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The new Rivers El Sheikh Zayed project is considered one of the best projects of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, which is rich in definition, as the company has carried out many projects in the recent period, which made its name shining in the field of real estate in the Egyptian investment market and achieved many successes, which made it continue to increase the demand for its business 

The Rivers New Zayed Compound is also distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the new Zayed City, in which investment has begun, through the new projects that have become on the scene and implemented by the most powerful real estate developers. Take advantage of the opportunity and invest now at the best price 

If you want to improve your standard of living or want to reserve a real estate unit for investment, the Taj Misr project in Zayed will be one of the best choices during this period specifically. For reservations and inquiries, whether about real estate or launch discounts, contact the following:  

Sales number 00201104894802 

The space and design of the new Rivers Sheikh Zayed project 

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Investment Company was interested in choosing a huge piece of land to build its new Rivers New Zayed project within an area that allows the provision of many services and facilities for all residents of the compound, and therefore the project was established within an area of about 100 acres 

Many residential units have also been provided, ranging from townhouses for sale in Sheikh Zayed, twin houses, and separate villas. The company has taken care of making the residential units within the Rivers Sheikh Zayed compound that they are different designs for the villas system, to provide a new experience for all those wishing to invest and buy in the heart of the Sheikh Zayed City 

Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound Prices 

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company was keen to offer competitive prices compared to the projects adjacent to the compound, and through these prices Tatweer Misr offers an opportunity for all those wishing to live a life with plenty of calm and luxury 

The Rivers New Zayed compound includes twin houses for sale in Sheikh Zayed, townhouses and villas for sale in Rivers El Sheikh Zayed, with multiple spaces and prices starting from the following: 

  • Villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed within the Rivers Compound, Tatweer Misr, start with a price range of 10,900,000 EGP. 
  • Twin House for sale in the new Misr Development Company project, with very special prices, starting from 8,500,000 pounds. 
  • Townhouse for sale in River Sheikh Zayed for Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, at a price starting from 6,300,000 Egyptian pounds. These prices are considered very special for a location such as Sheikh Zayed. Book now 

Installment and payment systems for the Rivers Sheikh Zayed project 

The payment system in Rivers New Zayed is very important, and it is what makes customers really take the opportunity to buy, as it makes customers know the period in which they will finish paying the rest of the unit price, and accordingly they buy if it is appropriate 

However, because the Tatweer Misr project is still under implementation and planning, the installment system has not been announced yet, but like most projects, the payment system will not be less than 10 years, and the advance is within the reach of all groups that wish to own a private villa in the heart of Sheikh Zayed 

It should be noted that the Rivers New Zayed prices mentioned may have changed. For price updates, contact us via WhatsApp from here 

Rivers New Zayed Compound location 

The location of the Rivers New Zayed project is distinguished by being very strategic, as it is located on one of the most important main roads linking Zayed and October, which is the new Zayed Road, which is close to various vital areas and all the services that any customer is looking for in any place he wants to live in, the location also has several advantages, including what we will introduce during the following: 

  • Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound is 3 minutes away from Sphinx Airport by car. 
  • It is also located near the Arkan Plaza project, where the estimated time to reach it from the project does not exceed 12 minutes 
  • In addition, the Rivers New Zayed project is close to the 26th of July axis, and the distance between it and the compound is less than 7 minutes 
  • The Rivers Compound, Tatweer Misr, is distinguished by its proximity to Lebanon Square, a distance of less than half an hour, and this makes the location geographical and very distinct due to its proximity to various places and facilities 

Rivers Sheikh Zayed services for Tatweer Misr 

Services and facilities are considered one of the most important factors in the project and one of the most important reasons that determine its success from failure, as residential projects always include providing stability and comfort that the customer has always been looking for himself and his family members, and among the most prominent services provided by Tatweer Misr in the following Rivers New Zayed project: 

  • The project contains vast green spaces and vast landscapes that make the view overlooking the units very comfortable and calm, as there are dense trees separating the units to provide a lot of privacy for guests. 
  • Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company in Rivers New Zayed Compound has provided a number of clubs that vary in activities. There is a sports and social club, and a place for the gym in order to maintain physical fitness for all those interested. 
  • Providing swimming pools distributed evenly throughout the compound and suitable for all ages for those wishing to swim, in addition to making the view of Sheikh Zayed Rivers breathtaking and expressing a painted painting. 
  • There are shops and a special restaurant area that contains the most famous cafes and foods, in addition to shopping stores that include various brands and international brands for those who love to buy. 
  • A fully trained security and guard staff is available throughout the project to ensure protection and safety, in addition to the 24-hour surveillance camera system. 
  • Providing electronic gates at the entrances and exits of the Rivers Compound to ensure protection and ease of movement 

The real estate developer of Rivers El Sheikh Zayed Compound

The executing company of the Rivers New Zayed project is Tatweer Misr Development Company, which is considered one of the strongest real estate companies that has implemented many residential, commercial and coastal projects, which made it diversify in its ideas and designs and always provides the best to its customers, the company was established in 2014, which means that its experience reaches 8 years 

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company is distinguished by its work, as it relies on providing various types of residential, commercial, or even touristic units. The reason for the diversity is that it likes that its customers have greater freedom during purchase, in addition to that it seeks to renew and develop its new projects always, so you will not see a project like the other, this is a competitive advantage that makes the company’s name bright in the Egyptian real estate market 

Previous work of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company 

  • Bloomfields New Cairo Compound 
  • Fouka Bay North Coast Resort 
  • Marina Residence Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna 
  • The Lakes Bloomfields Mostakbal City project 
  • She made the Monte Galala Resort, Ain Sokhna 
  • It also made the village of De Bay, North Coast 

Important questions about Rivers Sheikh Zayed 

Who is the real estate developer of Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound? 

Tatweer Misr development 

Where is Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound located? 

It is located on one of the most important main roads linking Zayed and October, which is the new Zayed Road 

Rivers New Zayed sales number? 

00201104894802 For reservations and inquiries, call now:  

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