Tala 6th of October

Tala 6th of October

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Tala 6th of October is a new innovation in the real estate world and it is one of the most important projects of the Housing and Development Bank Real Estate Company. The complex is characterized by different sizes and modern designs. It also offers apartments for sale in the 6th of October district at competitive prices for those who wish to live in a modern complex with many advantages. This opportunity gives an opportunity to people who seek a stable and calm life

Tala 6th of October City has many advantages, and we will talk about them in detail in this article, but we want to focus on the installment system that the project provides within the compound. This system enables, whether you or your entire family, to live without carrying much monthly expenses due to the long period of paying the price of the unit. The Tala project has this possibility specially, and of course it is finally possible to receive your reservation with it. 25% of the construction of residential buildings and apartments has been completed, which leads to immediate completion

The location of Tala Compound, 6th of October

The location of the Tala 6 October project is famous for being located in a strategic and central area, as it is close to the vital places and various services in the city of October, due to its proximity to the north of the city through the Mall of Arabia, which separates the determination of Tala Compound only 10 minutes.

Some places near the Tala 6th of October project

  • The compound is located near Al-Bashayer Housing, affiliated to the Housing and Development Bank.
  • It is located along the 26th of July Corridor Street, next to Ishraqa Compound.
  • It is very close to the Dabaa axis.
  • It is also very close to the main new entrance to the pyramids, i.e. near the new tourist capital.

The space and design of the Tala 6 October compound

The Housing and Development Company for Real Estate Development has taken great care in selecting a suitable land with a good location for the Tala project, which is one of the basics for the success of any housing projects. Likewise, the company was interested in designing the project in the form of Tala Compound with modern methods and services and a green percentage estimated at 75% of the total area of the project, as the compound’s area reaches 24 acres in the October district.

The project includes a group of residential buildings consisting of several floors, starting from the ground floor and three duplicate floors. The Housing and Development Company provided different residential units within Tala Compound to meet all the needs of its customers. The complex includes apartments, duplexes, and penthouses with different spaces ranging from 99 to 250 square meters.

Tala October Project Prices

In proportion to the different specifications and areas of the units, which made them gain the confidence of many investors and customers. The company was able to achieve them and provide suitable prices for different groups, and the prices are as follows:

  • Apartments for sale in Tala October Compound, with spaces starting from 133 square meters, with prices starting from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Penthouses for sale in Tala October, with spaces starting from 133 square meters, with prices starting from 2,300,000 EGP.
  • Duplex for sale in Tala October, with spaces starting from 231 square meters, with prices starting from 3,100,000 EGP.

Payment systems for Tala Compound, 6th of October

Payment systems in the Tala October Compound project, in order to suit the different needs of buyers, and the interest of the Housing and Development Company to provide installment opportunities for all its customers with the lowest down payment and the longest possible payment period. This aims to make Tala Compound the best choice for all groups, according to their financial capabilities, as it offers attractive real value for its price and a variety of payment systems. The payment method consists of several systems, where the appropriate system depends on the user’s preferences, and the payment systems are as follows

  • 10% down payment, 5% payment after three months, then 10% after one year from the date of the contract, and the rest of the amount is paid over 8 years in equal installments.

Facilities and services of Tala October Compound

The Housing and Development Company was keen to provide the maximum amount of benefits and equipment within its new project, Tala October Compound, with the aim of achieving integration and making it the most appropriate choice for all financial groups, in addition to a large percentage of investors, which indicates the acceptance of the development project. We can extract some of these services in many things such as:

  • The availability of a club house for the residents of Tala Compound.
  • Tracks and paths for walking and jogging.
  • Large and widely available garages are available to Tala residents.
  • A large commercial area with various stores for all shopaholics.
  • There is a designated area for barbecue and family evenings to have fun.
  • There is also a children’s area with amusement rides and safety features to ensure their safety.
  • There are swimming pools for all ages, which are spread out in an orderly manner throughout the project.
  • Green spaces on the various lands of the compound to give an upscale appearance full of positive energy and activity.
  • The compound is also distinguished by the presence of a large mosque for performing prayers and religious rituals, which is one of the advantages of the project over others.
  • There are also multiple benches overlooking the landscape to sit, read, meditate, and breathe in the fresh, clean air.
  • Providing an integrated security system with an integrated and trained security staff to deal with various situations. The compound has also been provided with surveillance cameras spread throughout the compound.
  • Tala October Compound also includes a sports and social club for everyone who wants to play sports or sit and spend time with the family, as well as football and basketball courts and many other sports.

Disadvantages and problems of Tala Compound

One of the important factors for any investor is to search for the negative aspects of the project that he is looking for, and these defects are always represented in the lack of diversity of spaces or units and the lack of necessary services within the project, which is what the Housing and Development Company was keen to avoid within its new project, Tala October, and with the competitive prices and the privileged location of the project, it has become almost free of defects and obvious problems

The developer of the Tala October Compound project

Tala 6th of October Compound was developed by the Housing and Development Company, a subsidiary of the Housing and Development Bank. This company is committed to achieving the highest standards in the field of real estate for 16 years, and the company has presented a large number of projects through which it has succeeded in the real estate market in Egypt.

The company also strives to be among its competitors and to prove its position and is keen to provide opportunities for all social groups through its projects, in addition to the high quality and efficiency that it is interested in, and to provide investment units at prices that suit all investors.

Previous work of the Housing and Development Company

  • Etlala Compound in Abbasiya.
  • Eshraqa project in 6th of October.
  • Pearl de Roi Mall, New Cairo.
  • Les Rois Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
  • The company has built many residential buildings in the Sheraton.

Advantages of investing in Tala Compound, 6th of October

For the success of the project, the developer company seeks to make it distinct from other projects by providing investment advantages, which is what the Housing and Development Company seeks in its latest project, Tala October Compound, as it provided many investment advantages, on top of which:

  • The vital and strategic location of Tala Compound in the heart of 6th of October City and near the most important landmarks of the city.
  • Competitive prices and different areas of the various units with payment systems that help facilitate investment and purchase in Tala through a comfortable repayment period of up to 8 years and in equal installments.
  • A large real estate developer who is trustworthy and has credibility due to his experience in previous projects.
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