness, designed in a circular layout to provide more comfort and privacy for residents. If you’re looking for upscale living in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature, Genista New Zayed Compound offers you this opportunity.

There is a circular internal road in the villa area to facilitate entry and exit from the project, in addition to the presence of two main gates to ensure security and control over the entry and exit of residents. The project’s unique design and location make it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury, green spaces, and tranquility in the capital city.

Services of Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound offers a wide range of amenities and services for its residents, including:

  1. Green Gardens.
  2. Children’s Playground.
  3. Pharmacy.
  4. Cafes and Restaurants.
  5. Public Parking.
  6. Security and Guard Services.
  7. Electronic Gates.
  8. Sports Courts.
  9. Open Spaces.
  10. Health Club.
  11. Clubhouse.
  12. Landscaped Areas.
  13. Gym Outdoors Area.
  14. Private Garages.
  15. Smart Home Services.

These amenities provide residents with a comfortable and convenient living environment with various recreational and leisure options.

The importance of investing in Genista New Zayed Compound

Investing in Genista New Zayed Compound presents an ideal investment opportunity for investors seeking lucrative returns. The compound’s prime location in the vibrant Sheikh Zayed area offers a luxurious and comfortable residential environment.

The compound features high-quality facilities and services, including expansive green spaces, artificial lakes, swimming pools, sports clubs, children’s areas, and various other recreational amenities. Additionally, the compound boasts round-the-clock security and protection.

Due to these features, investing in Genista New Zayed Compound is an excellent choice for generating good short to medium-term investment returns, along with the potential for property value appreciation in the future. Therefore, it is highly recommended for investors aiming to achieve substantial profits in the real estate market.

Prices of Genista New Zayed Compound

Genista New Zayed Compound

The prices in Genista New Zayed Compound are as follows:

  • Townhouse: Prices start from 4,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin House: Prices start from 6,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Private Villas: Prices start from 7,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Genista New Zayed Compound

Flexible payment systems are available, including:

  • A down payment starting from 0%.
  • An installment plan that extends for up to 9 years.

These prices and payment systems make Genista New Zayed Compound an accessible option for a variety of buyers, regardless of their needs and financial capabilities.

About Al Amaken developmets

Genista New Zayed Compound was developed by Al Amaken for Real Estate Development and Investment, a leading construction company in the Egyptian real estate market with over 15 years of extensive experience. The company has delivered more than 60 real estate projects in various areas, including New Cairo, Maadi, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, and 6th of October City, among others. These projects have showcased their ability to provide high-quality real estate developments. If you are looking for a distinctive investment opportunity in the Egyptian real estate market, dealing with Al Amaken is a smart and successful choice.

Some of the company’s notable projects include:

  • Naya Bay Resort North Coast.
  • Several projects in Maadi.
  • Multiple projects in New Cairo.

These projects reflect the company’s commitment to delivering quality and excellence in the real estate sector.

The real estate developer

Al Amaken Developments

Project’s location

New Zayed

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