Misr Italia Properties, specialized in the Egyptian real estate market, is considered one of the leading and distinguished companies in this field. Its projects are characterized by luxury and sophistication, evident in its developments in the New Administrative Capital, New Cairo, and the North Coast. Misr Italia aims for innovation and carefully listens to its clients to provide them with a unique experience in all aspects.

Misr Italia Properties seeks to provide ideal communities for living, retail spaces, travel services, as well as furniture and wooden flooring solutions. The company is known for its philosophy based on creativity and innovation, offering projects and products with unique ideas and designs unparalleled in the Egyptian market, which comes with great responsibility.

Projects by Misr Italia Properties

Taj Tower New Capital

Taj Tower by Misr Italia Properties
Misr Italia Properties

Taj Tower is a luxurious real estate project located in the New Administrative Capital in Egypt. It stands as one of the prominent landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, situated in the Government District, and reaching a height of 200 meters, making it one of the tallest towers in Egypt and Africa.

Taj Tower has been designed with world-class quality standards and consists of 47 floors, each offering breathtaking views of the New Administrative Capital. The project includes luxury residential apartments with high-quality finishes and deluxe amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna, and rooftop garden.

Taj Tower boasts a unique design that combines Indian and Egyptian architectural styles. The project also includes a diverse range of retail shops, restaurants, and cafes that cater to the needs of residents and visitors alike.

Taj Tower aims to provide a luxurious and comfortable residential experience for its occupants, and it is expected to be one of the most prominent real estate destinations in Egypt and the region as a whole.

 Sila New Cairo

 Sila New Cairo

Sila New Cairo Compound is a luxurious real estate project located in the heart of New Cairo, in the Fifth Settlement area of Egypt. The project includes a range of upscale residential units with modern and comfortable designs that cater to the needs of the community’s residents.

Sila New Cairo Compound features various residential units with different sizes, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom apartments, all with luxurious and high-quality finishes. The residential units also have spacious green areas, private swimming pools, recreational spaces, and social gathering areas.

The aim of Sila New Cairo Compound is to provide a distinctive and comfortable residential experience for its residents. The available amenities within the project include a well-equipped fitness club, children’s play areas, bike lanes, and other recreational areas.

Sila New Cairo Compound stands out for its excellent location, as it is situated near international schools and commercial and entertainment areas in New Cairo, making it an ideal location for living and investing in Egypt.

Other projects by Sila New Cairo Compound

here is a list of some of the projects developed by Misr Italia Properties in Egypt:

  1. La Nuova Vista – A residential compound.
  2. Verona Gardens – A residential compound.
  3. View Boutique Residences – A residential compound.
  4. Eden Rock – A residential compound.
  5. BOCA – A residential compound.
  6. L’Excellence – A residential compound.
  7. De Joya – A residential project.
  8. De View – A residential project.
  9. Silver Sands – A residential compound.
  10. La Vista Gardens – A residential compound.
  11. Cairo Capital City – A residential compound.
  12. Sila New Cairo – A residential compound.

These projects reflect Misr Italia Properties’ commitment to delivering high-quality and distinctive real estate developments in Egypt.

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