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Due to the enormous successes achieved by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company over the past few years, the name Palm Hills has established itself as a distinctive brand in the real estate industry. It most recently appeared with its new project, Palm Hills New Alamein Compound, which quickly gained fame and attracted clients, capital owners, and those looking to invest 

Location of Palm Hills New Alamein Compound 

We observe Palm Hills Company’s interest in selecting distinctive geographic locations for all its projects because it was aware from the start that the location is the primary marketer for residential and commercial projects. This is what we also find in the Palm Hills New Alamein project, which is in the center point of New Alamein close to the following: 

  • It is located on Petroleum Road and has a front-row seat to the ocean 
  • The distance to Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road is a few minutes 
  • Moreover, it is located behind the enormous new Alamein Towers 
  • It is located adjacent to Wadi El-Natrun-Alamein Road and the international coastal highway 
  • One of the best New Alamein compounds, Mazarine Compound, is nearby 
  • The Downtown District, which has integrated services, whether basic or recreational, is minutes away 

Area of the Palm Hills New Alamein project 

The project spans a large 40-acre area, with the majority of the land going to artificial lakes, gardens, and other green spaces, while a tiny portion is given up to residences so that people can take advantage of the beautiful scenery 

The Palm Hills Compound has a large number of residential units (studios, apartments, and private villas or twin houses), but due to the stunning sea views, studios and apartments are classified as chalets. The remaining units are only available as stand-alone villas or chalets, and they range in size as follows: 

The space of the residential units in the Palm Hills project 


  • a 60 square meter bedroom 
  • two bedrooms with 100 square meters of space 
  • three bedrooms with 120 square meters of space 


  • Twin Houses, starting at 170 square meters in area 
  • Villas that stand alone and start at 220 square meters 

Services of Palm Hills New Alamein project  

Services for entertainment 

  • The compound has numerous artificial lakes, trees, and green spaces 
  • several different-sized swimming pools, including public and private ones for women 
  • a fully equipped exercise center, a spa, and a health club 
  • Open spaces and spots for recreation in the gorgeous countryside and having barbecues 
  • Apart from the main streets, there are designated running, walking, and cycling paths 
  • areas where kids can play activities and have the best time with their families 
  • In addition to the parks, dancing water fountains enhance the charm of the location 
  • A social club for family and friends, as well as a sports club with a variety of sporting events 

Basic services  

  • a big mosque constructed to accommodate the greatest number of worshippers 
  • In addition to the widespread use of security cameras, the compound has guarding and public security services 
  • a sizable shopping district with all of the stores, as well as a mall with brands from around the world 
  • Foreign universities and schools are situated close to the edge of the enclosure 
  • Innovatively designed modern homes with maintenance and cleaning services are available 
  • Several upscale cafes and restaurants may be found in the Palm Hills New Alamein compound 
  • A large-capacity garage with public parking to reduce traffic jams on the streets 

Pricing for the Palm Hills New Alamein Compound 

Chalet prices 

  • Chalet with a 60-meter square pricing ranges from 1,800,000 EGP 
  • 100-square-meter chalet; pricing ranges from 3,000,000 EGP 
  • Chalet with a 120-meter square foot area; pricing ranges from 4,000,000 EGP 
  • Units are received with integrated finishing 

Villa prices 

  • The price for a twin-house villa begins at 5,800,000 EGP 
  • The price for the standalone villa starts at 11,000,000 EGP 

The shared and standalone villa units are offered in a partially finished  

A 10% down payment for the reservation and equal monthly payments for a maximum of six years are required to use the installment system 

The price per square meter in Palm Hills New Alamein is subject to change, therefore confirm your unit price by clicking here before making a purchase request 

In order to quickly contract and acquire a unit inside the Palm Hills New Alamein October project without having to travel, the Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company offers a particular service for expatriates, following the next steps: 

  • To reserve the unit, a bank transfer is made to the company’s account 
  • As payment for the contract, a bank transfer is issued to the company’s account 
  • The company transmits the unit’s contract via a correspondent firm like Aramex 
  • The contracts are then sent back to the Egyptian company using the same method after being signed 
  • The agreement is accepted, and Aramex sends it to the client 
  • Bank transfers must be used to pay for each installment 
  • Checks are not issued until the date of receipt for the remaining balance 

The Palm Hills El Alamein project’s Developer Company 

Due to the large amount of land that it developed—roughly 27 million square meters, along with a number of large projects that it carried out, Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is a well-known and widely regarded as one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.  including residential and commercial ones, administrative and other types of units, such as the following: 

  • Village Garden Compound in El Kattameya 
  • Golf Central Mall in New Cairo City 
  • Badya Palm Hills is one of the most important October compounds 
  • West Lane Mall in October 
  • Palm Hills Alexandria Compound 
  • Palm Valley Compound, 6th of October 
  • Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Village 
  • Hull Town Mall, 6th of October 
  • Golf Central Mall, 6th of October 
  • Golf Extension Compound, 6th of October 
  • Golf Views Compound, 6th of October 
  • Lake Yard North Coast project 
  • Hacienda Bay, which is classified as one of the most important villages on the North Coast 
  • Casa Compound as one of the most important compounds in Sheikh Zayed City 
  • Capital Gardens Compound in Mostakbal City 
  • Crown Compound and Palm Hills Compound in October 
  • Palm Hills project in New Cairo 
  • Palm Hills Katameya and Palm Parks Hills project 
  • Woodville and Palm Parks project in October 
  • Hacienda White Compound in the North Coast 

The accomplishment that Palm Hills Development has attained through its numerous projects merits becoming a development strategy and perceptive vision for next generations. It continues to grow by regularly releasing new projects in addition to the earlier ones 

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