Information about Zed East Compound New Cairo

Zed East Compound in Fifth Settlement is the spot you should relocate to if you want to live in a peaceful compound that offers you a high level of sophistication and serenity and that is effortless for you to go to and from 

Fifth Settlement’s Zed Compound is New Cairo’s most opulent compound. It provides you with unique options for locations, designs, and services that provide you a bunch of peace and unrestricted luxury 

The Zed Compound is special in that it includes several different features, and the project contains a sizable central garden that pioneered new leisure and picnicking ideas in Egypt 

The Zed East Compound in Fifth Settlement contains 65 acres of Zed Park, which is dotted with an international amusement park called Winter Wonderland that offers a variety of great games 

As part of its ongoing efforts to offer the best entertainment environment all year long, Ora, the company managing the ZED Park project, plans to bring back MEME, one of the biggest and most well-known musical events in the area 

The Zed East Fifth Settlement project also contains Egypt’s first specialized sports facility, which has facilities for the majority of popular sports including football, tennis, and squash. The firm has announced the construction of Egypt’s first sports stadium that is privately funded by a real estate firm 

Apartments in Fifth Settlement’s Zed Compound are available for purchase with just a 5% down payment and the rest paid in installments over nine years. Call us right away 

Facilities at Fifth Settlement’s Zed East Compound 

To enable inhabitants to experience high-luxury living styles, the developer company strived to create a variety of services and facilities within the Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement. The most notable of these facilities are: 

  • guard 
  • Playgrounds 
  • swimming pool 
  • Shopping center 
  • Commercial area 
  • Mosque 
  • social Club 
  • Health and sports club 

Location of Zed East Compound New Cairo

The project’s location was chosen by Ora Real Estate Company, the project’s developer, who made sure that the Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, is situated in a distinctive region of New Cairo 

Therefore, the Zed Fifth Settlement location came at the end of the main Teseen Street at the intersection with the Middle Ring Road. It is a strategic location in the middle of the city, making it very close distances to the most notable landmarks and axes of New Cairo, providing an easy access process for the community members of the Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, from their different destinations 

Areas around the compound of Zed East 

  • Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement is located approximately 14 kilometres distant from Madinaty 
  • Zed East Compound in New Cairo is 5 kilometres away from Badr City 
  • You can swiftly and simply travel from Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, to the compound, which is not far from The 10th of Ramadan City and Mostakbal City 
  • You can get to Heliopolis and Nasr City from the residential complex by strolling there in just ten minutes 
  • Near Zed East Compound in New Cairo, one of the most significant universities is The American University 
  • The new Octagon Ministry of Defense is 5 kilometers away from the compound, and the administrative capital is reachable in a matter of minutes 
  • Zed East Compound is just west of the Hyde Park Compound 
  • Zed inhabitants can easily access the center of the compound by heading south to Teseen Street 

Zed Compound and its numerous units  

Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, spans a sizable area of about 400 acres, and on the expansion of the compound’s area, the company created numerous and distinct natural areas within the compound in addition to gorgeous man-made lakes. The company was capable of adapting this sizable area to create all the amenities and services necessary to live in the compound in luxurious lifestyle 

The company allocated about 200 acres of the compound for green spaces and breathtaking views, and it also hopes to set aside a plot of land to establish the largest club in New Cairo. The company divided the area of the Zed East Compound project, Fifth Settlement, between services, buildings, green spaces, facilities, and recreational services. Only 200 acres of its whole area are occupied by it 

Zed East Compound Fifth Settlement’s residential buildings 

Due to its area, the zed compound is able to provide a variety of the best services and outperforms competing projects with characteristics that they do not have 

The Fifth Settlement’s Zed East Compound has received a variety of residential units from Ora Real Estate Company. The residences range in spaces, style, and opulence, and they come fully finished 

In addition to tasteful contemporary touches. The numerous spaces offered in Zed Complex, Fifth Settlement, are among the most significant elements that make the compound distinct. The buildings have 8 residential floors in addition to a ground floor 

The Zed East Compound project offers luxurious standalone villa units, townhouses, twin homes, and luxury chalets in addition to luxurious flats, duplexes, and penthouses. ZED East offers areas between 55 square meters and 354 square meters 

