Ora Company

One of the top developers in Egypt, Ora Company has a strong financial foundation that allows it to raise money for a variety of projects and complete them on time. It is one of the biggest real estate firms in the country 

As a division of the global Gemini Group when it first entered the real estate market, Ora Company was compelled to make several contributions at the local level as well as thrive in the field of worldwide real estate development. The corporation, which has been known as “Ora” since 2018, was executive founded by Egyptian engineer Naguib Sawiris 

A few major officials of Ora Company are as follows: 

  • Naguib Sawiris is the board’s chairman 
  • Wafaa Lotaief is the deputy chief executive officer 
  • Managing Director of Finance: Mohamed Sheta 
  • Managing Director of Marketing: Samir Naguib 
  • Amr Samra is the chief technical officer 

Several significant projects are owned by Ora Company, including: 

  • Cyprus’s Ayia Napa Marina Hotel 
  • There are 18 projects in Pakistan 
  • Grenada’s Silver Sands Resort 
  • England’s Twenty Grosvenor Square Hotel 
  • Great Britain project 
  • Project Nile City Towers 
  • London’s Nocera Ltd 

While the following are some of Ora Company’s most significant and well-known projects: 

Ora Company’s top Projects 

1. Zed East New Cairo Compound 

  • The owner company: Ora Company
  • Engineering Consultant: WATG 
  • Location of the Project: in the Fifth Settlement, at Teseen Street’s end 
  • Total size of the land: 373 acres 
  • Building percentage: Just 12.5% of the overall area is built-up 
  • Units type: Apartments, villas, and penthouses are among the available types of units 
  • Spaces: start at 55 square meters for units 
  • Finishing system: completed 
  • Club fees: 200,000 pounds 
  • Price per unit: starts at 1,700,000 EGP 
  • Installment period: up to 10 years for installments 
  • Maintenance deposit: 7.5% of the total price as a maintenance deposit 
  • Delivery date: in 2025 
  • Sales number: 00201104894802 

Characteristics of Zed East Fifth Settlement 

  • offering the top payment methods 
  • Units that are available fully finished 
  • The beauty of the design, the thoughtfulness with which the decorations were chosen, and the use of European design elements 
  • supplying homes with a range of sizes to accommodate different social classes 
  • Fifth Settlement now houses a variety of government institutions and agencies, making it simpler for the compound’s contractors to access government services like producing national identification cards and others 
  • Bank branches can be found in Each premises, making it easier for contractors to execute financial operations 
  • All the amenities necessary to make Zed East New Cairo Compound an integrated community are present there 
  • Zed East New Cairo project is located close to the Second Ring Road at the end of 90th Street, which lies directly in front of the Ring Road 

Services at Zed East Compound by Ora Company

  • modern technology-equipped security system 
  • digital portals 
  • fire alert 
  • modern garbage disposal techniques 
  • amusement parks are everywhere 
  • manmade lakes 
  • a swimming area 
  • landscape setting 
  • Clubhouse 
  • jogging and cycling trails 
  • Gymnasium  
  • Sauna 
  • Jacuzzi 
  • supplying the greatest generators for power 
  • Natural gas 
  • sewage system 
  • water system 
  • Integrated sports club in Fifth Settlement’s Zed East Compound 
  • fitness center 
  • locations for basketball and squash 
  • locations for tennis and football 
  • branches of the top restaurants and cafes around the world 
  • upscale stores and malls 
  • supermarket 
  • Health Centers 
  • Pharmacies 
  • parking 
  • Kids’ Zone 
  • International nurseries 
  • international universities 
  • private institutions of higher learning 
  • Nightclubs 
  • Playgrounds 

The most significant locations around Zed East Compound New Cairo 

  • Many upscale districts surround it, including New Cairo’s Bosco City Compound 
  • It takes only 25 minutes to get there from Nasr City 
  • There is an American University nearby 
  • Many government buildings, including the courthouse complex, are nearby 
  • Also, the new administrative capital is nearby 
  • Moreover, Cairo International Airport is close to it 

