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Inno View New Capital mall is one of the most powerful projects of the N.C.B Real Estate Development Company, which is considered rich in definition, as it presented many distinguished investment projects and achieved a lot of success. Inno View New Capital is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the capital.

The project also enjoys its establishment on a large area that allows it to provide various types of investment units that vary between shops for sale in New Capital and offices at competitive prices and convenient installment systems that give all customers and investors the opportunity to invest without carrying the price burden or the short installment period. For reservations and inquiries, contact us through the following :

The space and design of the Inno View New Capital project

N.C.B Real Estate Company has taken care of the private area of the Mall in View Downtown, because it is keen to provide the best for all its customers and is interested in diversifying investment so that the customer has a greater opportunity and more freedom when buying and choosing the field in which he intends to invest.

The designs of Inno View New Capital also come to express sophistication and civilization, in addition to the architectural and technological progress on which all the projects of New Capital are based. The mall contains shops for sale in New Capital, with distinct areas starting from 26 square meters.

There are also administrative offices for sale in Down Town, with areas starting from 41 square meters within Inno View New Capital. The mall is distinguished by its huge area and the availability of all services and facilities inside it, which makes investment in it guaranteed and achieves a lot of success for its customers

The prices of Inno View New capital

NCB Real Estate Company was keen to make the prices of the investment units inside the mall very competitive, allowing all customers the opportunity to buy and ensuring that they achieve the wealth they have always been looking for, and it comes through the following division of floors in the mall to be:

  • Prices for offices for sale in Inno View New Capital, start at 1,066,065 pounds.
  • As for the prices of shops in Down Town, in Inno View New Capital, they start from 7,361,280 pounds.
  • There is also a first-floor commercial store that comes with a mandatory rent, with a starting price of 4,047,000 pounds.
  • There are also food court stores on the second floor, at a price starting from 3,669,280 pounds, and there is a gym that starts from the third floor, at a price of 3,210,620 pounds.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity and own your unit now at the best prices, in addition to the mandatory rent that the company offers you to facilitate the installment process for customers

Payment systems inside Inno View New Capital

The company has introduced various installment systems in order to provide customers with more opportunities when choosing and to suit different purchasing groups, but we will mention a unified payment system, which is the best in all the systems that were announced through the NCB Real Estate Development Company, and the best payment systems come within Inno View New Capital to be :

With a down payment starting from 10%, and the remaining installment of the unit amount is available for installments over 10 years without interest, in addition to the mandatory rent provided by the company to customers who wish to do so

It should be noted that the prices of the aforementioned Inno View New Capital may have changed. For price updates, contact us via WhatsApp from here

Inno View New Capital location

One of the most important factors for the success of investment projects is the geographical location of the project, especially if the project is investment and commercial, because this type of real estate investment depends entirely on the vital location in addition to proximity to various services and residents to ensure the success of commercial ideas, as well as administrative offices that must be close to all steps of transportation and main roads.

Therefore, NCB Developments chose to establish its second project, In View, in the heart of Downtown, which is considered one of the most important investment neighborhoods in the New Capital and includes many huge real estate companies and various commercial and administrative malls in terms of spaces and design

Inno View New Capital services

NCB Real Estate Company has provided many services and public and recreational facilities in Inno View New Capital, to make customers and visitors not need to leave the project because it works to meet and provide all their desires in terms of necessary and recreational services, and among the most prominent services of the mall are the following :

  • There is also central air conditioning in the mall to ensure customers change the air at fixed periodic intervals.
  • There are also entertainment places for children to enjoy without feeling bored inside the mall.
  • Providing garages for the mall to park cars without crowding in front of the units and not disturbing customers.
  • Inno View New Capital is characterized by providing internal display screens, on which advertisements and special offers for stores are displayed.
  • In addition to providing escalators and electric elevators for easy movement between floors for visitors or even owners.
  • Inno View New Capital, also contains areas for food courts that offer the best food and drinks and the highest level of service.
  • The company has provided places for prayer in the mall so that individuals who work in the mall do not need to leave it, in addition to providing toilets in each floor to avoid crowding.
  • NCB Development Company has taken care of the availability of wide green spaces and landscapes, so that the view of the mall is comfortable and makes customers enjoy spending time inside

The developer of Inno View New Capital

NCB Developments is considered one of the largest and leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. In a short period of time, it presented many powerful projects that made it appear on the scene strongly, and its name became distinguished by a real estate brand that contains the trust of many customers.

NCB has real estate experience of up to 50 years, which makes its projects distinguished. It is built by a group of skilled engineers and consultants. The company’s projects are diverse, as we will mention in the previous works. The company is interested in developing and improving the quality of its projects. The Mall Inno View New Capital, is its second business in the heart of the capital

Previous work for NCB Real Estate Development Company

The company owns various projects, but it recently moved to the Administrative Capital, because it has become vital, and most of the projects have been built and completed within it, in addition to that its opening is very close, and its most prominent works are as follows:

Verity Business Tower New Capital

Which is located in the heart of Downtown, plot MU4-65. The mall is characterized by its large area, on which 14 upper floors are built, including the ground floor, plus the availability of 4 underground floors dedicated to being a parking garage. The mall varies in its units, as it contains clinics for sale in the Administrative Capital, with areas starting from 42 square meters.

Offices and investment shops with spaces starting from 29 square meters for commercial purposes, and installment systems come from only 10% down payment of the unit price

Advantages of investing in Inno View New Capital

There are many advantages of real estate investment in Inno View New Capital to be suitable for customers and achieve the success they are looking for, and this is what NCB has taken care of, and the most prominent features of Mall in View are the following:

  • First, the strategic location of the mall is very vital and guarantees all customers a successful and guaranteed investment.
  • Secondly, the company based on the project is distinguished by its credibility and the strength of its business, and we see this through its first Fairty Business project in the capital.
  • Thirdly, the payment and installment systems provided by the company make it easier for the customer to purchase without carrying the burden of installments. There is also a mandatory rent provided by the company to ensure facilitation for the buyer later

To know more contact us here 00201104894802

Important questions about Inno View New Capital

Who is the real estate developer of Inno View New Capital?

NCB Real Estate Development Company NCB Developments

Where is Inno View New Capital located?

In the heart of Down Town in the Administrative Capital

What is the sales number of Inno View New Capital?

for reservation and inquires contact us here 00201104894802

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