Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound

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Light City New Capital Compound is a real estate project aimed at creating a comprehensive residential complex with a strategic location. The project is situated in New Capital in Egypt, which is an important government project designed to provide modern and advanced government, commercial, and residential facilities.

Facilities and Services: Typically, projects like Light City New Capital Compound include a variety of facilities and services. These may encompass green spaces and recreational areas, sports facilities, swimming pools, barbecue areas, meeting and event spaces, commercial centers, restaurants, cafes, parking areas, and more.

Residential Units: The project may include various types of residential units such as residential apartments with different sizes and designs, as well as villas or detached houses.

Design and Engineering: The project’s design can be modern and attractive, accommodating contemporary needs of residents, with open spaces and well-crafted urban designs.

Infrastructure: Providing good infrastructure, such as sewage, electricity, and communication systems, is an essential part of any successful real estate project.

The location of Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound is one of the new real estate projects developed in this area. It is located in the R8 district, which is part of the Eighth Residential Neighborhood in New Capital, and is considered one of the important and prestigious areas within the administrative capital.

The project distinguishes itself through its strategic location, which plays a vital role in determining its value and attractiveness. For Light City New Capital Compound, the developer has succeeded in choosing a strategic location.

Proximity to Vital Facilities: Providing easy access to essential facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial complexes is one of the most important features sought by buyers. If Light City New Capital Compound location is chosen near these facilities, it could be a strategic advantage.

Connectivity and Transportation: New Capital projects typically focus on providing efficient and easily accessible transportation options, helping residents to move around the city with ease.

Urban Planning: The project’s planning and its location within the larger urban area are important considerations. Designing a project in a location that aligns with the city’s overall plans can achieve integration between the project and its surrounding environment.

Facilities and Services: The strategic location may include the provision of various facilities and services in the surrounding areas. These facilities may encompass entertainment areas, green spaces, shops, and restaurants.

Light City New Capital Compound is located near several main roads and axes:

  • Near the Ministries District.
  • Near the CBD (Central Business District) Tower Complex.
  • Near the Diplomatic District, the Green River, and the Presidential Palace.
  • Near the central area for banks and government institutions.
  • Close to the Ring Road, Regional Road, and Middle Road.

The design and space of Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound is distinguished by several features in its design and amenities:

  • Unique and attractive building designs that enhance the overall appeal of the project.
  • Attention to aesthetic details and decorations that add artistic touches to make the design beautiful and refined.
  • Green spaces and landscaping, including well-designed green areas and beautiful gardens that enhance the aesthetic environment and provide areas for relaxation and recreation.
  • The use of luxurious materials, including high-quality and luxurious materials in finishes and interior design, adding a luxurious character to the project.
  • Facilities and amenities, such as pools, sports facilities, and commercial centers, complement the beauty and attraction of the project.
  • Technology and smart operations, with modern technological systems that add convenience and beauty to the project, such as smart control systems and intelligent lighting.

Light City New Capital Compound was built on 18 acres, with only 20% allocated for buildings, and the rest includes water bodies and green spaces. It consists of 25 buildings, all of which feature spacious units.

  • Apartment sizes start from 150 square meters and include 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room.
  • Penthouse sizes start from 196 square meters.
  • Duplex sizes start from 250 square meters.

Prices and payment systems of Light City New Capital Compound

The price per square meter starts from 8,500 Egyptian pounds. One of the distinctive and attractive aspects of Light City New Capital Compound is the ease of payment systems and the flexibility of prices it offers to investors and customers. This aspect is an important part of the overall attractiveness of the project, as it contributes to providing a comfortable and convenient investment experience for everyone.

With pride and based on its modern and forward-looking vision, Mac Real Estate Development Company places great importance on the comfort of its customers. Light City New Capital Compound offers multiple payment systems that suit different needs and financial circumstances. Whether you are looking for full upfront payment or installment options, you will find options that suit you perfectly.

