The Crown Palm Hills Compound  

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The most reputable Palm Hills compounds in October   

The Crown Palm Hills Compound is the ideal place to live for a stable life, surrounded by picturesque nature and an environment free of noise and pollution. It is one of the new immersive within the 6th of October City, located at the top of a group of hills with amazing and distinctive views

The location of The Crown Palm Hills Compound  

The Crown Palm Hills Compound is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City, which includes many fully serviced residential projects, as well as many high-end districts, government agencies, schools, universities, and factories 
The compound’s location on the top of a group of hills in the heart of 6th of October City and New October City, nearby Media Production City, Mall of Egypt, and some essential roads, made it one of the preferred locations by many clients 

The most significant landmarks in the vicinity of The Crown Palm Hills Compound 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s strategic location, which the company was eager to choose for the project to enable access to the most important areas, as it is encircled by a number of important places such as: 

  • It is near several important roads, including Al Mehwar Road, the Ring Road, Al Wahat Road, Waslet Dahshur Road, and the Alexandria Desert Road 
  • It is a short distance from Juhayna Square and the Media Production City 
  • Close to the most important sports clubs in 6th of October City, including El Gezira Club 
  • Minutes from the region’s most important educational institutions, including Misr University and October University 
  • Near the Malls of Arabia and Egypt 
  • Dream Park and other entertainment venues are nearby 

The area and design of The Crown Palm Hills Compound 

The area 

The real estate developer of The Crown Palm Hills Compound project was eager to divide the 190-acre project area so that landscapes and green spaces occupied the greatest amount of space, providing psychological comfort and tranquilly 

We discovered that the units were distributed in a balanced manner across the parks, resulting in the lowest loading rate and the highest degree of privacy 

The design  

The real estate developer chose the name of the compound with care, as it has a meaning and a symbol, so we find that The Crown means the crown, and it means ownership and a luxurious standard of living, which is what the developer is attempting to implement in the compound 

The units’ exterior design is based on a modern style, indicating good taste 

In designing the units, which were built on the international version, the company also relied on the high aristocratic system 

The company considered that the design of the compound is based on the unique European system, as well as the distribution of green spaces in gardens and landscapes, artificial lakes and fountains, where the beautiful green color harmonizes with the blue color, giving the soul comfort, tranquility, calmness, and a sense of happiness 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s unit spaces 

  • The space of a townhouse starts at 184 square meters 
  • The space of a twin house starts at 231 square meters 
  • Villas start at 195 square meters 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s Services 

  • Throughout the day, the compound has a number of highly equipped medical centers to receive patients’ cases 
  • Each unit has its own car garage 
  • Pharmacies and beauty salons 
  • Through collaboration with Inspired Education, an international nursery and school will be established 
  • Gardens and green spaces, water bodies and artificial lakes all work together to provide customers with comfort and psychological calm 
  • Fitness center, spa, and gym 
  • Restaurants and cafes of the finest quality 
  • A social club and high-quality entertainment services 
  • Golf courses  
  • Walking, running, and cycling paths 
  • Swimming pools and man-made lakes 
  • a wide range of shops 
  • Security and guarding services, 24-hour security personnel, and surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the compound 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s Features 

  • The real estate developer was determined to make the compound a symbol of the luxurious life that its residents enjoy 
  • The compound’s unique location distinguished it as one of the best October compounds, as did its proximity to the majority of the important 6th of October districts 
  • Providing a clean, healthy environment for the people 
  • It is one of the most important compounds in the region, providing a variety of distinct and unique services to residents 
  • Customers will appreciate the simple payment and installment system 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s Drawbacks 

We will not find anything influential when looking for flaws in The Crown Palm Hills Compound, given the many benefits and services that the compound provides to its residents, whether it is health, sports, security, or social services. Aside from the splendor of design, comfort, and safety, which the owner company, which has a big name and a long-established business, was keen on 

Prices for Crown Palm Hills Compound units 

  • Prices for townhouses begin at 16,160 pounds per square meter 
  • Prices for twin houses begin at 15,240 pounds per meter 
  • Prices for villas begin at 15,380 pounds per square meter 

Prices in The Crown on October 6th are subject to change. Click here to see the most recent prices 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s installment and payment systems 

The first method 

  • 10% down payment, then 5% after three months, with the remainder paid in installments over seven years 

The second method 

  • 10% down payment, 5% after three months, and the balance spread out over 7.5 years 

The Crown Palm Hills Compound’s owner company 

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company 

It has recently become one of Egypt’s most important real estate companies, having completed 29 different projects involving tourism, commercial, and residential businesses 

Among the most important cities in which it has implemented projects are New Cairo, Ain Sokhna, the North Coast, and 6th of October City, where the majority of its investments have been made 

The company has a large capital because it is owned by one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, businessman Yassin Mansour 

It also works with a number of the largest investors, including Al-Maghrabi Investment and Development Company, Al-Mansour Company, and UBB Capital Investments, and as a result has gained clout in the market and among clients 

As a result, Palm Hills has become one of the developers that the client trusts from the conception of the project to the completion of the project and even after-sales services 

Palm Hills Company’s most important Real Estate Development projects 

  • Village Gardens in Katameya 
  • Palm Hills in 6th of October City 
  • Golf Extension Compound 
  • Golf View 6th of October Compound 
  • Palm Hills Katameya project 
  • Village Avenue project 
  • Capital Gardens New Cairo 
  • Palm Park 6th of October project 
  • Bamboo Extension project 
  • Palm Valley October Compound 
  • Woodville 6th of October project 
  • Golf Central Mall in New Cairo Central Mall in New Cairo 
  • Hacienda Bay in the North Coast 
  • Palm Hills Compound in Alexandria Palm Hills in Alexandria 
  • Hacienda White Resort 
  • Palm Hills Katameya project 

Real estate transactions are one of the most important decisions in a person’s life, and with the proliferation of various real estate scams and untrustworthy companies, the real estate website provides you with a list of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market to assist you in making an informed purchase decision 

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