RHYA Majada El Ain El Sokhna

RHYA Majada El Ain El Sokhna

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Iwan Real Estate Development and Investment Company announces the entry of a new phase in the village of Majada located near Ain Sokhna, which is the village of RHYA Majada El Sokhna, as this phase enjoys a unique strategic location that facilitates access to roads and a vital area.

At this stage, a large number of residential units are available with different sizes and competitive prices, which include the latest international designs in a modern style that matches the beautiful colors of nature, and allows residents a direct view of stunning views. So, you can now take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to book a chalet in Ras Majada, Ain Sokhna. By offering a small amount as a deposit to this agreement, it is now possible to get a payment facility that is payable in installments and provides convenience to the payers.

The location of the Rhya Majada Ain Sokhna project

The location of the village of Majada Ain Sukhna was chosen in a careful, not random way, because it is located in one of the best areas in Ain Sukhna. Specifically, it is only 2 kilometers away from the city of Galala. This city is characterized by many vital facilities and various services.

Rhya Majada Sokhna is close to many important landmarks and areas, including:

  • New Galala City Marina, which is only 3 km away.
  • Porto Sokhna, 5 km away from it, and it is considered the most famous landmark in Ain Sukhna.
  • The Monte Galala project, which is only 4.5 km away from Majada Resort.
  • The New Administrative Capital, it is 118 meters away from it, and thus it is easy to travel to it at any time.
  • Ain Sokhna port and Stella Di Mare area, only 30 km away from the resort.
  • Al-Zafarana, which is only 46 km away from it.
  • Recreational and commercial areas, such as New Galala City & Resort, New Galala Water Sports City, and New Marina Yacht Port, can be reached by car within a few minutes, not exceeding 10 minutes.
  • Private hospitals that provide medical services at the highest level.

Majada Sokhna project design

The rare and dazzling design that you will find in the Majada Sokhna Resort project, will make you not want to leave the village, as Majada Sokhna Village was built with a terrace system, giving 90% of the units panoramic views of the sea, artificial lakes and swimming pools are also a key element in the design of Majada Sokhna, which gives you a sense of swimming in the open air, especially with the construction of Majada Sokhna at a height of 15 meters.

The area of ​​the village of Rhya Majada, Ain Sokhna

The Majada Ain Sokhna project consists of a total area of 101 acres, which is divided between buildings and entertainment services. Buildings occupy a very small percentage of the area, amounting to only 13.5%, while more than 85% of the space is used to create and provide entertainment and luxury services within the resort.

Although the buildings constitute a small percentage of the area, the housing units in Majada El Sokhna are highly diverse and meet all needs and desires, as they include:

  • Standalone villas, with various sizes (515 square meters, 367 square meters, and 250 square meters)
  • Twin House, with an area of 190 square meters, 160 square meters.
  • Duplex, spaces start from 170 square meters up to 230 square meters.
  • Majada Ain Sokhna chalets are also of different sizes, as the area of a one-bedroom chalet starts from 65 to 70 square meters, and the area of the two-bedroom chalet ranges from 95 to 120 square meters, while the space of the chalet, which includes 3 bedrooms, starts from 110 to 170 square meters square

Majada Ain Sokhna village prices

Ewan Real Estate Development Company announced the sale of Majada Resort units in Ain Sokhna at prices that suit the shoppers and in a way that scrambles for them, making it the best choice among the projects in Ain Sokhna due to the advantages of this village, from ensuring its ideal location, the tight services it provides and reserving the different spaces. For more details about the sizes of the apartments and the purchase prices of Majada, the prices come with the following details:

  • The studio space in the “Iwan” project ranges between 53 and 58 square meters, and its price starts from 21 million Egyptian pounds.
  • The size of the one-bedroom chalets in Majada Sokhna ranges between 60 and 80 square meters, and its cost starts from 27 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Chalets in Majada Resort Ain Sokhna consist of two bedrooms on an area ranging from 91 to 119 square meters, and their price starts from 37 million Egyptian pounds.
  • The space of 3-bedroom chalets in Majada Sokhna varies between 125 and 170 square meters, and the price starts from 48 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Majada El Galala townhouses range in space from 180 to 185 square meters, and their price starts from 78 million EGP.
  • The average area of twin houses in Majada Sokhna ranges between 200 square meters, and the price starts from 88 million Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems and methods in Majada Ain Sokhna Resort

You can now buy a chalet for sale in Ain Sokhna at the best price, the lowest reservation down payment and the longest payment period, only in the Majada El Galala project, with a reservation down payment of 10%, with a payment period of up to 10 years, with a serious payment of a reservation of 50,000 Egyptian pounds, with the receipt of all Majada Sokhna units completely finished.

Majada Ain Sokhna village services

  • Amusement parks, which are suitable for all ages, whether adults or children, and have fun and unconventional recreational games.
  • The resort’s private beach, you can relax on its sands or do some activities such as swimming, fishing, or diving to see the depths of the Red Sea and its stunning views, or spend fun time with family and friends, or even enjoy cruises.
  • Shopping, where there are many supermarkets that offer food commodities and various products, in addition to the large commercial area in which there is a huge commercial mall that includes many high-end shops that provide all the needs and requirements of the residents of the project
  • Cafés and restaurants scattered within the village of Majada Ain Sokhna, serving a variety of drinks and delicious local and non-traditional dishes.
  • Watching the wonderful view of the artificial lake that is located in the center of the resort, and it has a wonderful view from all units.
  • There are many medical services within the resort, to the extent that some people think that it is a specialized and integrated medical project and not a tourist resort, as it has:
  • A large medical center with all the necessary devices and equipment available at the highest level of quality, and it has a large number of doctors in different medical specialties and they have sufficient competence and experience in the medical field.
  • Medical clinics to examine patients with various health problems, as they include all specialties.
  • Laboratories for medical analysis and radiology units, thus the patient will not need to leave the village of Magada Ain Sokhna to conduct any medical examination.
  • A large intensive care room, and 24-hour emergency rooms.
  • A pharmacy with all medicines and medical supplies.
  • Fully equipped spa, to keep the body healthy and fit.

Features of Majada Ain Sokhna Village

Because of its great diversity and multiplicity, it is difficult to enumerate all the services and privileges of Majada Ain Sokhna Resort. This resort is not limited to providing basic services only, but also provides a wide range of superior recreational services, which greatly attract the user. This resort also has a boutique hotel called Project Center.

If you feel bored inside the residence, you can walk several steps to reach the Beach Lagoon or the Beach of the Sports Club; In order to spend some time relaxing, you can also visit the famous recreational area, which contains a beautiful garden, semi-landscapes, and a place for recreation.

Simple sports such as walking play a role in getting rid of negative energy and revitalizing the body, and this is possible through the facilities of the Majada resort available to its visitors, as there are a large number of long paths designated for running and cycling in open spaces, and this is preferable to nullify the legality and be exploited in other forms of justice .

The real estate developer of Majada Ain Sokhna project

Since its establishment in 2004, IWAN Developments has become one of the most important real estate development companies, and it has succeeded in providing the best residential, commercial and coastal projects, at competitive prices that made it the preferred choice for many clients. The company’s board of directors is currently chaired by Eng. Walid Mokhtar, and its investments exceed 13 billion pounds

The most prominent projects of Ewan Real Estate Development Company

  • Jedar project
  • Atrio project
  • Jeera project
  • Jewar project
  • Veda project
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