Swan Lake Compound First Settlement

Swan Lake Compound First Settlement

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Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement, is considered one of the important high-end residential projects that offer a life full of luxury and enjoyment for the residents. This is thanks to the availability of distinguished residential and recreational services in the arms of a savior of pollution and crowding

Hassan Allam Real Estate Company, in the Swan Lake Hassan Allam project, wanted to put its distinguished expertise in this field, to fulfill the desires and needs of its customers, by building luxurious housing that is compatible with modern conditions and circumstances

Many green spaces and swimming pools were provided as an attractive means for all residential compound units in Swank Lake, as the owner company of the project provided a variety of spaces and types for the compound to meet all tastes and desires.

Swan Lake Compound location First Settlement

The residential complex “Swan Lake” is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is located directly on the Suez Road, next to “Al-Rehab”. The compound is linked to one of the most vital areas of the Fifth Settlement, and is located near important roads and neighborhoods such as:

  • Swan Lake Compound is located in the First Settlement, five minutes away from Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • Swan Lake, New Cairo, is located about a quarter of an hour from the American University.
  • The compound is very close to New Cairo. Only a few minutes separate them.
  • The Swan Lake project by Hassan Allam is located just 15 minutes from the New Administrative Capital

Design and space of Swan Lake Compound First Settlement

Design of Swan Lake Compound First Settlement
Design of Swan Lake Compound First Settlement

The first settlement is located in Swan Lake Residences Compound, and it is more than just a residential project, as it is a place that provides residents with all the services and recreational facilities that they may need, in addition to a natural life completely free from pollution, noise, and crowds. The Swan Lake Compound in the First Settlement, for example, is considered a real luxury life. Great location close to all vital areas and different units available to suit all interests.

The Swan Lake Residence Compound in New Cairo is one of the main residential projects that are located near the Banafseg neighborhood and the Yasmine neighborhood in the heart of the First Settlement. It was designed using great expertise by engineers, with the aim of showing a unique project within the framework of New Cairo projects. One of the most prominent advantages of this project is its land area, about 442 acres. They included extensive services and entertainment.

The areas of the Swan Lake Compound units First Settlement

The Swan Lake residential complex was designed on an area of 442 acres, and 18% of the total space was allocated for residential units. The rest of the space was divided into green spaces and artificial lakes, which enhance the aesthetics of the project and provide a healthy environment rich in oxygen for the residents. Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement, includes vast areas. The compound includes a variety of housing units that vary in size and shape.

  • Apartments for sale in New Cairo, with an area starting from 93 meters, Fully finished with ACs.
  • Villas for sale in Swan Lake, with spaces starting from 385 and 388 square meters.
  • Townhouses start from 310 square meters.
  • Twin houses with an area of 350 square meters.

Prices and payment systems in Swan Lake Compound First Settlement

Hassan Allam Contracting Company was keen to provide units of its luxurious project at affordable prices and convenient payment systems, so the price per meter in Swan Lake, First Settlement, starts at 57,000 EGP.

The prices of fully built apartments with adaptations range from 3,600,000 EGP to 10,700,000 EGP, and all apartments will be delivered within 3 to 4 years as a maximum.

The villas’ price starts from 20,000,000 EGP, and certainly the prices of each unit vary according to its location and area.

Swan Lake payment systems, First Settlement, Swan lake, New Cairo

The company was keen to facilitate the payment system for its customers, as well as to accurately choose the prices of the Hassan Allam First Settlement Al-Rafi project. Thus, the “Swan Lake Hassan Allam” payment system was launched as follows:

  • 5% down payment of the unit price + installments of the rest of the unit price over 9 years.

