Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

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Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound is a fantastic project offered by Emaar Misr in the Green Belt area. This compound stands out as one of the largest projects in the region and enjoys a strategic location on Dabaa Axis.

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound provides a comprehensive range of essential and recreational services that cater to the needs of residents in a fully integrated manner. The project includes diverse facilities and services, such as green spaces, walking and relaxation areas, children’s areas, swimming pools, a fully equipped health club, and a commercial center with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, a comprehensive security system is in place to ensure the safety of the residents.

Prices and payment packages for the units within Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound have been announced, offering a variety of residential units with different sizes and designs to suit the needs of different buyers. Flexible and convenient payment options are provided to facilitate the purchasing process, which helps attract interested real estate investors to the project.

The location of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound enjoys a strategic and exceptional location. It is situated in the Green Belt area of Sheikh Zayed, near a pivotal intersection on Dabaa Axis. It is also located at the junction of Dahshur Link and the Desert Road with Dabaa Axis, making it close to vital areas and essential facilities in the region.

The project’s location offers easy access to various key areas. It is well-connected to major streets and vital transportation routes, allowing residents to move easily to their different destinations in Sheikh Zayed and its surroundings.

The design and space of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound boasts an exceptional and expansive space and design. The project spans over a vast area of up to 500 acres, providing ample space for green areas, water features, and public facilities. The project’s units have been meticulously designed to blend elegance with modern functionality, combining classic and contemporary elements to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere.

The sophisticated glass facades and the use of serene colors add a touch of elegance and beauty to the project. Moreover, great attention has been given to preserving the residential buildings in the project as artistic pieces that harmonize with the green spaces and natural landscapes, enhancing the environmental and sustainable living.

Units in Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound:

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound offers a wide range of residential units to cater to the needs of different customers. The available units include:

  1. Residential apartments with areas ranging from 75 square meters and above, featuring unique designs and premium amenities for comfortable and luxurious living.
  2. Townhouses with areas starting from 200 square meters, providing additional space and privacy for residents along with modern facilities and amenities to meet their needs.
  3. Independent villas with areas starting from 207 square meters, boasting elegant designs and luxurious amenities, offering residents complete freedom and privacy in their own homes.

This diverse selection of different units provides varied options for residents at Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound, allowing them to choose the unit that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

Services of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

 Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities aimed at meeting the needs of its residents and providing an integrated and comfortable environment. Some of the available services include:

  1. Multiple swimming pools for residents to enjoy swimming and relaxation in a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Various sports courts for different sports and physical activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the residents.
  3. Expansive green spaces that ensure a beautiful and tranquil natural environment, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking and jogging.
  4. International schools and universities of high standards, providing residents and their children with an excellent educational environment.
  5. Dedicated tracks for horseback riding and cycling, offering residents the opportunity to engage in sports activities amidst nature.
  6. A designated area for cafes and restaurants, providing residents with a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.
  7. A pharmacy and beauty centers, facilitating easy access to medical services and beauty care.
  8. An integrated security system and 24/7 surveillance, ensuring the safety and security of residents and their properties.
  9. A sandy beach for residents to enjoy the soft sand and stroll along the shore, experiencing the beach atmosphere.
  10. Beautiful water features and diverse water landscapes, adding a sense of refreshment and beauty.
  11. A bakery and laundry service to conveniently meet the daily needs of the residents.
  12. Various sports clubs offering a range of sports activities and programs, promoting their healthy and active lifestyle.

Prices of Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound

 Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound
  • Residential apartments inside Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound start from 1,150,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouses units in Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound start from 7,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villas in Belle Vie Sheikh Zayed Compound start from 11,100,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems

  • Buyers can start with a 5% down payment and pay another 5% after 3 months, with an additional 10% due upon unit delivery. They also have the option to choose a payment period of 6, 7, or 8 years.

About the real estate developer

Emaar Misr has been providing its services to customers for over 15 years, gaining extensive experience in executing large and significant real estate projects in Egypt and the Arab Gulf region. The company is known for its focus on delivering exceptional quality and carefully selecting locations in vibrant cities that offer an ideal environment for diverse investments. Its vision is to achieve excellence, meet customer needs, and provide favorable investment opportunities in the real estate market.

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