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Quan Tower New Capital

متوسط السعر: 1,110,000 ج.م


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Owner Company: Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company
Executive Consultant: . Sabbour Engineering Company
Architectural Consultant:. Engineer Yasser El Beltagy
Management and Maintenance Company: . Mohamed Rashed MRB
Project Location:. Located in the Central Business District (CBD)
Project Area: . Extends over an area of 10,000 square meters
Type of Activity: Commercial, Administrative, and Medical
Unit Sizes: Unit sizes start from 25 square meters
Mall Design:. It is a tower consisting of ground floor + 25 upper floors
Installment Duration: Up to 10 years
Maintenance Fees: 10% of the total price
Discount Offers: Discounts start at 10% and can go up to 20%
Sales Number: 01016331582

Quan Tower New Capital is the latest project by Contact for Real Estate Development. This company is known as one of the pioneers in the real estate development industry and has recognized the significance of location in the success of any residential or commercial project.

Quan Tower New Capital represents an excellent investment opportunity and a strategic location for living or conducting business activities in New Capital. With its modern designs and integrated services, the project offers a sophisticated and comfortable environment for residents and investors.

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The location of Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Tower New Capital is located in the Central Business District, which is a strategic area considered a valuable treasure for investors seeking profitable investment opportunities in a vibrant region with secure projects.

Quan Tower New Capital enjoys a prime geographical location with proximity to many important landmarks and areas, including:

  1. It overlooks three corners and major streets, with a 50-meter wide street to the north and south, and a 40-meter wide frontage.
  2. Quan Tower New Capital offers a direct view of the two largest parks in the area, covering an area of over 3 acres.
  3. It provides a panoramic view of the Iconic Tower, which is the tallest tower in Africa.
  4. Quan Tower New Capital is located near the electric train station and the Green River.
  5. Next to the North Bin Zayed Axis.
  6. Near the famous Egypt Mosque and Gold Market.
  7. Just minutes away from the Ministries Complex, the Regional Ring Road, and Central Park.
  8. Captivating views of one of the most important residential neighborhoods within the capital, the Third Residential District.
  9. A few minutes from the vital Suez Road.

The location of Quan Tower New Capital makes it a distinctive choice for both residential living and investment, as it provides easy access to key areas and prominent landmarks in New Capital.

The design and space of Quan Tower New Capital

Our Quan Tower New Capital enjoys a vast area of approximately 2.5 acres, or roughly 10,000 square meters. This large space has been carefully divided to meet various needs:

  1. Around 4,200 square meters of the area have been allocated to the buildings, accounting for approximately 60% of the project.
  2. The rest of the space has been designated for charming green areas and beautiful natural landscapes.

The mall consists of a ground floor and 25 repeated floors, in addition to 3 basement levels for parking. The interior of the building has been divided as follows:

  • The ground, first, second, and third floors are designated for commercial units.
  • The fourth, fifth, and sixth floors are allocated for medical clinics.
  • From the seventh floor to the top floor are designated for administrative offices.

working environment for business owners. Therefore, we have enlisted the expertise of specialized engineering consulting firms and professionals in this field, including:

  1. Engineer Yasser El Beltagy, an experienced architectural consultant with a wide range of expertise in engineering design and successful projects in the capital and elsewhere.
  2. Sabbour Real Estate Company, a prestigious executive and engineering consultant in the Egyptian real estate market.
  3. MRB Management and Operation Company, which has participated in many prominent projects such as Cairo Festival City Mall, Rehab City, Madinaty, and SODIC projects.

These collaborations ensure that our project, Quan Tower New Capital, benefits from the best architectural and engineering expertise to create an outstanding and functional space.

Units in Quan Tower New Capital

  • Commercial units are available within the project starting from 25 square meters.
  • Medical units are available starting from 30 square meters.
  • In addition, administrative units are available starting from 35 square meters.

Services of Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Tower New Capital offers a wide range of services and facilities, including:

  1. A mosque for prayers and worship.
  2. An advanced surveillance system with security cameras to ensure safety and security.
  3. A 24/7 security and guarding team to ensure the safety of residents and properties.
  4. Electronic gates for access control and enhanced security.
  5. Cafes and restaurants to cater to the needs of residents and visitors.
  6. Electric elevators for easy access between different floors.
  7. Electric escalators for quick and convenient access between floors.
  8. An advanced fire suppression system to ensure safety and prevent risks.
  9. High-speed internet networks for communication and connectivity.
  10. Centralized air conditioning for comfortable temperatures in units and common areas.
  11. An integrated audio system for an exceptional sound experience.
  12. A central satellite system to provide television and entertainment services.
  13. Reception offices to provide services and assistance to residents and visitors.
  14. A backup power system to ensure a continuous power supply in case of outages.
  15. Meeting rooms and social event spaces.
  16. Green areas for outdoor activities and enjoying natural landscapes.
  17. A dedicated children’s play area for entertainment and fun.
  18. A three-level garage to provide parking spaces.
  19. Regular maintenance to maintain the quality of facilities and services.
  20. Backup generators to ensure a continuous power supply in emergencies.

Prices and payment systems of Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Tower New Capital offers various administrative, medical, and commercial units at competitive prices and flexible payment options. Here are the price details and discounts:

Administrative Units: The price per square meter starts from 43,000 Egyptian pounds, with office prices starting from 1,505,000 Egyptian pounds. A 10% discount is offered on administrative units.

Medical Units: The price per square meter starts from 37,000 Egyptian pounds, with clinic prices starting from 1,110,000 Egyptian pounds. A 10% discount is also available on medical units. Additionally, there is a pharmacy with an area of 105 square meters priced at 18,900,000 Egyptian pounds (180,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter).

Commercial Units: The price per square meter starts from 84,000 Egyptian pounds, and commercial shop prices start from 2,100,000 Egyptian pounds. A 20% discount is offered on commercial units.

Flexible payment options are provided, allowing you to make a down payment starting from 10% and a installment period of up to 12 years. This payment system offers easy and convenient financing options to meet your financial needs.

About the real estate developer

Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company stands out as a leading player in the real estate sector and is considered one of the best real estate companies in Egypt. The company’s investment and marketing capabilities, along with its extensive experience in the development and execution of real estate projects, highlight its strong position.

The company operates with high professionalism and places great emphasis on selecting strategic locations and developing high-quality projects. With over 15 years of experience in the Egyptian real estate market, Contact has earned an excellent reputation and the trust of its customers.

Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company is a symbol of excellence and innovation in the real estate industry, continually striving for excellence and meeting the needs and aspirations of its clients.

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