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Smeralda Bay is a luxury tourist resort located on the northern coast of Egypt, between Alexandria and Matrouh. The resort is characterized by its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and its 18 km of soft sandy beaches

Smeralda Bay contains a wide range of luxury facilities and services, including luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, private beaches, sports fields, gardens, and parks. The resort also offers many recreational activities such as diving, surfing, cruises, horseback riding and sightseeing tours.

In addition, Smeralda Bay is famous for its mild climate throughout the year, and is an ideal destination for tourists looking for rest, relaxation, and enjoying the sun and sea. The resort is a popular destination for both international and domestic tourists and is a favorite destination for many people for holidays, holidays and special occasions.

Smeralda Bay North Coast location

Smeralda Bay North Coast is located about 90 kilometers west of Alexandria and about 200 kilometers northwest of Cairo. Specifically, the village is located between the village of Dekheila and the city of Hammam, and extends along 1.8 kilometers of the beautiful sandy beach of the Mediterranean Sea

The location of the village is characterized by its proximity to many famous tourist attractions in the region, such as Qaitbay Citadel, the ancient city of Alexandria and Marsa Matruh Resort, and this makes it an ideal destination to enjoy the cultural and historical heritage of the region, in addition to enjoying the beach, rest and relaxation in a quiet and beautiful atmosphere.

There are many places near the village of Smeralda Bay North Coast that can be visited and explored, among these places:

  • Qaitbay Citadel: The castle is located in the city of Alexandria and dates back to the fifth century AD. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the region.
  • The ancient city of Alexandria: The ancient city is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Egypt, as it includes many historical and archaeological sites such as the Library of Alexandria, the Roman Theater, and the tomb of Sayyida Zeinab
  • Marsa Matruh Resort: The resort is located about 50 kilometers north of the village of Esmeralda Bay. It is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Egypt, and provides many recreational activities and tourism services.
  • Burullus Mountain: The mountain is located about 40 kilometers east of the village of Esmeralda Bay, and it is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the region. You can enjoy walking and hiking in the mountain and see the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Ras El Bar: The city is located about 70 kilometers east of the village of Esmeralda Bay. It is a beautiful coastal city famous for its soft sandy beaches and clear waters. Swimming, windsurfing, diving and many other activities can be enjoyed in the city

the area of Smeralda Bay

Smeralda Bay in Sidi Heneish is a luxurious tourist village that was implemented on a large area of about 50 acres, and it is distinguished by its privileged location on the beach, where the residential units were implemented along about 500 meters from the beach, which provides a wonderful panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Smeralda Bay has many different residential units in terms of spaces, designs, and services provided, including:

  • Chalets: they are available in areas starting from 114 square meters, and contain two bedrooms and two bathrooms, in addition to private spaces and places for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Lagoon Condos: It contains residential units with floating roofs and panoramic views of the scenic landscape, and is available in areas ranging from 63 square meters up to 126 square meters
  • Standalone villas: they are available in areas ranging from 200 square meters up to 325 square meters, and contain several bedrooms, bathrooms, and private spaces for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Lagoon Villas: They are available in different areas starting from 165 and 175 square meters, and contain bedrooms, bathrooms, and private spaces for relaxation and entertainment, in addition to panoramic views of the scenic landscape

All residential units in Smeralda Bay are characterized by modern and unique designs, and include many luxurious facilities and services, providing residents with a distinctive and comfortable residential experience.

Designing Smeralda Bay, North Coast

Smeralda Bay, North Coast, is uniquely designed and inspired by the famous Italian cities and nature. Warm colors have been used with wood and stone elements in the construction, giving the village an elegant and lively atmosphere. The design is also distinguished by the presence of many trees and green plants throughout the village, which give visitors a sense of comfort and relaxation

The housing units in the village are well planned to provide residents with privacy and comfort. The design is characterized by the presence of many beautiful artificial lagoons and picturesque turquoise blue waters, which adds an atmosphere of charm and beauty to the village

The recreational and service facilities in the village are carefully designed to meet all the needs of the residents. The design is characterized by the presence of wonderful and varied restaurants and cafes, sports facilities, social clubs, and public places for relaxation and entertainment

In addition, the green spaces and parks are exquisitely designed to provide a beautiful and clean environment for the residents. The village is characterized by the presence of green lanes and beautiful gardens that provide the residents with an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere

Smeralda Bay services, North Coast

Smeralda Bay, North Coast, includes many services and facilities, including:

  • Private beach: The village offers a 500-meter private beach for swimming and recreation, located on the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.
  • Yacht marina: The marina includes a number of yacht docks and provides a place for those wishing to take cruises and sport fishing.
  • Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes in the village, where visitors can enjoy delicious food and delicious drinks
  • Commercial centers: There is a commercial center in the village that includes many shops for shopping
  • Sports fields: There are sports fields such as tennis courts, golf courses, and football fields in the village
  • Swimming pools: There are swimming pools for adults and children in the village.
  • Health club: The health club provides many health and beauty services. It includes indoor swimming pools, a fitness room, a sauna, and a steam room.
  • Security and guarding: The village provides security and guarding services around the clock to maintain the safety of visitors and residents.
  • Internet service: The village provides high-speed internet service for residents and visitors.
  • Maintenance Services: The village provides maintenance services around the clock to maintain the quality of the infrastructure and facilities.

Smeralda Bay prices

In general, it can be said that the prices of Esmeralda Bay units in North Coast range from 2.5 million EGP for a standalone villa with an area of 200 square meters to 9 million EGP for a Lagoon villa with an area of 400 square meters. Prices also vary based on the design, location, space, finishes, and services available in the units. Therefore, it is advised to contact the sales team in Smeralda Bay, North Coast, to obtain more information and details about prices and available units

  • There are chalets for sale in Smeralda Bay, North Coast, with areas starting from 65 square meters, 2,297,750 pounds
  • Residential units are also available in Smeralda Bay, Ras El Hikma, with an area of 97 square meters, 3,428,950 pounds
  • There are also chalets for sale on the North Coast within Simalda Bay, with an area of 121 square meters, 4,277,350 pounds.

The developer company Smeralda bay North Coast

Cleopatra Real Estate Company adopts a specific strategy aimed at establishing trust and credibility in the local real estate market with the highest integrated international standards. The company always seeks to keep pace with continuous developments and constant competition, and works to meet the needs of its customers

Cleopatra Real Estate Company was established by Mohamed Abou El-Enein and gathered a team of highly skilled engineers and workers in the field of real estate, with the aim of providing the best and finest residential and touristic resorts. The company has implemented several famous projects in Egypt, and is also famous for providing high-quality projects in other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Smeralda Bay North Coast project is one of the real estate projects carried out by Cleopatra Real Estate Company. The project includes chalets for sale, and it is located on the North Coast in Egypt. The project is characterized by its luxurious and modern design, and it provides all amenities and entertainment for residents, such as white sandy beaches, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, and water games facilities, in addition to security and maintenance services.

Cleopatra Real Estate Company works in every stage of real estate investment, starting from economic and financial feasibility studies, to designing and developing technical plans for the project, marketing and credit assistance communications.

Cleopatra projects

Cleopatra Real Estate Company is considered one of the most prominent real estate companies in Egypt, and it has implemented many residential, commercial and tourism projects, among these projects:

  • Blue Blue Ain Sokhna
  • Grand Residence Sheikh Zayed
  • Smeralda Bay North Coast
  • The Village Sheikh Zayed
  • The Capital Way Sheikh Zayed
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