Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo

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Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo project looks wonderful in terms of architectural design, as it is characterized by designs that match the finest and most beautiful of international designs, in addition to taking care of every aspect of the project and making green spaces decorate every place with its bright and cheerful colors, and the use of many aesthetic details and distinctive decorations that are represented in water bodies , which creates an elegant, calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Al Marasem Urban Development Company, the owner of the project, specialized in executing its project in a wonderful location in the Fifth Settlement and providing it with wonderful services, facilities and advantages, in order to meet the needs of its valued customers and ensure their satisfaction. It also offered them a distinguished investment system under the name of a partner. Let’s get acquainted with this distinguished system of ceremonies

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo location

Fifth Square Al Marasem location
Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo location

In “Fifth Square”, the ideal geographical location, has all the features that everyone dreams of. This site is located on North 90th Street in the Golden Square in Fifth Settlement area, and it is characterized by vitality, sophistication, and security at the same time. This is due to the fact that this area is far from the densely populated areas and enjoys the necessary attention and care from the authorities responsible for Fifth Square Al Marasem.

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Fifth Square Al Marasem Fifth Settlement nearest landmarks

  • Heliopolis site is only ten minutes away from us.
  • The city center can be reached within 20 minutes.
  • The American University can be reached in five minutes.
  • Major malls known in Cairo.
  • Sports clubs.

The location of the compound is characterized by vitality thanks to the presence of a number of residential projects in the vicinity, such as the PK2 Palm Hills Compound, the Galleria Moon Valley Compound by Arabia Group, the Sabbour Compound, the Mivida Emaar Compound, the Sodic Compound, and the Lake View Compound. The presence of these residential complexes ensures the availability of service centers and shops to meet the residents’ needs, in addition to enhancing security in the area.

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo Area

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo space
Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo Area

Al Marasem Complex is located in Fifth Square in the Fifth Settlement on an area of 158 acres with residential units and open green spaces to enjoy nature, tranquility and privacy.

Fifth Square Al Marasem in Fifth Settlement is one of the most recent and beautiful residential projects, as all units are designed on spacious areas with stunning views of the green spaces and water bodies that surround it

The residnetial units in Fifth Square Al Marasem, are characterized by their wide variety of stand-alone apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. The compound also contains integrated facilities and services that meet the needs of the residents to enjoy a sophisticated modern life. Many great activities can be experienced in this ideal place to live.

Units Types, prices and spaces in Fifth Square Al Marasem

Fifth Square Al Marasem, includes many different residential units, including:

The spaces in the villas vary so that the area can reach 350 square meters, and it can be obtained with semi-finishing, and the prices start from 4 million Egyptian pounds.

Wonderful apartments are available for sale in Marasem Compound, with various sizes ranging from 80 square meters to 270 square meters. The apartments come with full finishing and prices start from 2,800,000 EGP.

The available semi-finished duplex houses vary in different spaces starting from 300 square meters, and the Fifth Square compound price starts from 5 million Egyptian pounds.

The small house starts from 250 square meters, and fits budgets starting from 3,400,000 EGP.

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Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo Payment Plans

Fifth Square Al Marasem units types
Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo Payment Plans
  • 0% down payment and installments over 4 years.
  • 5% as a down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the remaining amount via installments over 6 years.
  • You can pay 10% as a down payment and 10% after three months, and the rest can be paid in installments over eight years.

Al Marasem Developments Company announced the launch of a new system in the Fifth Square New Cairo project in the Fifth Settlement, which will include partners in addition to clients, with the aim of reviving the real estate movement in a distinguished and deliberate way.

This system means that the customer participates in Al Marasem Company, by paying only 50% of the value of the total housing unit, in exchange for the company owning 50% of the housing unit.

This strategy is applied to hotel units, which are residential units located in residential buildings and include all the services that residents need, which helps to facilitate the leasing process and increase the return.

