Mayadin New Capital Compound

Mayadin New Capital Compound

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Mayadin New Capital Compound is considered the latest project of the Saudi-Egyptian Company, designed to offer a variety of residential units in the Fifth District R5 and This project is distinguished by providing all the factors that ensure comfort and happiness for residents as its location was carefully chosen in one of the most upscale neighborhoods of the New Capital.

Mayadin Compound is designed with the latest architectural concepts, making it one of the most beautiful compounds in the area as residential spaces have been diversified to meet the needs of all customers whether they are looking for small or large units.

The company ensures the provision of numerous facilities in pricing programs taking into account that they are accessible to customers and compatible with the offered property value also flexible payment options are provided through reservation and installment programs and giving customers sufficient time for payment and facilitating their access to their desired units with ease and convenience.

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The location of Mayadin New Capital Compound

The location of Mayadin New Capital Compound is considered exceptional and conducive to living and investment as it is characterized by its proximity to several key areas and important facilities and among the most important places near Mayadin Compound in R5 New Capital are:

  1. Central Business District: Known for being a vibrant center for business and commerce offering diverse economic and employment opportunities.
  2. The Green River: A distinctive place for recreation and relaxation providing green spaces and artificial lakes for outdoor enjoyment.
  3. The Diamond Hotel: A significant landmark in the area where residents of Mayadin Compound can benefit from the services and facilities provided by the hotel.
  4. Government District: Where many major governmental and administrative institutions are located, providing residents with proximity to vital services and public facilities.
  5. Downtown: A lively hub for shopping and entertainment with a variety of restaurants, shops, and recreational facilities.
  6. Embassy District: Housing a range of embassies and diplomatic missions, adding an international character to the area and providing residents with opportunities for international communication and diverse cultures.

In summary Mayadin New Capital Compound’s location in Fifth District R5 of New Capital provides easy access to a variety of essential services and vital facilities making it an ideal choice for living and investment.

The design of Mayadin Compound

The design of Mayadin New Capital Compound boasts several unique features that make it an ideal place for living and investment which is carefully crafted to meet the needs and preferences of those with refined tastes and here’s a summary of the compound’s design:

  1. Variety of Unique Architectural Designs: The Saudi-Egyptian Company utilized a diverse range of unique architectural designs in the compound ensuring diversity and distinction in the residential units.
  2. Green Spaces and Landscaping: The compound features green spaces and landscaping scattered around the residential units providing residents with distinctive panoramic views and aesthetic beauty.
  3. Modern and Attractive Facades: The design of the facades is characterized by modernity and attractiveness blending with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and adding a special charm to the compound.
  4. Wide Roads and Sufficient Spaces Between Units: Wide roads have been provided for flexible movement within the compound in addition to sufficient spaces between residential units to maintain residents’ privacy.
  5. Diversity in Unit Types: The compound offers apartments consisting of one, two, or three bedrooms, catering to various needs of customers.
  6. Large Number of Buildings: The compound comprises 24 buildings providing residents with a wide range of choices.
  7. Building Design: The design of the buildings in Mayadin Compound consists of either a ground floor and 5 repeated floors or a ground floor and 7 repeated floors.

In summary the design of Mayadin New Capital Compound is distinguished by its uniqueness and sophistication offering an ideal environment for modern living and enjoying comfort and beauty.

Units Space in Mayadin New Capital Compound

The size of units in Mayadin Compound is an important part of providing diverse choices and meeting the needs of different customers as the Saudi-Egyptian Company ensures a meticulous study of customer requirements to provide ideal spaces that ensure psychological comfort for residents at all times and here are the unit sizes in the compound:

  1. One-Bedroom Apartments: The area of apartments in Mayadin New Capital Compound ranges from 118 to 124 square meters.
  2. Two-Bedroom Apartments: The area of apartments in the compound ranges from 125 to 182 square meters.
  3. Three-Bedroom Apartments: Apartments for sale in Mayadin New Capital are available in sizes starting from 225 to 294 square meters.

These spacious and diverse areas provide suitable choices for various families and individuals making Mayadin Compound an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and diversity in housing.