The Zed East New Cairo residential complex’s executing business, Ora, has adopted two models of residential structures with eight floors in addition to the ground level (G + 8) 

The two completely different designs, Design A and Design B, are both bookable in the first phase’s buildings. Naturally, this is in addition to the individual villa apartments, townhouses, and twin homes in a variety of designs 

The area of the apartments in Buildings B in Zed Settlement 

  • Studio (one room) 64 square meters and 85 square meters 
  • Penthouse (4 rooms) 238 square meters 
  • Apartments (2 rooms) ranging from 104 to 108 square meters 
  • Apartments (3 rooms) ranging from 165 to 219 square meters 

The areas of the apartments in Building A in Zed East 

  • Studio (one room) 63 square meters 
  • Penthouse (4 rooms) 226 square meters, and the roof area ranges from 18 to 75 square meters 
  • Penthouse (3 rooms) 221 square meters, and the roof area ranges between 37 and 50 square meters 
  • Apartments (2 rooms) ranging from 105 to 130 square meters 
  • Apartments (3 rooms) ranging from 139 to 186 square meters 

The area of other units in Zed East 

  • Townhouses of 4 different designs, with areas ranging from 195 to 200 square meters 
  • The ground floor chalet with an area of 175 square meters, and the two upper units with an area of 180 square meters 
  • Twin house, the building area is 226 square meters, and the garden area is 332 square meters 
  • Independent villas of two designs, the first with an area of 254 square meters, and the second with an area of 286 square meters. The area of the garden is 485 square meters 

To find out more about the residential units in Zed Settlement, and to find out the latest prices, call now 

The layout and design of the Zed East Company’s residential buildings 

Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, has drawn Ora’s attention because it constantly strives to produce innovative and distinctive projects and because it works with the biggest engineering and architectural design firms to achieve its goals, including (W ATG) company 

W ATG is regarded as one of the biggest engineering consulting firms, and the company has more than 75 years of experience. In order to provide an opulent compound with distinctive modern designs and attractive decorations in addition to offering comprehensive services, Ora commissioned it to construct the Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement 

The company introduced the Zed East Compound in the Fifth Settlement, as one of the most major architectural projects in the Middle East, and was able to provide distinctive units because it assembled a group of experts and professionals in engineering and architectural designs from around the world 

Given that Zed East Compound is one of the most attractive compounds in New Cairo, the designs ranged from elegant interior designs to opulent external designs 

Incorporated and full of services, Zed East Compound is located in New Cairo

As a company focused on giving customers the greatest tools for living and the best forms of pleasure, Zed Fifth Settlement is distinguished by the integration of its services and facilities. The most crucial of these services are the following: 

  • Security services are offered at the highest level in Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, thanks to a professional and highly trained security personnel, as well as round-the-clock surveillance cameras and electronic gates 
  • Because the Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, features football, tennis, squash, and other activities with significant fan bases, the firm has set aside 50 acres to build sports stadiums there 
  • 3-The Fifth Settlement’s Zed East Compound has extensive green spaces that cover 65 acres, and the project has a garden that covers 50 acres and offers locations where people can sit and take in the nature and fresh air 
  • Inside the Fifth Settlement’s Zed Compound is a lavish 7-star hotel 
  • Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, has a clubhouse that provides a range of distinctive recreational amenities. It also has artificial lakes with a variety of styles that offer distinctive views of the residences 
  • There are swimming pools in the Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, with a range of shapes and sizes that are appropriate for different age groups and ideal for spending quality time with families and kids 
  • Zed East Compound offers educational and cultural services due to the project’s inclusion of opulent international schools, prestigious nurseries, as well as foreign libraries and institutions that offer study in a variety of subjects 
  • The compound features a unique commercial area that offers the shopping services consumers need, including malls, restaurants, shops, and cafés. This area also offers integrated services for the top meals, beverages, and worldwide brands that consumers look for when they shop 
  • There is a roomy garage in Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, which can hold a lot of cars, preventing congestion and crowding inside the compound 
  • All units within Zed Compound receive routine maintenance 
  • Zed East Compound offers an extremely high-quality medical services due to its proximity to the main hospitals in New Cairo, as well as the availability of pharmacies and medical clinics that offer medical services in a variety of specializations and are run by the top medical teams 

