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Compound Mountain View ICity October Created for you a sophisticated community for a better life in a huge compound and a large park with a four-dimensional design, a calm and comfortable natural atmosphere, with a huge variety of services and luxuries, by offering apartments and villas for sale with huge spaces and international designs, without worrying about the prices of Mountain View October through the installment methods provided by the company.

Mountain View I-City October

Mountain View i-City occupies an important location in the heart of 6th of October City in western Cairo, which ensures that the compound is located near many vital and important areas in the center of Cairo and the main roads such as the 26th of July Corridor and the Ring Road. It is located near some places such as:

  • Mountain View I-City is located about two minutes from the Shooting Club.
  • Mountain View ICity October is about 3 minutes from Mall of Arabia and Shooting Club
  • The Mountain View October iCity Compound is located 5 minutes from Juhayna Square
  • The project is located 20 minutes from Mall of Egypt.

The design of the ICity October Mountain View Compound

The design of the ICity October Mountain View Compound
The design of the ICity October Mountain View Compound

The exceptional design of the Mountain View i-City October compound arrived in a unique way with its uniqueness in creativity and modernity, as it was designed on an elaborate 3D system, in its part consisting of different parts

  • A group of islands contains several residential and commercial units consisting of different parts
  • The project is completely connected to roads for cars at a completely different level with the presence of bridges, and there are roads for the “i-Car” service
  • The pedestrian promenade is designed for picnicking, walking and cycling lovers away from the car roads
  • 5 types of gardens in Mountain View October iCity divided into:
  • CLUB PARK: A club park for practicing various types of sports in its various stadiums
  • MOUNTAIN PARK: Mountain Park is very ideal for lovers of tranquility, privacy, nature and fresh air
  • ROYAL PARK: The Royal Park is designed in the distinctive classic European style
  • CENTRAL PARK: Central Park is the most suitable place to spend fun times with family and friends.
  • CREEK PARK: A creek park for nature lovers and watching the colors of the four seasons of the year

The area of the iCity October project

The Mountain View i-City project aims to create an ideal, upscale life, because you deserve the best life, so the project was established on a huge area of 500 acres, most of which are green spaces and a quiet natural life, and it provides you with about 14 thousand housing units of various types of units, including apartments and villas, twin houses, and townhouses, along with all the services and privileges you need so that you do not need to leave the compound.

The space of the units in iCity, October Mountain View

The apartments and villas in Mountain View October iCity vary according to their unique areas and location, so the apartments’ space in Mountain View October starts from 100 square meters, and the iCity villas’ spaces start from 175 square meters and they are divided as follows:

  • I-City Mountain View apartments, with areas ranging from 100 to 240 square meters, vary between iApartment and iApartment Park (this is a change in the concept of apartments, as it offers you an apartment with the same specifications as the villa)
  • Sun Roof apartments, with spaces ranging from 130 to 155 square meters.
  • iVilla, i.e. villas, with spaces starting from 180 square meters (consisting of a villa with two floors and a roof, including a garden, private entrance, and parking).
  • iVilla Park villas, iVilla Park, Mountain View, iCity, with spaces ranging from 220 sqm to 230 sqm.
  • iVilla Sky villas, with spaces starting from 265 square meters – 270 square meters.
  • Townhouse villas, with spaces ranging from 185-265 square meters
  • Twin house villas with spaces of 325 square meters
  • Grand villas, with spaces starting from 350 square meters, have 4 bedrooms.
  • Mountain View October City palaces, with spaces starting from 560 square meters.

Mountain view i city october prices

Mountain View Real Estate Company offered unbeatable competitive prices compared to the rest of the 6th of October City projects. The price per meter in the i-City October Compound, in its units for sale, starts from 13,000 EGP, and the prices of the View October mine vary according to the type, area, and location of the unit.