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Al Marasem partner system inside Fifth Square New Cairo

We participate and do not deal only as clients.. This is the motto of Al Marasem Urban Development Company when it launched the distinguished real estate investment system known as Al Marasem Partner, which allows the customer to purchase only 50% of the unit of his choice within Fifth Square, where the company owns the remaining 50%. The buyer still has the right to rent out his unit and get a monthly income as well. The person can live in the unit or sell it, and has complete freedom to make decisions about the unit according to his own desires.

There are many wonderful benefits of the protocol partner system, which made it very popular in the real estate market and made many clients and investors rush to reserve units within the compound. Among those benefits: enjoying security, privacy and comfort, saving large sums of money through easy installments, and caring for gardens and landscaping in the area.

  1. The buyer can enjoy an easy payment system that allows him to pay easily, despite owning only half of a residential unit, according to the protocol partner system. He can pay in installments over a full 4 years, which gives him complete comfort in paying.
  2. We invite you to invest in Fifth Square, where all units are designed in a modern and luxurious manner to ensure ease of renting to many people, and contain all the services necessary for a comfortable residential life. This means that the owners will make sure investment returns, and even when the units are sold at a later time, their prices will increase by between 10 and 15 percent annually.
  3. Al Marasem partner is distinguished by the fact that it does not require the company to be a lifelong partnership, so the client can buy his share at any time he wants with the same value that he paid when writing the contract. The customer will also get great facilities that enable him to buy the other 50% at the same value.
  4. Acting freely: As we explained previously, the customer is completely independent in disposing of his unit as he wishes, as he can sell or rent it at any time he wants, regardless of the time specified for its delivery, without any restrictions completely
  5. Your trust partner: The owner company of the project is your second partner, and it is a major company with a large size, and this means that it will help small investors to own luxury units and achieve large returns on investment by reducing the purchase cost by 50%.

Hotel units offered in Al Marasem partner system

Fifth Square Al Marasem partner system
Hotel units offered in Al Marasem partner system

The hotel units that follow the new protocol investment partner system are called Lake Residences, and these units are characterized by many services and advantages, such as:

  1. Customers can have their unit ready to move in fully furnished, with air conditioning installed and internet service inside
  2. The View has a beautiful view of the artificial lake, and it is characterized by a modern and sophisticated design that follows the latest trends in designing real estate projects
  3. Many great services are available within the hotels, such as room service, maintenance, cleaning services, and many more
  4. The area is characterized by the availability of many sports facilities, including a gym and jogging tracks, in addition to sports fields and playgrounds for children
  5. Many basic services are available, such as guard service and comprehensive insurance of the place, in addition to collecting rents and central reservation service, to fully serve customers

Benefits of investing in Fifth Square Al Marasem Compound

You can now benefit from your investments within the wonderful Fifth Square compound, where you will get many advantages as an owner

  • You can maintain the value of your capital without being affected by various economic factors such as inflation and others
  • You can benefit from a stable monthly income by renting your residential unit, as the units in the project are among the most requested units for rent
  • You can also earn significant profits by reselling your housing unit, which cannot be achieved through any other investment method

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The developer of Fifth Square Al Marasem

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company announced the launch of a new investment system for the participants in the Fifth Square New Cairo project, under the slogan “Partners instead of clients”, in an attempt to stimulate the real estate investment market, which has recently proven to be the best option for those wishing to enter the world of investment in general

Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo is one of the most important projects in the region, as it is being implemented by Al Marasem International Company for Urban Development, which is one of the real estate companies affiliated to the Saudi Bin Laden Group. The high level of architectural quality and services provided in the compound makes it an ideal destination for investment and living

Al Marasem Projects

Al Marasem presented many wonderful projects in Egypt, including Dreamland, Heliopolis El Shorouk Club, Al Rehab Phases 1, 2, and 3, Hurghada International Airport, Cairo International Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport, and finally Fifth Square Al Marasem New Cairo.

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