Services and features of Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement

One of what makes the Swan lake Residence New Cairo compound most distinguished is the services provided within the project compared to other residential projects, and the most important of these services are:

  • The Swan Lake Hassan Allam project includes many gardens, parks, and spacious green spaces that bring tranquility and luxury to the residents.
  • Swan Lake is a leading compound in residential compounds, where a huge transportation network is fully available that operates 24 hours a day, and this guarantees the residents ease and ease of movement to and from the compound at any time.
  • A space for piles of cars has been allocated under each residential unit for its customers, in order to avoid any traffic chaos that disturbs pedestrians.
  • The Swan Lake Hassan Allam complex contains a large number of parks and playgrounds for children, which include a variety of games suitable for all ages, In addition, it is completely safe to satisfy and delight children.
  • Swan Lake New Cairo includes many jogging and walking paths, which enjoy complete distance from vehicle roads.
  • There is a club in every building of the Swan Lake Hassan Allam project.
  • A large area has been allocated for the establishment of a social club that includes a variety of playgrounds to participate in various hobby sports.
  • Swan Lake Compound New Cairo is equipped with a huge medical center equipped with the latest technologies and medical specializations to provide the required health care for the residents of the area.
  • In the Swan Lake compound, New Cairo, there are covered swimming pools specifically for use by women.
  • The compound includes many beautiful artificial ponds and fountains.
  • The Swan Lake New Cairo project has a comprehensive security service and a security team that secures the place throughout the day 24/7 It also includes modern security technologies.
  • The Swan Lake complex, thanks to the wonderful Hassan Allam, contains a larger point of restaurants and cafes, which offer the most delicious and best types of dishes and cold and hot drinks, as well as enjoying the best service for its customers.
  • The compound is equipped with places for breeding pets in all homes.
  • The Swan Lake project, The First Settlement, is characterized by the amazing architectural and artistic designs and structures that match the latest modern designs in the world.
  • The project provides its residents with all commercial services to buy various things, with the latest international brands.
  • The Swan Lake Compound project is characterized by its first settlement, as it contains residential units of different sizes, in order to meet all the desires and needs of customers. The company pays great attention to this.
  • All apartments are equipped with private rooms for domestic workers.
  • All apartments in the Swan Lake project have a unique view of the gardens and are equipped with a large balcony overlooking the main streets of the surrounding area.

The developer of Hassan Allam Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement

Hassan Allam Contracting Company, which is executing Swan Lake Compound, was established in the First Settlement in 1938. The company began to prove itself in the Egyptian contracting market. It became one of the most important companies in the field of construction in the country, next to the Arab Contractors Company “Osman Ahmed Osman”. Then the “Hassan Allam Company” launched itself. “Allam Properties” in 2000.

Hassan Allam Real Estate Company is one of the largest and best companies in Egypt and the Middle East, as it owns many projects that have proven their success and quality, which made it classified as one of the most prominent real estate development companies. In addition, it has important projects in several countries outside of Egypt, including Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, the UAE and Sudan, in addition to several other cities.

Hassan Allam Real Estate Company projects inside Egypt

  1. Villa for sale in Swan Lake Kattameya.
  2. Swan Lake North Coast
  3. Hub Town Mostakbal City
  4. Swan Lake Gouna
  5. Season Residence
  6. Park View Kattameya
  7. Hassan Allam’s Compound First settlement
  8. Jaz Little Village Ain Sokhna.

Disadvantages of Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement

The luxurious Swan Lake compound in the First Settlement in New Cairo is not afflicted with obvious defects like other projects that may lose the investor’s feeling. However, the project, by its nature, includes defects in the payment system, which does not exceed 9 years, and does not affect the quality of the project, its design style, and its luxury that deserves to grow within this community. There are no defects in the Swan Lake Hassan Allam Compound project.

Advantages of investing in Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement

Swan Lake Compound, New Cairo, is characterized by the availability of many wonderful services that attract customers and impress them, as follows:

  • Swan Lake, First Settlement, has the best modern and luxurious designs in New Cairo.
  • What distinguishes it most is that it was established by Hassan Allam Contracting Company, which is well known.
  • It has the best payment systems that start from a 5% down payment of the unit value.
  • Different and multiple prices to suit all categories in Swan Lake New Cairo
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