  • The prices of iCity apartments, with an area of 130 square meters, with two bedrooms, start from 1,750,000 EGP, and an area of 145 square meters starts from 1,900,000 EGP
  • iVilla Sky Garden villas, with a space of 190 square meters, start from 2,800,000 EGP
  • iVilla Garden, with a space of 190 square meters, start from 3,350,000 pounds.
  • iVilla Roof villas, with an area of 230 square meters, start from 3,600,000 EGP.
  • Mountain View townhouse prices, with an area of 185 square meters, start from 4,600,000 pounds.
  • Standalone Villas, with a space of 285 square meters, start from 8,600,000 pounds.
  • The maintenance deposit is 8%, and there are discounts of up to 25% on the unit price.

Ways to book and install Mountain View iCity October

The “Mountain View” company offers convenient payment options for booking apartments and villas in the “Mountain View I-City” project, in a convenient installment method for you. You can pay 10% of the price as a down payment and pay the apartment price over equal periods of up to 9 years. Also, it is now possible to apply for down payment for booking and deferred installments

  • The down payment for Mountain View iCity apartments starts from 10,000 EGP.
  • The down payment for iVilla and Townhouse booking starts from 20,000 EGP.
  • The down payment for iCity October villas starts from 50,000 EGP.

The method of finishing and handing over the units

As for the finishing specifications in the Mountain View October iCity project, the company will deliver the apartments and villas in a semi-finished system; this gives you the possibility to choose the final finishing, decoration and lighting works, and put the special designs that you want to implement in the unit, or you can fully finish the apartment in agreement with the company, and the units will be delivered starting from 2021 and within 4 years.

Mountain View ICity October facilities and services

Living in i-City apartments and villas will give you many facilities, services, and privileges that match the spirit of the compound, which is full of landscapes, including:

  • A large, full-service shopping mall, next to high-level restaurants and cafes.
  • The social and sports club, which allows the practice of various types of sports, on an area of ​​60 acres.
  • The tourist walkway extending throughout the project is 10 km long.
  • Car service to move within the compound, you can request it through the application on the phone.
  • The Club House includes a gym, spa, gym and swimming pool.
  • The iCity Mountain View project offers walking, running and biking trails.
  • The wonderful views surrounding the compound, which vary between landscapes, green spaces, and dancing fountains, in addition to swimming pools for children and adults.
  • electronic entry and exit gates; and smart security systems.
  • Mountain View iCity October Compound provides you with security, guards, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and security gates.
  • A playground area for adults, a children’s play area, and barbecue facilities.
  • In Mountain View I City October, there is an administrative building, a commercial building, and a school.
  • The project uses a solar panel system to preserve the environment.
  • 2 garage floors under each building for parking.

Features of iCity October Mountain View

Mountain View iCity Compound is an integrated city that guarantees you a luxurious, developed and entertaining life, and provides you with all the privacy and comfort you need in distinct apartments and luxurious villas, in a special location in 6th of October City, in the midst of a group of green islands connected to each other by a wide road network, and tracks for cars and tracks for running, to guarantee you a huge view, with prices and installment systems that extend over 9 years.

Disadvantages and problems of Mountain View October iCity

The iCity project provides a large number of apartments and villas for sale in installments or cash, with various sizes and types, so it is very difficult to find faults in a compound like this that provides you with all the green spaces and privacy you wish for, and all the facilities and services that meet all your needs.

The owner company of the project

The Mountain View ICity October compound is credited to the famous Mountain View Company, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, and it has a long history in real estate projects, especially residential ones, in various parts of Egypt, in addition to world-class tourist resorts. It also cooperates with the largest engineering companies and has the best architects.

Previous work of Mountain View Real Estate Company

October City projects:

  • Mountain View Giza Plateau
  • Mountain View Park The Lake
  • Mountain View Chillout Park
  • Mountain View October Park

New Cairo projects:

  • Mountain View I New Cairo Compound
  • Mountain View II New Cairo Compound
  • Mountain View 3 New Cairo
  • Mountain View iCity New Cairo
  • Mountain View Hyde Park
  • Mountain View Executive Residence Katameya
  • Mountain Park Compound
  • Mountain View Park Island

Coastal Projects:

  • Mountain View North Coast Ras El Hikma
  • Diplomats 4 Ras El Hikma
  • Mountain View Sokhna I
  • Mountain View Sokhna II
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