Masaya North Coast Village

Masaya North Coast Village

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Masaya North Coast village, developed by the esteemed company “EgyGab,” has been recently inaugurated, marking the latest addition to their project portfolio. The company’s priority was to make Masaya Sidi Abdelrahman one of the best coastal villages in North Coast. It was strategically located in the renowned and enchanting Sidi Abdelrahman region, with a design that exudes elegance and quality, offering various spaces to cater to the diverse needs of customers at competitive prices.

The location of Masaya North Coast Village

There is no doubt about the beauty and splendor of North Coast’s beaches. However, some areas stand out for their milder climate, calm sea, and natural beauty, and one of these areas is the charming Sidi Abdelrahman Bay. Masaya North Coast village is nestled in the heart of this enchanting bay, offering a prime location close to major roads and vital routes, as well as its proximity to renowned tourist villages in the region.

Close places to the village:

  • Masaya North Coast village in Sidi Abdelrahman is located approximately 133 km away from Alexandria.
  • It is conveniently situated near Borg El Arab Airport and Alamein Airport.
  • Accessing Masaya Sidi Abdelrahman is very easy through Al Dabaa area, which is only a 15-minute drive away.
  • Masaya North Coast village is also very close to D Bay village and Marassi in North Coast.

The design of Masaya North Coast village

Masaya North Coast village

Masaya North Coast village in Sidi Abdelrahman is designed with elegance and simplicity to stand out as one of the most beautiful villages in North Coast. Its meticulous design harmonizes with the surrounding natural beauty, blending seamlessly with its natural colors. Thanks to its intelligent design, the privacy of each residential unit in the village is carefully considered. All units enjoy stunning views, whether of the enchanting sea or the beautiful lake, enhancing the sense of comfort and relaxation for its residents.

The space of Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast village in Sidi Abdelrahman covers an area of 30 acres and features a captivating beach stretching for 200 meters with a depth of up to 700 square meters. The majority of the village’s space is dedicated to green areas, beautiful landscapes, lakes, and swimming pools, aiming to create a sense of joy and comfort for all residents of Masaya North Coast. The design takes into account the diversity of residential units, including chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas, to cater to the needs and preferences of different residents.

Prices and spaces of Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast

The real estate company, EgyGab, has taken on the task of offering chalets and villas in Masaya North Coast village, Sidi Abdelrahman, at competitive prices, with the aim of providing an opportunity for a larger number of investors and customers to own a chalet in this wonderful coastal area. The prices of chalets and villas in Masaya North Coast vary depending on the different available spaces, and the prices are determined as follows:

  • In Masaya North Coast, there are chalets available with an area of 88 square meters, along with a 40-square-meter roof, starting at 2,320,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Additionally, there are chalets located on the lagoons with an area of 120 square meters, starting at 5,639,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Moreover, there are chalets with an area of 131 square meters, along with a 70-square-meter roof, starting at 4,411,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the townhouses, their spaces range from 190 square meters, and the prices vary depending on the selected size.
  • For the twin houses, their spaces range from 220 square meters to 250 square meters.
  • As for the standalone villas, their spaces start from 310 square meters and go up to 345 square meters.
  • The prices differ according to the space and design, ranging from 9 million Egyptian pounds to 35 million Egyptian pounds.

Ways to reserve in Masaya North Coast Village

One of the key features of Masaya North Coast village is its installment systems. EgyGab Company offers a low down payment option for purchasing villas and chalets, with only 10% reservation fee. The payment period extends up to 8 years, and an additional 10% of the unit’s value is paid as maintenance fees. All units in Masaya North Coast, including its chalets and villas, are delivered after just 3 years, and all units come with complete finishing.

Services of Masaya North Coast Village

Masaya North Coast Village

Masaya North Coast village is designed to provide a unique and wonderful vacation experience for visitors and their families. EgyGab Company ensures the availability of all necessary services that guests may need during their stay at Masaya North Coast. The village stands out for offering unique services not found in any other village along the coast. Among these prominent services are:

  1. Pet Hotel: Provides a pet hotel to guarantee a fun and comfortable time with your beloved pets without any worries.
  2. Luxury Boutique Hotel: Offers a luxurious boutique hotel to meet the needs of residents and visitors and ensure a comfortable and exceptional stay.
  3. Multiple Sports Fields: Provides multiple sports fields for engaging in various sports activities and enjoying leisure and entertainment.
  4. Golf Carts: Offers golf carts to facilitate transportation within the expansive project and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  5. Kids’ Care Areas: Features dedicated areas for children’s care to provide comfort and enjoyment for your little ones in Masaya North Coast village.
  6. Pharmacy: Provides a pharmacy to meet health needs and offer necessary medical support.
  7. Mini Market: Offers a mini-market for purchasing daily essentials and necessities within Masaya coastal village.
  8. High-Level Security Services: Ensures high-level security and guards to guarantee the safety and security of residents and visitors.
  9. In addition to these amenities, visitors can enjoy the enchanting natural landscapes, picturesque lakes, and diverse swimming pools offered by Masaya North Coast village, making it an ideal destination for a memorable experience.

The developer company of Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast

EgyGab is the developer of Masaya North Coast project. The company was founded in 1977 and is one of the oldest Egyptian companies in the real estate development sector. EgyGab is renowned for its diverse investments in various sectors, including real estate, education, agriculture, and industry.

EgyGab has an impressive track record of achievements in the real estate development field. They are committed to delivering high-quality projects with innovative designs. The company stands out for its dedication to providing luxurious living environments and comprehensive facilities that cater to the needs of residents and offer them a distinctive lifestyle.

Masaya North Coast project is one of EgyGab’s leading projects, and it is considered a unique and distinguished destination on the Mediterranean coast. The project is characterized by its unique and sophisticated design, which complements the surrounding natural beauty. Masaya North Coast offers a diverse range of residential units of various sizes and designs, starting from chalets to luxurious villas.

In addition, Masaya North Coast features a wide range of integrated services and facilities, including private beaches, green spaces, lakes, landscaped areas, swimming pools, commercial, and recreational areas. The village also provides 24/7 security and surveillance services to ensure the comfort and safety of its residents and visitors.

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