With flexible pricing, Light City New Capital Compound project allows you to take advantage of the real estate market at competitive and reasonable prices, making it an enticing and unique investment opportunity. This approach underscores the company’s commitment to providing real value to its customers and finding solutions that meet their expectations and needs with flexibility and ease.

In light of these distinctive features, it can be confidently stated that Light City New Capital Compound embodies the future of real estate with its innovative spirit and meticulous details. It is an investment opportunity that combines luxury and convenience, and it gives you the ease of choice and payment according to your personal needs and circumstances.

  • Price per square meter starts from 8,500 Egyptian pounds.
  • A 10% down payment with the rest to be paid over 8 years.
  • A 15% down payment with the rest to be paid over 9 years.
  • A 10% down payment with only 5% to be paid in the first year, 5% after two years, and the remaining amount over 10 years.
  • A 50% down payment with the rest to be paid over 15 years.

Why to invest in Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound

Light City New Capital Compound surpasses the expectations of ordinary real estate, offering a unique investment opportunity that combines luxury and profitability. This project reflects an advanced vision for real estate development that aligns with the requirements of modern living and investor expectations. Here’s an introduction to the best investment in Light City New Capital Compound:

  1. Strategic Location: The project is situated in a strategic area within New Capital, giving it high value in terms of location and investment.
  2. Distinctive Design: The architectural design is characterized by elegance and innovation, making it attractive to potential tenants or buyers.
  3. Comprehensive Services: The project offers a variety of services and amenities such as green spaces, pools, commercial areas, and more, enhancing its value and attractiveness.
  4. Payment Flexibility: Light City New Capital Compound project provides flexible payment options, making it easy for investors to execute their financial strategies.
  5. Expected Returns: Due to its excellent location and quality design, a profitable return on investment can be expected from the project, whether through rental income or property appreciation over time.
  6. Technology and Luxury: The project offers advanced technological infrastructure and luxurious facilities, increasing its appeal to residents and investors.
  7. Green Spaces and Natural Landscapes: Beautiful green spaces and natural gardens add a sense of tranquility and beauty to the residential environment.
  8. Sports and Entertainment Facilities: Equipped sports clubs and entertainment facilities such as pools and game rooms.
  9. Security and Protection: An advanced security system ensures the safety of residents and properties around the clock.
  10. Commercial and Retail Services: Providing commercial facilities such as stores, cafes, and restaurants to meet the residents’ needs.
  11. Maintenance Services: Offering regular maintenance services for buildings and facilities to ensure their ongoing quality.
  12. Parking Facilities: Providing safe and spacious parking areas for residents.
  13. Technology and Communications: Offering infrastructure for communications and modern technologies such as high-speed internet and smart home systems.
  14. Beauty and Health Centers: Comprehensive health and beauty centers for the well-being of residents.
  15. Educational Facilities: The possibility of having schools or kindergartens within the project to meet the needs of resident families.
  16. Social Gathering Spaces: Providing dedicated spaces for meetings and community events.

In summary, Light City New Capital Compound goes beyond being just a real estate project to become an investment opportunity that combines luxurious living with profitable returns. The distinctive design and diverse services offer tangible advantages to investors, whether they are seeking private residences or real estate investments.

The real estate developer

The developer of Light City New Capital Compound is “MAC Real Estate Development” company. This company is one of the leading real estate developers in Egypt and has distinguished itself by delivering luxurious and exceptional projects in various areas.

  1. Residential Project Development: MAC Real Estate Development has experience in developing luxury residential projects that include residential units of various sizes and designs.
  2. Commercial Project Development: The company has commercial projects that feature commercial spaces and offices for rent or sale.
  3. Integrated Project Development: They work on integrated projects that combine residential, commercial, services, and public facilities.
  4. Commitment to Quality and Innovation: The company is committed to delivering high-quality projects and embracing innovative designs to create distinctive living experiences for residents.

projects of MAC Real Estate Development:

  1. Light City October Compound in 6th of October.
  2. Light City New Cairo Compound in New Cairo.

The real estate developer

MAC Real Estate Development

Project’s location

New Capital

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