Mountain View 3 New Cairo Fifth Settlement 

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The third project by Mountain View Real Estate Company in New Cairo is titled Mountain View 3 New Cairo. To contain the best villas and twin house units, with medium and big spaces that allow for optimal employment, at the best competitive prices, with the supply of many material facilities in payment, it was designed at a high level of complexity and ingenuity of design and construction 

The location of Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound  

As the most upscale district in New Cairo and one that enjoys a tranquil and distinctive lifestyle, away from the rush and bustle of life in the regions of Greater Cairo, Mountain View 3 Compound was constructed in the Fifth Settlement 

The most significant landmarks in the vicinity of the mountain view 3 New Cairo compound 

  • The compound was built quite close to the ring road 
  • The location of the compound is not distant from the New Administrative Capital 
  • Nasr City is only 15 minutes away from the compound 
  • The Royal Garden and the Mountain Garden, the Fifth Settlement’s two most significant central parks, are separated by the compound 
  • The American University is kilometers away from the compound 

Mountain View 3 New Cairo compound’s Area and design  

The area 

Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, was established on an area of 500 acres after the ideal location was selected to give the residents of the compound the essentials of a pleasant and peaceful existence 

The design 

The villas were built on four separate levels between A, B, C, and D, and their designs differed depending on the sort of unit they were. About the first level A’s interior, it has four main rooms, including one just for visitors and another for the nanny 

The second level B is distinct from the first level A in that it has two master bedrooms, a backyard, and two side gardens, whilst the third level C is distinct from them in that it has three spacious rooms and one outside garden 

About the design and layout of the villas, the first floor has one sizable room as well as two more rooms—one for kids, one for visitors, and one for servants. Each villa has a 150 square meter garden surrounding it that is shaped like the letter L 

Mountain View 3 New Cairo Units Space 

The sizes of the units in the New Cairo compound range, starting with: 

  • The villa’s initial area is 240 meters 
  • Townhouse sizes begin at 220 square meters 

Services of the Mountain View 3 New Cairo 

  • large garages 
  • Pharmacy and health facilities 
  • a swimming area 
  • sports club, health club 
  • Spa and gym 
  • jogging and cycling trails 
  • massive shopping centers 
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Universities and schools abroad 
  • Theatrical areas 
  • lake waters 
  • Swimming Pools  
  • integrated security system 

 Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound’s Features 

  • Mountain view 3 The New Cairo compound has the highest-integrated security system and cutting-edge technologies to assure the compound’s continued peace, security, and stability 
  • The Compound offers a range of amenities required to live a high-quality life. It has numerous stunning sceneries, green areas, and landscapes 
  • It has a variety of opulently designed units 

Mountain View 3 New Cairo’s drawbacks 

As per usual, the Mountain View company did not leave any obvious flaws in the compound where it worked on its different projects. 3 The New Cairo compound had everything you needed to have a good time 

Prices of Mountain View 3 New Cairo  

According on the unit type and area, pricing at Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound units vary as follows: 

  • Prices for townhomes begin at 5,600,000 EGP 
  • Prices for villas begin around 7 million Egyptian pounds 

Important information: Before making a purchase request, be sure of the unit price by going here because the price per square meter in Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, is always changing 

Installments systems 

The first system 

  • 10% of the unit’s total cost must be paid up front by the contractor; the remaining 90% is distributed over seven years 
  • After three months, 5% is paid, then 2.5% after two years, and the same percentage is given once more after three years 

The second system 

  • Another payment strategy involves paying the same first rate, which is 10%, and then 2.5% after the first year, 5% after two years, and 5% again in the third year, providing the remainder is paid in installments. The funding is for eight years 

The owner company and its works 

One of the top developers in 6th of October City is Mountain View Real Estate Development Company. The most significant examples of Mountain View’s work in different Egyptian cities are shown in the following sentences: 

The Mountain View Real Estate Development Company’s most significant projects 

New Cairo’s Mountain View projects 

Several of them are regarded as one of the Golden Square Fifth Settlement’s most significant projects 

  • Mountain View 2 Compound, Fifth Settlement  
  • Mountain View 3 New Cairo  
  • Mountain View I-City New Cairo 
  • Mountain View Hyde Park, Fifth Settlement  
  • Mountain View 1 Extension Fifth Settlement  
  • Lagoon Beach Park, Mountain View, Fifth Settlement  

The following article, found here, will tell you more about the top Fifth Settlement compounds 

Mountain View project on October 6th 

which joined the list of northern expansion properties on October 6th and is one of the compounds nearest to Mall of Egypt 

  • Mountain View chill Out Park  
  • Mountain View Park October 
  • Mountain View Lakeside October  
  • Mountain View Giza Plateau October  

The phases of Mountain View I-City October Compound are as follows: 

  • Mountain View Lagoon Beach Park October, I-City Compound  
  • Mountain View Club Park I-City  

Mountain View projects in the villages of Ain Sokhna  

  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1  
  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna 2 

Mountain View North Coast projects  

  • Evia North Coast Mountain View  
  • Sea View Ras El Hikma Village 

Real estate transactions are one of the most important decisions in a person’s life, and with the proliferation of numerous real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate website korastsherot provides you with a selection of the most prominent professionals in the Egyptian real estate market, to assist you in making an appropriate purchase decision 

Please go here to obtain a residence within Mountain View 3 and to see the most recent project offerings 

The key inquiries regarding Mountain View 3 Compound 

Who is the project’s developer company? 

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company  

Where is the project located? 

Fifth Settlement in New Cairo 

What is the project’s total land area? 

500 acres 

What is the sales number for reservations in the project’s units? 

For WhatsApp click here or call us here 00201104894802 

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