Services of Mayadin New Capital

Mayadin New Capital Compound offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities that help residents enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle and here is a list of the most important services available in the compound:

  1. Restaurants and Cafés: The project provides a diverse selection of restaurants and cafés offering distinctive cuisines and beverages for residents.
  2. Commercial Area: A commercial area is available in the compound housing a variety of shops and services to meet residents’ daily needs.
  3. Car Parking: Car parking facilities are provided within the compound to offer a safe and convenient place for parking vehicles.
  4. Sports Facilities: Multiple sports facilities are available for residents to engage in their favorite sports and physical activities.
  5. Children’s Play Area: A dedicated play area for children is available for entertainment and fun.
  6. Mosque: A mosque is available within the compound to facilitate prayers for residents.
  7. Security and Guarding: A comprehensive security system and round-the-clock guarding are available to ensure the safety and security of residents.
  8. Maintenance and Cleaning: Maintenance and cleaning services are provided regularly within the compound to maintain cleanliness and tidiness.
  9. Gardens and Landscaping: The gardens and landscaping in the compound feature beautiful and comfortable designs allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities and events.
  10. Clubhouse: The clubhouse features a variety of entertainment and leisure facilities to meet residents’ needs for entertainment and relaxation.

Thanks to these diverse services and excellent facilities Mayadin Compound provides an ideal environment for living and enjoying a comfortable and happy life.

Features of investing in Mayadin New Capital Compound

Investing in Mayadin Compound comes with many features that make it an attractive option for investors and some of these features include:

  1. Strategic Location: Mayadin New Capital Compound is situated in an area considered one of the largest urban projects in Egypt making it a distinguished investment destination with great potential for growth and development.
  2. Diverse Unit Offerings: The compound offers a variety of residential units with different sizes and unique designs appealing to various categories of investors and clients.
  3. Provision of Services and Facilities: Mayadin Compound includes numerous services and facilities such as green spaces, commercial areas, restaurants, and recreational facilities, enhancing the project’s attractiveness to investors and ensuring a continuous attraction of tenants and buyers.
  4. Accessibility and Transportation: The compound enjoys a prime location with easy access from different areas in addition to the availability of transportation means and nearby main roads, making it desirable for many residents and investors.
  5. Increase in Property Value: It is expected that the compound will witness an increase in property value over time due to the continuous development in the area and the increasing demand for properties within it.
  6. Professional Management: The compound is managed by a professional team of real estate experts ensuring the provision of high-quality services and the preservation of investment value for shareholders.

Overall Mayadin New Capital represents an excellent investment opportunity characterized by its prime location and integrated services making it an ideal choice for investors seeking stable financial returns and opportunities for growth and development in the real estate market.

Prices of Mayadin New Capital

Here are the prices for units in Mayadin Compound:

  • One-Bedroom Apartments: Prices range from 7,300,000 to 7,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Two-Bedroom Apartments: Prices range from 8,300,000 to 11,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Three-Bedroom Apartments: Prices start from 14,800,000 to 21,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

These prices include various benefits and special pricing programs that match the property value providing customers with an opportunity to acquire units they desire at suitable prices and these prices reflect the diversity and quality offered by Mayadin New Capital Compound making it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury, comfort in housing, or investment opportunities.

Payment systems of Mayadin New Capital Compound

Mayadin Compound offers convenient payment systems that make it easier for customers to acquire units without financial issues facilitating the purchasing process and here are the available payment systems in the compound:

  1. First System:
    • Pay a 10% down payment and installment of the remaining amount over 8 years without interest.
  2. Second System:
    • Pay a 10% down payment and installment of the remaining amount over 7 years with a 7% discount.
  3. Third System:
    • Pay a 10% down payment and installment of the remaining amount over 6 years with a 14% discount.
  4. Fourth System:
    • Purchase the units in cash and get a 50% discount.

These systems allow customers to choose the most suitable option for them based on their financial circumstances and personal preferences and it’s worth noting that the units will be delivered within the year 2025 with full finishing enhancing the attractiveness of the compound as a distinctive and reliable investment option.

About the real estate developer

Mayadin New Capital Compound

Saudi Egyptian Company for Development was founded in 1975 as a partnership between the Egyptian and Saudi governments and since then the company has been dedicated to executing a variety of distinguished real estate projects offering premium residential developments characterized by the highest levels of luxury and happiness.

The company’s projects are renowned for adhering to the highest standards of quality and efficiency starting from the selection of suitable locations to luxurious architectural designs making it one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt.

Among the company’s key projects are:

  1. The Latin Quarter in New Alamein.
  2. Marina 8 Village in the North Coast.
  3. Jedar Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  4. Mall Central in New Cairo.
  5. Blue Blue Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  6. Sikon Compound in New Cairo.
  7. Sawari Compound in Alexandria.

The company’s projects stand out for their diversity and high quality making them a distinctive choice for clients seeking upscale housing and reliable real estate investment opportunities.

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