Prices for the Zed East Fifth Settlement Compound 

In addition to offering a variety of simple payment methods that made obtaining apartments more simple, Ora Real Estate Company offered outstanding competitive prices in the units of its massive project, Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement. The most significant of these methods are the following: 

  • As a reservation down payment, you can pay 5% of the chosen unit’s value; the remaining amount can be paid over nine years 
  • Another payment option permits you to reserve and enter into a contract without a contractual party and to pay the full cost of the unit in instalments over an eight-year period 

Book your residence between New Cairo and the Administrative Capital, and move freely and quickly, without crowding, in Zed East Compound, as the prices of the apartments in Zed Settlement are very distinctive compared to the level of services and the privileged location, starting at 5,600,000 Egyptian pounds only. New Cairo’s most posh compound 

For a pricing quote on the residential unit of your choosing, call now. There are several apartments available to suit all needs 

Investing in Ora Zed East Fifth Settlement Has Many Benefits 

When you choose to purchase one of the Zed East residential properties, you can benefit in a variety of ways, but the following are the most significant: 

  • Renting your home can enable you to earn a consistent monthly income because residential project units are among the most sought-after rental properties 
  • keeping your capital’s worth from deteriorating or being impacted by numerous economic factors like inflation or others 
  • Selling your residential property for a big financial gain that you cannot attain through any other investment strategy 

Zed East Compound Fifth Settlement’s drawbacks 

Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement, is one of the best residential complexes that has been meticulously constructed, ensuring that there are no flaws in it. However, the developer did overlook one flaw, namely its unwillingness to provide many units with all these features because the project’s residential unit supply is very small 

The Developer of Zed Compound 

Engineer Naguib Sawiris owns the real estate company Ora Developers, which is in charge of developing the Zed East Compound in Fifth Settlement 

It is one of the biggest and most significant real estate development firms in the Arab world, with a healthy mix of unique and opulent developments 

The company is interested in creating numerous relationships and enlisting the aid of a group of the greatest consultants in the world because it wants to provide unique projects and original designs. like the individuals it employed in Zaid Al-Tagamoa 

Because of the highly regarded projects it presented, such as the Zed Compound in the Fifth Settlement, Aura Real Estate Company ranks third among the largest real estate development businesses in Egypt. It also comprises a group of engineers, designers, and workers with a high degree of experience 

Only three years after the commencement of its operations, the company declared its aim to be at the top of the list, and over the past few years, it has in fact been successful in following the path that leads there 

Zed East Compound, New Cairo, and Zed Zayed are some of its most significant projects. It was able to showcase several projects with significant investment sums and high sales volumes 

The company acknowledged that it is working on a five-year strategy to enter the world of stock trading, and this is one of the company’s most critical objectives 

Additionally, the company signed long-term contracts worth approximately 2.5 billion Egyptian pounds with several institutions. These financial institutions include the Egyptian Export Development Bank, the Housing and Development Bank, and Emirates NBD Bank 

With the intention of speeding the implementation of real estate units and expanding the firm’s land portfolio, Ora Company used an Emirati company to contribute to raising the company’s capital 

With a market worth of 6.3 billion pounds and projections of 10 billion pounds in yearly revenue from its projects, not including the integrated residential complex: Compound Zed East Fifth Settlement 

Other Projects by Ora 

The Zed settlement is one of the firm’s newest compounds in Egypt, and following the success of its prior project in Sheikh Zayed City, the firm promptly authorized its engineering plans for the residential complex 

The company is likewise growing in Egypt’s North Coast region, but it had already developed projects abroad before entering the Egyptian market. Among its several projects: 

  • Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers 
  • Silver Sands Village in the North Coast, Egypt 
  • Silver Sands Resort in Grenada, Caribbean 
  • The Eighteen Project in Islamabad, Pakistan 
  • Ayia Napa Marina Hotel in Cyprus 
  • Twenty Grosvenor Square Hotel in London, UK 

Questions and Answers Regarding Zed Compound 

What region is the Zed East project in? 

The Fifth Settlement’s Zed East Compound is located where the Middle Ring Road and Main 90th Street converge 

What is the area of the units in Zed East? 

beginning at 170 square metres and going up to 350 square metres