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2-Silver Town North Coast 

  • The real estate developer: Ora Company 
  • Project location: in Sidi Hanish in North Coast 
  • Project area: it extends over a total area of about 506 acres 
  • Beach length: reaches up to 1 km 
  • Project units: it contains chalets and villas 
  • Units Space: starts from 120 square meters 
  • Finishing system: fully finished 
  • Number of units: it includes 3,300 housing units 
  • Units Prices: start from 7 million pounds 
  • Installment period: up to 6 years 
  • Delivery date: within 2025 
  • Sales number: 00201104894802 

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3-Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed 

  • The real estate developer: Ora Company 
  • Project designer: WATG London 
  • Project location:  Sheikh Zayed 
  • The project space: it extends over an area of 165 acres 
  • Units type: studios, apartments, and penthouses 
  • Units Space: the compound’s spaces start from 55 square meters 
  • Number of Units: It includes about 4,500 units 
  • Number of towers: The project includes 30 residential towers 
  • Finishing system: fully finished 
  • Maintenance deposit: 7.5% 
  • Meter price: starts from 20,000 pounds 
  • Installments period: up to 8 years 
  • Delivery date: within 2025 
  • Sales number: 00201104894802 

Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Services and Features by Ora Company

  • Gymnasium  
  • Cafes and restaurants  
  • Recreational areas  
  • 5-star hotel  
  • Guard and security  
  • social Club  
  • sports club  
  • Secure garages  
  • Garbage collection places  
  • Huge central park 
  • An integrated shopping mall  
  • An administrative building inside Zed Towers  
  • International schools  
  • Green spaces  
  • swimming pool  
  • Bodies of Water  
  • Club House 

In the center of Sheikh Zayed, close to the following, is the compound: 

  • the 6th of October City and its attractions are nearby 
  • The 26th of July Corridor and El Nozha Road are nearby 
  • The Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road is only a short distance away 
  • American Plaza, Arkan Plaza, and Hyper One are nearby 
  • It is close to Heliopolis and the Fifth Settlement 

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4. Pyramid Hills Compound, 6th of October 

  • The real estate developer: Ora Company
  • Project location: in 6th of October City close to the Pyramids of Giza 
  • Project area: the project extends over a total space of 23 acres 
  • Project units: it includes apartments, twin houses, and townhouses 
  • Units Space: starting from 110 square meters 
  • Finishing system: Ultra Super Lux finishing 
  • Price per meter: starting from 18,000 pounds 
  • Installments period: up to 6 years 
  • Sales number: 00201104894802 

The famous locations closest to Pyramids Hills 

  • The ring road is just a minute distant 
  • El Remaya Plaza and the Mehwar are both 5 minutes away 
  • It’s close to Mountain View Giza Plateau 
  • Dandy Mall and Carrefour are nearby 
  • Lebanon Square and the Egyptian Museum are nearby 
  • The location is close to Sheikh Zayed City 
  • The Great Egyptian Museum may be reached in five minutes 
  • Lebanon Square may be reached in 15 minutes 

services in October at Pyramids Hills 

  • Green areas 
  • spaces for entertaining kids 
  • Clubhouse 
  • Spa and Jacuzzi 
  • a gym to stay in shape 
  • pool suitable for everyone 
  • cafés or restaurants 
  • security officers and cameras to maintain the stability and safety of the compound 
  • security services 
  • hiking trails 
  • commercial district 
  • Barbecue areas 
  • Health facilities 
  • generators for electricity 

Features of October’s Pyramids Hills 

  • It is located in one of the ideal areas on October 6th 
  • a wide range of spaces and units to accommodate various needs 
  • Beautiful unit views, whether they are of the pyramids or the surroundings 
  • Pretty reasonable cost for excellent quality 

Ora Company provides a special service for expatriates to easily contract and obtain a unit within the Company’s projects without the need to travel, through the following steps:  

  • A bank transfer is made to the company’s account as a reservation for the unit  
  • A bank transfer is made to the company’s account as a contract payment  
  • The company sends the contract for the unit through a correspondent company such as: Aramex  
  • After signing the contracts, they are sent back to the company in Egypt by the same means  
  • The contract is approved and sent by Aramex to the customer  
  • All installments are to be paid via bank transfers  
  • No checks are written until the date of receipt for the remaining amount only 

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