Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort

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Enjoy an exceptional experience at Seazen North Coast Resort, where it combines the charm of the Mediterranean Sea with its unique design and elegant architecture. Indulge in elegance and luxury in every corner of the resort, with luxurious accommodation units including villas and chalets, featuring modern design and state-of-the-art amenities.

In addition, Seazen North Coast Resort offers a diverse range of premium services and facilities that cater to all your needs, allowing you to relax in the splendid swimming pools. Get ready for an exceptional experience at Season North Coast Resort, where you will enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and outstanding services that meet all your expectations.

The location of Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort enjoys a prime and strategic location that makes it an ideal destination for both investors and visitors. The resort is located at kilometer 171 on the Alexandria-Matrouh road, a sought-after location due to its easy accessibility from major roads. This location was carefully chosen to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for visitors.

Thanks to its exceptional location, Seazen North Coast Resort is surrounded by many nearby areas and facilities. It is close to the city of El Dabaa and Al Qamzi project, providing easy access to commercial facilities and local services. Additionally, the resort is only about 3 hours away from Cairo, making it a perfect destination for visitors looking to enjoy the beautiful coastal atmosphere.

The design and space of Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort embodies luxury and beauty in its design and layout. It was designed by creative hands that reflect attention to detail and the natural beauty surrounding it. The village features a unique architectural design with various terrace-shaped details, providing many units with breathtaking sea views.

The green spaces in Seazen North Coast Resort have been professionally coordinated by the renowned company OKOPLAN, with a significant portion of the village area dedicated to lush green spaces. The charming nature meets the elegant architectural design to create a peaceful and comfortable residential environment for the village’s residents.

Learn more about Castle Landmark Compound in New Capital, which is also developed by OKOPLAN.

Season North Coast Village stretches over a large area of up to 204 acres, with most of it allocated for green spaces and the natural environment. Thanks to the low construction ratio, the residents of Seazen North Coast Resort enjoy a healthy and refreshing atmosphere.

Additionally, the village boasts a sandy beach that extends for over 690 meters, where residents can enjoy the sun, sea, and water activities.

Seazen North Coast Resort offers a wide range of diverse units, including villas and chalets, catering to the needs of discerning customers. Residents can enjoy a luxurious life and relax in an atmosphere filled with tranquility and distinction in Season North Coast Village.

Services of Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort offers a variety of exceptional services and facilities for its residents. Some of the available services include:

  1. Wonderful and refreshing swimming pools where residents can enjoy swimming and relaxation under the sun.
  2. A significant portion of the village’s area is dedicated to lush green spaces and beautiful gardens. Residents can enjoy walking and relaxing in a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.
  3. The village features a selection of upscale restaurants and cafes where residents can enjoy delicious meals and refreshing beverages in a comfortable atmosphere.
  4. The village includes commercial centers with a variety of shops and global brands. Residents can enjoy a convenient shopping experience and purchase their daily needs.
  5. Modern sports clubs equipped with the latest sports equipment are available in the village. Residents can engage in sports, fitness exercises, and various athletic activities.
  6. The village has designated areas for children that include games and recreational activities suitable for kids. Children can safely enjoy playing in these areas.
  7. 24/7 security and surveillance services are provided to ensure the safety and security of the village’s residents and their properties.

Prices of Seazen North Coast Resort

  1. Two-Bedroom Chalets:
    • Starting prices from 2,100,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Chalets include two bedrooms.
  2. Three-Bedroom Chalets:
    • Starting prices from 3,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Chalets include three bedrooms.
  3. Ground Floor Chalets with Three Bedrooms, including a separate room:
    • Starting prices from 4,200,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Chalets have an area of 135 square meters.
  4. First Floor Chalets with Four Bedrooms, including a side room:
    • Starting prices from 4,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Chalets have an area of 165 square meters.
  5. Townhouses:
    • Starting prices from 5,100,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Townhouses include three bedrooms.
  6. Townhouses with an area of 205 square meters:
    • Starting prices from 6,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  7. Independent Villas:
    • Starting prices from 9,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Villas include six bedrooms and have an area of 359 square meters.
  8. Separate Villa:
    • Starting prices from 25,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • This villa has an area of 475 square meters and includes seven bedrooms.

Please note that these are starting prices, and the final price may vary based on additional features, location, and other factors.

Payment systems of Seazen North Coast Resort

  1. A 10% down payment is required upon signing the contract for the selected unit.
  2. The remaining amount can be paid over an 8-year period, allowing for convenient and flexible installments.
  3. All residential units are delivered in a fully finished condition, meaning they are ready for occupancy upon handover.
  4. The expected delivery date for The Qamzy North Coast project is within two and a half years, specifically in 2025.

These payment terms and the delivery date provide flexibility and convenience for potential buyers interested in the project.

About the real estate developer

Al Qamzi Investment and Real Estate Development company offers comprehensive services that encompass the development of residential and commercial projects, constructed according to global quality standards. The company strives to achieve a perfect balance between innovation and aesthetics, ensuring unique, upscale designs and exceptional finishing quality.

Qamzi is considered a leader in the real estate industry, utilizing the latest technologies and materials in its projects. The company aims to provide customers with an exceptional experience, offering luxurious residential and commercial environments distinguished by innovative designs and modern amenities.

Qamzi’s projects are characterized by sustainability and superior performance, with a focus on providing green spaces, recreational facilities, and integrated services to ensure residents’ comfort. The company seeks excellence in all aspects of its projects, from design and construction to customer service.

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