El Masria Group for Real Estate Development has been operating in the real estate market for nearly 34 years. The company was founded in 1987 as El Masria Group Developments. To date, the company has successfully executed numerous projects and residential communities, with the number of deliveries exceeding 10,000 ready-to-move-in apartments.

El Masria Group for Real Estate is considered one of the most prominent real estate development companies in Egypt due to its projects that cater to customer needs with prime locations, competitive prices, diverse spaces, and upscale international designs, coupled with comprehensive services. All of these factors make it the top choice for many investors and those seeking luxurious housing.

More about El Masria Group

El Masria Group was established in 1987 and has delivered many residential units, numbering up to 10,000 housing units. The company places a strong emphasis on architectural designs as one of the key foundations for the success of its projects. Thanks to its innovative real estate vision, the company has been able to attract customers from various demographics to its projects.

Some of El Masria Group’s projects include:

projects by El Masria Group

Compound Isola Sheraton

Compound Isola Sheraton by El Masria Group

Compound Isola Sheraton by El Masria Group is located in the Sheraton area and is one of the most significant projects by El Masria Group for Real Estate Development. The project spans approximately 45 acres and includes a variety of apartments and villas. The unit sizes start at 140 square meters, and the project comprises 47 residential buildings to accommodate a large number of customers. It features around 850 apartments with a down payment of 25,000 Egyptian pounds, and the apartments are delivered semi-finished.

Compound Isola Sheraton by El Masria Group also includes 90 villas with a down payment of 50,000 Egyptian pounds, and they are delivered in a red brick state. The price per square meter in Izola is 15,700 Egyptian pounds, and the payment period extends over 8 years, with delivery within two and a half years from the booking date.

Compound Isola October

Compound Isola October

Compound Isola October, launched by El Masria Group for Real Estate Development, is considered one of the most important projects due to its strategic location in 6th of October City, just minutes away from the Pyramids area, the new Egyptian Museum, the Shooting Club, the Tourist Road, and the Fayoum Road.

El Masria Group Real Estate project spans over 26,000 square meters and consists of apartments, duplexes, and penthouses with sizes ranging from 190 to 490 square meters. The duplex and penthouse units come with their private gardens and a self-contained swimming pool. These features are highly valuable as they are not commonly found in many compounds.

El Masria Group for Real Estate Development has offered Izola Compound apartments at competitive prices starting from 4,252,000 Egyptian pounds. A down payment of only 10% is required, with a payment period of up to 10 years. Immediate unit delivery is another important advantage to consider, making the project a secure option for real estate investment.

Compound Beit El Masria Hadayek October

Compound Beit El Masria Hadayek October

There is an exceptional and wonderful residential compound strategically located on the main Fayoum Road. It is situated near the Ring Road that extends to Maadi and is also close to Nasr City, with a very short distance to October City. The compound also benefits from its proximity to the Media Production City and Dreamland. The compound consists of approximately 64 residential buildings housing around 1,716 residential apartments. The residential units have been designed using the best designs and executed to the highest quality standards. The apartment sizes within the compound range from 105 to 110 square meters. The project, known as “Beit El Masria,” features the development of green gardens from all sides, with approximately 80% of the total project area being green spaces.

Here are some other projects by El Masria Group Developments:

  1. Badr El Masria Compound.
  2. El Masria Class Apartments.
  3. El Masria Simple Apartments.
  4. El Masria Plaza Apartments.
  5. El Masria Royal Apartments.
  6. El Masria Castle Apartments.
  7. El Masria Imperial Apartments.
  8. El Masria Heights Apartments.

The partners of El-Masria Group

El-Masria Group for Real Estate Development was founded in 1959 and has a long history in the real estate industry in Egypt. The company is known for its exceptional and high-quality real estate projects and has collaborated with top engineers and contracting companies to achieve these projects.

The company has partnered with the Arab African Bank in various projects, including Beit El-Masria Compound, Badr El-Masria Compound, and Izola Gardens October Compound. Izola Gardens October Compound stands out for its immediate delivery, providing an opportunity for customers seeking ready residential units.

Furthermore, El-Masria Group has a distinguished track record of successes in the real estate sector, having completed numerous large-scale projects in Egypt, making it one of the leading companies in this field in the country.

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