The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

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Al-Safwa Urban Development Company presents The Pearl New Mansoura Compound, a magnificent project that includes a variety of residential apartments, in addition to villas and twin houses. It is distinguished by its strategic geographical location on the Mediterranean coast with a beachfront width of 550 square meters. The Pearl New Mansoura Compound offers a unique investment opportunity with stunning sea views and easy beach access.

Al-Safwa Urban Development Company offers distinguished real estate projects that meet the needs of customers with high quality and modern designs. The Pearl New Mansoura Compound is one of these wonderful projects that combine comfort and elegance on the Mediterranean coast.

The location of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The location of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound is distinctive as it overlooks 3 main streets with widths of 25 and 100 meters. It is located near many tourist landmarks and important facilities such as the tourist promenade, the yacht marina, the tourist corniche, and Al-Nahda Private University. This makes it a strategic location that allows residents easy access to many attractions and services in the area.

Nearby landmarks of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound:

  • Al-Safwa Group project in New Mansoura is located directly on the Mediterranean coast.
  • “The Pearl New Mansoura Compound features a long corniche where residents can enjoy walking, with the coastline extending up to 250 meters.
  • The project is bordered to the west by a main street with a width of 100 square meters and another street with a width of 25 meters, and to the south by another street with a width of 25 meters.
  • “The Pearl New Mansoura Compound is notable for its proximity to important places in the area, as the distance between it and other projects like Marita, yachts, and Al-Nahda University is very short.

The space of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

“The Pearl New Mansoura Compound is designed over a vast area of 60 acres. This project is distinguished by the fact that the vast majority of its designated space consists of green areas and artificial lakes, encompassing all the services that the compound’s residents need.

The Pearl New Mansoura Compound includes around 150 standalone villas, each coming with its private garden. In addition to these, there are other villas within the compound ranging in size from 325 square meters to 400 square meters, featuring gardens that start from 200 square meters and go up to 250 square meters.

In addition to the villas, The Pearl New Mansoura Compound also contains residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and five other floors. Each floor comprises four residential apartments. The apartment sizes range from 115 square meters to 175 square meters, with each apartment having two or three bedrooms.

The design of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The design and layout of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound reflect the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, world-class real estate products. Collaborating with top consultants and experienced designers showcases the dedication to achieving the highest levels of quality and excellence in design and construction.

The project was meticulously designed to ensure maximum utilization of available spaces and provide a comfortable and sustainable environment. Relying on the latest technologies and design techniques enhances the efficiency of energy and resource consumption.

World-class designers with a creative vision were employed to ensure the design is executed with the utmost quality and precision. The focus on aesthetic details and luxurious finishes adds a touch of beauty and opulence to the project.

Thanks to this collaborative effort between the company and professionals in design and engineering, The Pearl New Mansoura Compound has achieved a wonderful balance between architectural beauty, sustainability, and comfort, making it one of the leading projects that meet the expectations and needs of investors and residents.

Units space in The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

  • Apartments: Apartments are available with sizes starting from 70 square meters, varying according to needs, allowing customers to choose the unit that suits them in terms of space and design.
  • Villas: There are also villa options with sizes starting from 280 square meters. These villas offer larger spaces and greater privacy for families looking for luxurious homes.

Services of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound

The Pearl New Mansoura Compound
  • Opportunity: Take advantage of this opportunity and book a luxurious residential unit within The Pearl New Mansoura Compound, the most upscale residential complex in Mansoura.
  • Dining and Beverages: Enjoy all your favorite dishes and drinks in the restaurants and cafes of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound, offering top-tier services to satisfy all tastes.
  • Sports Club: Equipped with the latest devices and services to meet residents’ needs and enhance their comfort and well-being.
  • 5-Star Hotel: Covering an area of 45,000 square meters, it includes gym units, a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi designed with the latest standards for maximum comfort.
  • Huge Shopping Center: Houses stores offering international brands of footwear, clothing, and cosmetics to cater to customers’ needs.
  • Hypermarket: Stocks all consumer goods and daily necessities for convenient shopping.
  • Social and Sports Club: Features various recreational and sports activities, along with designated areas for swimming lessons, lounging, and enjoying summer times.
  • Children’s Entertainment Area: Equipped with safe games and fun activities suitable for children of all ages.
  • Spacious Garages: To provide ample parking spaces, reduce pollution, and alleviate congestion.
  • Specialized Maintenance Service: To promptly address and fix any potential issues or malfunctions.
  • Electric Elevators: Facilitate movement between floors and enhance comfort.
  • Advertising Screens: Display advertisements for commercial stores and raise awareness of offers and services.
  • Walking, Running, and Cycling Paths: Enjoy sports activities in a safe environment away from roads.
  • Booking: Reserve your luxurious unit today and experience a distinguished lifestyle within The Pearl New Mansoura Compound.

Prices and payment systems of The Pearl New Mansoura Compound


  • Price per square meter: The price per square meter within the project ranges between 12,000 Egyptian pounds and 15,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Residential apartments price: Starts from 1,500,000 Egyptian pounds and goes up to 3,769,500 Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments with gardens: Range between 1,930,655 Egyptian pounds and 2,659,893 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa units: The price for villa units starts from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds. Customers can choose the residential or investment unit that suits their needs and budget based on these prices. Additionally, flexible installment options support the payment process over the years, making The Pearl New Mansoura Compound an attractive option for many individuals for both residence and investment.

Payment Methods:

  • Down payment: You can pay an upfront amount of 10% of the value of the residential unit you wish to purchase.
  • After a 3-month period from the initial down payment, an additional 10% of the unit’s value must be paid.
  • Installment of the remaining amount: After the initial two payments, you can spread the remaining amount over 6 years. This allows you to distribute the full value of the unit in a manner convenient for you without the need to pay large amounts upfront. This flexible approach to payment eases the purchase process and helps reduce financial pressure on buyers, making The Pearl New Mansoura Compound an appealing choice for investors and individuals looking for residential units in this project.

About Al-Safwa Urban Development Company

Al-Safwa Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the “The Pearl Mansoura New Compound” project and is among the largest real estate companies in Egypt. The company has extensive experience in the real estate sector, and this expertise is clearly demonstrated in the execution of this unique project located in one of the largest and most advanced new urban cities in Egypt, which provides all essential services and facilities.

Al-Safwa Real Estate Company was established in 1996, founded by Dr. Medhat Shelby and Mr. Mohamed Shelby. The company has undertaken numerous successful projects in various regions of Egypt. These projects include residential towers, tourist resorts, sports buildings, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

Thanks to its successful history and commitment to delivering high-quality projects, Al-Safwa Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate sector in Egypt, always striving for success and excellently meeting the needs of its clients.

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The real estate developer

Al-Safwa Urban Development Company

Project’s location

New Mansoura

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