Sixty Three Mall New Capital

Sixty Three Mall New Capital

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Sixty Three Mall New Capital is a commercial project being developed by Al-Boroj Developments. This project marks the company’s third endeavor in the Financial District of New Capital. The mall aims to provide a modern and integrated commercial environment for administrative and business activities.

Sixty Three Mall New Capital stands out with its luxurious architectural designs, both in its exterior and interior facades. The mall consists of diverse spaces targeting different categories of investors. It includes commercial offices, retail spaces for sale, as well as additional facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and recreational areas.

Through Sixty Three Mall New Capital, Al Borouj Developments aims to meet the needs and requirements of potential customers, providing them with a modern and advanced environment for their businesses and activities. The company also aims to offer a distinctive and comfortable shopping experience for shoppers.

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The location of Sixty Three Mall New Capital

Sixty Three Mall New Capital

Sixty Three Mall New Capital boasts a prime location in the Financial District of the New Capital. Its presence at the heart of this significant investment zone makes it an ideal destination for business and commerce.

Sixty Three Mall New Capital is strategically situated close to the Central Bank and the Masah Hotel. This enhances its value as a key hub for business and commerce in the area. Additionally, its proximity to the Currency Printing Authority and the Stock Exchange building means it will be within reach of important financial and commercial activities.

Furthermore, its proximity to Mega Mall, New Capital Airport, and the North Bin Zayed Axis ensures easy accessibility and makes it a desirable place for visitors and shoppers.

In summary, the location of Sixty Three Mall New Capital in the Financial District of the New Capital, along with its proximity to important areas and landmarks, enhances its attractiveness as an investment and commercial project in the New Administrative Capital.

The design and space of Sixty Three Mall New Capital

Sixty Three Mall New Capital

By collaborating with the esteemed architectural firm, Memaar, in the field of engineering design, Al Borouj Egypt has presented a unique architectural design for Sixty Three Mall New Capital. The exterior glass facades are not only beautiful but also enhance the mall’s appeal.

The mall comprises a ground floor and 7 upper floors, along with 3 underground parking levels, providing ample space for visitors and customers.

A diverse range of office units has been provided within Sixty Three Mall New Capital to cater to varied customer needs. This is particularly advantageous for those interested in investing in the administrative sector within one of the best investment neighborhoods in the New Capital.

Administrative units are available with areas starting from 50 square meters within the mall, offering investors multiple choices to meet their requirements and aspirations.

Services of Sixty Three Mall New Capital

  1. Equipped Meeting and Conference Rooms: Providing comfortable spaces for companies and groups to conduct meetings and discussions conveniently.
  2. Luxurious Exterior Facades: The mall boasts exquisite glass and marble exterior facades that enhance the overall aesthetics of the building, creating an elegant atmosphere.
  3. Visual Surveillance System: Distributed cameras across various parts of the mall, along with security services, ensure the safety of visitors and tenants.
  4. Electric Cart Charging Service: Electric carts can be easily operated and charged within the mall, offering convenience to visitors.
  5. Underground Parking: Ample parking spaces are available in the underground garage, ensuring easy and secure parking for visitors and tenants.
  6. Elevators and Escalators: Electric elevators and escalators provide convenient access to different levels within the mall.
  7. Comfortable Waiting Area: A relaxing waiting area is provided for visitors to unwind before reaching their intended destination.
  8. Centralized Air Conditioning: Ensuring comfort for visitors and tenants, along with internet services to fulfill communication needs.
  9. Maintenance and Cleaning Services: Regular maintenance and cleaning services maintain the mall’s cleanliness and readiness for visitors.
  10. Children’s Play Areas: Dedicated areas such as children’s play zones or entertainment spaces ensure comfort for families and young visitors.
  11. ATM Machines: ATMs are available in the mall for convenient banking services and cash withdrawals.
  12. Landscaped Surroundings: The areas surrounding the mall feature landscaped designs and natural views, creating a serene and attractive environment.
  13. Diverse Dining Options: Sixty Three Mall New Capital offers a variety of restaurants and fast-food outlets, allowing visitors to enjoy a diverse dining experience.

Reasons to invest in Sixty Three Mall New Capital

Sixty Three Mall New Capital

Sixty Three Mall New Capital is an innovative and advanced project that relies on modern technological advancements. Natural lighting is supported within the mall by harnessing solar energy, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Moreover, Sixty Three Mall New Capital enjoys a prime location in the Financial District, near major investment entities. This provides strategic investment opportunities for investors and companies.

It’s important to note that Sixty Three Mall New Capital is situated on the last available piece of land for sale in the Financial District. This enhances its value and makes it a unique investment opportunity.

Sixty Three Mall New Capital is a comprehensive project that offers the highest investment returns for customers. With an ideal and competitive price per square meter, along with flexible payment systems, the project’s attractiveness to investors and potential buyers is further enhanced.

Prices and payment systems of Sixty Three Mall New Capital

The prices and payment systems in Sixty Three Mall New Capital are distinctive, as follows:

  1. Competitive Price per Square Meter: The price per square meter starts from 47,000 Egyptian pounds.
  2. Maintenance Deposit: A maintenance deposit of 10% is payable upon unit handover.
  3. Reservation Deposit: A reservation deposit of 25,000 Egyptian pounds is required, fully refundable in case the contract is not finalized.
  4. Payment and Installment Plan: The payment system includes a 10% down payment of the total unit price, with the remaining amount divided over 8 years.
  5. Unit Delivery: All units in the project will be delivered after 3 years from the contract date.
  6. Developer’s Discount: A 7% discount is offered by the developer.

Al Burouj team aims to attract and meet the diverse needs of their customer base in the real estate market. Therefore, they offer feasible payment and installment options. The mentioned payment plan allows for an 8-year installment period, enabling investors to achieve ownership and investment goals in a flexible and suitable manner.

About the real estate developer

Al Borouj Misr is an Egyptian real estate company specialized in developing integrated real estate projects. The company aims to provide distinguished residential and commercial communities in Egypt, striving for innovation and quality in all of its projects.

Al Borouj Misr stands out for its experience and proficiency in executing large and integrated projects. The company offers innovative and comprehensive solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of its customers. Its areas of expertise include project management, project planning and design, construction and development, marketing, and sales.

The company focuses on developing a diverse range of real estate projects, including luxury residential compounds, integrated communities, commercial malls, and tourism and hospitality projects. Al Borouj Misr is dedicated to using the latest technologies and high-quality building materials, with an emphasis on modern design, comfortable spaces, and comprehensive services.

With a successful track record of projects, Al Borouj Misr is among the leading real estate companies in Egypt and has gained an excellent reputation in the real estate development industry.

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