Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

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If you want to live in a unique and modern residential area that meets all your needs and is suitable for your family, HDP real estate company, which is designed for premium real estate, has created its new project, Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound, which includes a large number of residential units and apartments in addition to various facilities that provide the residents of the complex with exclusive conditions. In addition, Terrace Compound provides a variety of entertainment services at very special prices.

terrace sheikh zayed

Compound Terrace Sheikh Zayed Location

The developer has chosen the location of the compound very carefully in order to achieve its vision of constructing the first integrated residential complex, so the choice was made on one of the most vital locations located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, which is located directly on the 26th of July axis, the most important axis in West Cairo

The location of Terrace Sheikh Zayed project is very special and strategic thanks to its location in the midst of a distinguished network of international roads and hubs that work to help the residents of the compound to reach their various destinations in the shortest possible time. It also enjoys great vitality, which is represented by its close proximity to the most important landmarks and facilities in the region, which work to meet all the needs of customers.

places near Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Terrace Compound is located near Nile University, and it is 5 minutes away from Arkan Palm Mall.
  • Zayed Terrace project is distinguished by its proximity to the main roads and axes, including the 26th of July Corridor and Waslet Dahshur Road.
  • Sheikh Zayed Compound is also located near several powerful residential projects, including De Joya New Zayed, the Rivers Sheikh Zayed project, as well as Compound 205.
  • In addition, the project is close to several famous malls on October 6, including the Mall of Arabia, and it is 15 minutes away from Juhayna Square by car.

Terrace Sheikh Zayed project design

Terrace Sheikh Zayed taste among customers. HDP relied on modern designs that combine the requirements of the present with aspirations of the future, while achieving great harmony between units and green spaces, which made it one of the most beautiful October compounds. The design of Terrace Sheikh Zayed can be identified as follows:

  • The total area of Terrace Sheikh Zayed compound is 31 acres.
  • Green spaces and landscaping cover the largest part of the space, which gives the units distinctive views all the time.
  • Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound offers a variety of apartments and duplexes.

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Units Spaces

terrace sheikh zayed spaces

The residential units within the project vary between apartments and duplexes, With areas ranging from 100 square meters to 250 square meters, The spaces vary as follows:

  • Apartments consisting of two rooms, with areas ranging from 100 square meters to 130 square meters.
  • There are apartments with 3 rooms, starting from 130 square meters up to 190 square meters.
  • As for duplexes, it is available in large areas up to 250 square meters.

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Prices

The prices of Terrace El Sheikh Zayed Compound are competitive and are among the best prices in Sheikh Zayed in relation to the services they contain. HDP Real Estate Company was keen to make the prices vary to suit all purchasing groups.

It gives everyone the opportunity to invest or improve their standard of living without carrying the burden of prices or the short-term installment system, as it provided comfortable systems commensurate with the price, as the unit price in total within Terrace Sheikh Zayed compound starts from 2,415,000 EGP

The price per meter ranged from 23,000 to 24,000 Egyptian pounds.

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Payment Plans

In light of the many facilities it provides in Terrace Sheikh Zayed compound, HDP has not forgotten to make it easier for customers to purchase units offered for sale through flexible reservation and payment systems, which give them complete comfort in paying for the units. As the reservation in the Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound starts with a 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years, and the units are received semi-finished.

terrace sheikh zayed prices

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Services & Facilities

HDP, the real estate developer of the project, made sure that the project enjoys various services and facilities, both basic and complementary, in order for its residents to find all their needs within the walls of the compound without the need to leave it for any reason, and the most prominent of these services are:

  • Availability of a dedicated area for shops for all shopping and purchasing lovers.
  • There are private garages at each building to ensure that there is no crowding in front of the units and ease of movement for all.
  • Providing electric generators to ensure that the power is not interrupted at any time. Maintenance and cleaning services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Work has also been done to provide special paths for running and cycling, in addition to providing seats for sitting and meditation in the midst of nature and tranquility.
  • The compound is also characterized by the availability of a number of swimming pools that suit different ages and give the buildings special and distinct views that bring comfort to the souls.
  • HDB Real Estate has taken care to provide a full staff of trained security and guards, along with 24-hour surveillance cameras to ensure more protection and safety.
  • Terrace Sheikh Zayed compound includes a special area that contains many restaurants and cafes that provide the highest level of service and quality and are characterized by their diversity to suit different tastes.
  • Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound contains large areas of gardens, and many trees separate the units, so that the unit enjoys a lot of privacy, and the residents enjoy the beauty of the view.
  • Providing sports and social clubs that contain a gym, spa, sauna and jacuzzi, in addition to multiple sports fields that contain various activities for everyone who loves to take care of their physical health.

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound Developer

HDP Real Estate Development Company is one of the startups that was launched by the Housing and Development Bank, through which it can enter the field of real estate investment. The company has great ambitions related to its pursuit of a boom through residential and investment projects that meet the needs of customers. At the same time, it is in line with the state’s vision towards developing new cities and creating a wide urban boom.

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